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Why Is Eventify The Best Event Ticketing Platform?

Event tickets are the stepping stone for any event’s success. The more sales in tickets, the more attendees you get. It is very important for an event organiser to host its tickets on a reliably smart ticketing platform. There are events who host their tickets on their own website and there are many who go for a third party ticketing platform. 

Tickets are something you can’t take a risk with. You need to make sure you are going onboard with a platform where you will acquire the utmost profit. Event industry is blooming with every passing year and there are too many options for everything. You will need to explore and find the best fit for your event. If you are ready for the quest, here is some help.


When you look into the market there is an abundance of ticketing platforms. And the payment arrangement with these platforms is almost similar. If you host your event tickets on their platform, you will need to pay a designated percentage from your total proceeds, in addition to the payment gateway fee. But with Eventify, you get flat rate ticketing. The Eventify team doesn’t believe in percentages, all you need to pay is just $1/ticket and the payment gateway fee, irrespective of the number of tickets you are hosting. Much simpler, much better! 


Platforms are many, features are less. There are options where you just avail your tickets for your attendees. With Eventify, you can reward your attendees. On Eventify ticketing platform, along with the paid tickets, you can list free tickets as well. You can easily label any ticket as free or paid and mark the maximum & minimum number of tickets for each category from the backend ticketing planel of Eventify. Also, you can enable, disable and hide any ticket you want. 


Everyone loves discounts. And Eventify allows you to do the very same thing for your event attendees. From the Eventify ticketing panel, you can give huge or small discounts to your attendees. Also, you can promote your event and increase your ticket sales with promo codes. You might have a campaign on social media or some activities on site where you can integrate your tickets with these promo codes. 


Money is a sensitive matter. It is very important for the platform to have a swift payment procedure especially when so many people will be coming on the platform to pay. You just can’t risk a crash or anything of that sort. Moreover, experience matters, you need to give your attendees a good, easy, hasslefree experience. If your payment gateway is taking too much time to process the payment or keeps crashing that would leave a very bad impression on your attendees. Also, this way you will be giving them more time to change their mind, they might just decide not to attend. Eventify has a seamless payment gateway to process the payments smoothly. It is also capable of handling the traffic and volume of sales. So, no worries about crashing. 


Security is necessary, especially when you are handling money and payment details. The most important part of a ticketing platform is security, it’s something you can’t compromise on a platform from where you will be getting a lot of traffic. Eventify makes sure your data is totally encrypted (HTTPS encryption) and secure. You can let your attendees enjoy an easy, hasslefree and secure experience with Eventify. 


When you are organising a global event you expect attendees from all over the world. While looking for a platform, you must look for features which will make the attendee experience better. Eventify supports multiple currency support, so that your attendees can get your tickets being in any country. They can just easily pay the designated amount and the payment gateway fee with their own currency without hassling about converting or budgeting in. Experience matters!


People get attracted to things which look good. You might have a product rich in quality, but if its appearance is not good, you can never impress your clients. Eventify has a comprehensive dashboard for you to present something interesting to your client. From the dashboard you can host your tickets and operate all the necessary things. It’s user friendly, easy to use and everything remains in front of your eyes. No hassle of figuring out or looking around for things. 


Sales are the reason you put in so much effort just to avail your event tickets. Moreover, it’s important for you to keep a regular track of the sales of your tickets. With Eventify you can see your ticket sales report on your ticketing dashboard. It helps you to see the numbers, you get to know whether the promo codes and discounts are working, what’s getting you the maximum sale and you can plan accordingly. It just helps you to be more systematic with your planning and prevent you from any further risk or loss. 


Taxes are important! Being the organiser you must know what are the things you are paying for, what taxes are applicable etc. On Eventify, you can expect transparency from the platform. You can track everything from your dashboard. And all the rules and regulations are adhered. On your dashboard, you get a tax calculator as well. So zero uncertainties. 



Easy ticket assigning is something your attendee will love to have. And you too can reach out to more people and your volume of sales will increase. On the Eventify ticketing platform, your attendees will be able to buy tickets and assign it to their friends, clients, colleagues or family. You just give one click to your attendees and you reach many more. 


Tickets are the pillar of an event. It is something you should not go wrong with. Eventify helps you with the right. It gives you the maximum ROI and let your attendees have a good purchasing experience. 


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