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Get fully customized mobile apps for your events...right at your fingertips!

  • Single App. Multiple Functions

    Promote your event, connect with willing attendees, share information and accept user-curated content - all from the same platform.

  • Real-Time Notifications

    Keep visitors in the loop about the latest news and updates about an event. Send push-notifications whenever required.

  • Superior Customization

    Prepare the screens of your app with just the type of content you want, with a simple drag-and-drop. Your app will be, literally, ready in minutes!

  • User Interactions

    New users of the app can introduce themselves with each other and interact seamlessly with everyone. This fosters a sense of bonding among the attendees.

  • Polls, Surveys & Activity Feeds

    Boost the engagement levels of visitors with the help of interactive polls and in-event surveys. Attendees can also post updates about your event on the app.


More Exposure For Your High-Profile Events

Eventify brings to you a simple, multi-featured, easily configurable, ready-to-use event app management platform. Create and host your very own event app on it and reach out to more people. You do not need any prior coding/designing expertise.


    Set up the scheduling of your event and seamlessly share the information through your custom-created app. Working with Eventify will make sure that there are no uncertainties about your event timings.


    Our events app platform is 100% scalable, making it easily usable for both large, tier-1 events as well as for smaller meetings and gatherings. Comprehensive data security protocols are followed, and updates are released periodically.


    Eventify offers comprehensive event management and scheduling support to professional event planners/organizers. Registration, ticketing, pre-event promotions, attendee tracking, onsite help services - everything can be managed through your personalized app.


    Discover greater ease of communication with the exhibitors at your trade event. Update information on the items that would be showcased at the event - and make sure that attendees are updated about the same on a real-time basis.

  • ROI

    The event app(s) you create on our platform will be geared to generate more fruitful leads and maximization of ROI. Eventify facilitates smooth interactions with exhibitors and visitors...and ensures the success of your event.


    We love trees, and we bet you love ‘em too! Move beyond messy papers and documents, and store everything in your events app digitally. Whatever might be the type and scale of your event, rest assured about getting just the right service from us.

Your Events Are Our Responsibility

Work With Eventify Give Your Events An Edge

Customizable Product

We help clients promote all types of events - from business conferences and workshops, to trade fairs and exhibitions.

All-Round Assistance

Our event app tool is built to assist attendees, sponsors, corporate partners, exhibitors and other stakeholders at your event.

Relationship Building

Through our platform, you can build a robust relationship with the visitors at your event. That way, you get a loyal following for multiple events.

Real-Time Analysis

Right from the user-behaviour on your app, to onsite attendance figures and ROI stats - we bring to you a custom dashboard to track every piece of data.

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