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The ultimate event ticketing platform for organizers of any scale! Get ready for a seamless and fully customizable ticketing experience that guarantees you a sold-out event and increased profits. Join Eventify today and watch your event thrive!
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30% increase in sales

30% More Sales With Our Event Ticketing Management Software

At our event ticketing website, we are always striving to enhance the functionality, user experience, and marketing tools of our platform. Our ultimate goal is to help you maximize ticket sales and ensure the success of your event.


Fill form and get confirmation on request approval.


Simplify event registration process with forms.


Unique way for attendees
to RSVP online for an event.

Bulk Import

Directly upload the list of attendees in excel formats.

Kickstart Your Event Success With Our Event Ticketing System

Our online ticketing solution is completely free for event organizers. The intuitive box office dashboard makes it easy to launch any type of event with a ticket-purchasing experience designed around marketing to increase your sales and revenue.
Assign and distribute event tickets with ease.
Provide coupons, ticket expiry, discounts and do more.
Custom domain and branded white-labeled event ticketing.
Eventify event ticketing software allows you take charge of your entire ticketing procedure. You can also use QR codes to scan your tickets

Drive Event Ticket Sales With Affordable Pricing

With us, the amount your customer pays at checkout is significantly closer to your original ticket price. Eventify event ticketing platform cut out all the major fees that other platforms add to lower ticket costs and, by doing so, increase the number of completed sales.
Simple, easy and fast 2 step checkout.
Customizable responsive widget to embed on any website.

Online Event Ticketing Expands Your Reach & Promotes Your Event

We offer advanced marketing solutions to help promote and grow your event quickly. You can utilize marketing tools from Google, Facebook, TikTok, and other platforms. Plus, we will post about your event through our various media channels to help you gain more exposure.
Promote your event on social networks.
Send email and newsletters directly to your attendees.
Embed custom widgets on partner websites.
Team discussion about event ticketing management

Ticketing For Events Simplifies Your Event Management Process

Effortlessly manage attendees and customer orders from your dashboard. You can assign tickets to specific attendees and send them customized e-tickets. Plus, our ticketing platform enables you to create a custom checkout form to collect all the information you need from your customers. Easily check in attendees with our ticket scanner app when it's time for your event.

Over 5k+ Events Growing with Eventify

Streamline Your Event Ticketing Sales Process

We understand that every event is unique, and that's why we offer customized solutions tailored to your specific needs. From personalized ticketing options to marketing tools, we are committed to maximizing your sales and making your event a success.
Elevate your box office experience with our seamless event ticketing widget.

Website Widget

Elevate your box office experience with our seamless ticketing widget. Embed our responsive widget directly on your website for a flawless look on any device or website platform. Sell more tickets without leaving your website.
Our event ticketing software allows branded event pages

Branded Event Page

Create your own branded event page in minutes - no website required! Effortlessly design and customize your event page with ticketing options, text, images, and videos. Share the link with your visitors and get them excited about your event.
Scan QR codes and do badge printing with Eventify

QR Scan and Badge Printing

Say goodbye to long lines and hassles at the door - Try our badge printing and ticket scanning feature today! Eventify makes it easy to print custom badges for your attendees, allowing for quick and easy check-in at your event.
Eventify lets you integrate event management app with event ticketing app

API and Integration

Integrate your event management and ticketing app with your favorite tools and apps using our robust API and Zapier integration. Save time and boost your productivity by streamlining your workflow and automating repetitive tasks.

Increase Sales by 30% with
Reduced Ticket Prices

The difference between us and other ticketing solutions that pass their fees on to customers is that their service fees are between 7-20%, while we proudly have the lowest fees on the market at only 0.9%!
Sample of a ticket generated with Eventify event ticketing software

Already selling tickets online? Use us as an Additional Source of Sales.

If you are already selling tickets online, you can still create an event page at TicketsCandy as an additional source of ticket sales. We will happily promote your event page to help you gain more exposure and customers.
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Flat Event Ticketing Fee.
Zero Contracts. Zero Bindings.

Get everyone onboard, optimize your
event registration and boost ticket sales.
Enjoy flat rates for a lifetime with Eventify event ticketing software! Get everyone onboard, optimize registration & boost ticket sales.
$1 per ticket
Paid tickets for B2B conferences/events
$0 per ticket
Free tickets for B2B conferences/events
$0 per ticket
For open-source events, free events
Payment Gateway Fees
Note: Please check Stripe fees for your country. There are exciting discount plans for events with a threshold number of tickets sold.
Stripe Gateway
Payments will be processed via Stripe
30¢ + 1.4% per ticket
For European cards
30¢ + 2.9% per ticket
For non-EU cards
Eventify Edge

Your Tickets, Your Way

Our event software platform is designed to deliver fully optimised event ticketing experience to you. The key features of our event management software deliver significant competitive advantages.

Data Security

With our encrypted secured cloud storage, say goodbye to the risks of losing any attendee data.

Fast Ticketing

Provide quick, safe and convenient payment and checkout options to your attendees through Stripe.

Customised Tickets

List, manage and sell different types of tickets for your event - like early bird, free, standard, and more.

24x7 Support

Get in touch with us anytime and from anywhere, and one of our executives will be with you.

Ticketing Fee

Stop paying percentage! Eventify charges a flat $1 for every ticket sold. No contracts, no legal bindings.

International Payments

Invite attendees from all over the world. Eventify supports payments with 20+ different currencies.

Optimised UX

From registration to event ticketing and checkout, deliver the most seamless experience to your audience.

Integrated Registrations

Get your event registrations and ticket sales process fully interlinked, for a uniformly smooth experience.

Happy Customers Speak Out

Hosts describe how Eventify transformed their events into unrivalled successes.
"Ich habe durch die Umstellung auf Eventifys Online-Ticketbuchung viel Geld gespart."

Fabian Schuster
Conference Host, Intersolar Europe
"Le système de billetterie en ligne utilise un taux fixe plutôt qu'une commission de pourcentage. Nous avons vraiment apprécié cela."
Jacques Dubois
Program Director, The Global Summit

Discover The Best Event Ticketing Service System

Make online event ticketing and registrations simpler than ever before with Eventify. Create & customize fundraiser event tickets online, offer discounts, boost attendee engagement, and do a lot more.

Quick, Secure Payments

There is no chance of any theft with all the encryption and security in our event registration software.

Get Attendees Involved

Attendee engagement will grow significantly with event ticketing and registration links seamlessly integrated.

Next Level Customization

Adjust ticket availability, coupon code, discount offers, and more with Eventify event ticketing software.
Our system allows quick and secure payment system

No Contracts

Eventify charges a flat $1 per ticker sell. There are no other contracts involved. It always stays at $1 per ticket.

Ticketing On Your Domain

You can use custom domains for ticket sales. Your brand, your tickets, all custom branded, everything white-label.

Attendee CRM Made Easier

Send emails responsive on mobile devices. A/B test with subject lines & preview.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I set up event ticketing on Eventify?
To set up event ticketing on Eventify, you must select the Tickets feature, select ticket types, set prices, configure payment options, and publish your tickets.
Can I offer different ticket types and pricing options on Eventify?
Yes, Eventify event ticketing software website allows you to create tickets with different pricing options, such as free admission, VIP, early bird, or group tickets. To sell tickets for an event, you can set prices, quantities, and availability for each ticket type.
How can attendees purchase tickets for an event?
Attendees can easily purchase tickets for any event on Eventify event management and ticketing website, by visiting the auto-created event ticket page, selecting the desired ticket type and quantity, and proceeding with the secure online payment process.
What payment methods are supported on Eventify for ticket purchases?
Eventify event ticket seller supports online payment methods using the Stripe payment platform. Attendees can securely use the preferred payment method during the ticket purchase process.
Can I track ticket sales and attendee registrations on event Eventify event ticketing system?
Yes, Eventify event tickets and registration feature provides a dashboard where you can track real-time ticket sales, monitor registration details, and access attendee details. You can generate reports and analytics to gain insights into your event's performance.
Can I customize the appearance of event tickets using Eventify event ticketing platform?
Yes, Eventify allows you to customize the appearance of event tickets by adding your event branding, logos, event details, and additional information. You can create visually appealing and personalized tickets.
How are event tickets delivered to attendees?
Eventify offers digital ticket delivery options. After a successful ticket purchase, attendees receive their tickets via email. They can also access and download their tickets from their Eventify accounts from the web app.
Can I offer discounts or promotional codes for event tickets on Eventify online event platform system?
Yes, Eventify allows you to create discount codes for event tickets. You can set discounts as a percentage or fixed amount and apply them to specific ticket types or for a limited time.
How can I check attendees into my event using the ticketing feature?
Eventify offers a check-in via the admin portal, manually through the app or QR code scanning feature, allowing you to check attendees into your event using their digital or printed tickets. This helps you manage event entry efficiently.
Can I issue refunds or handle ticket cancellations
Yes, Eventify provides refunds and ticket cancellations directly through Stripe. You can process refunds according to your refund policy and handle ticket cancellations through the platform.
Is there any customer support for event ticketing-related questions?
Yes, Eventify offers customer support through various email, live chat, or phone channels. Their dedicated support team can assist you with any ticketing-related inquiries or issues.
Can I integrate Eventify's ticketing feature with other event management tools?
Eventify offers integrations with other event management tools, such as registration management and session ticketing, thus providing a comprehensive event management solution.
Can I generate reports and analytics on ticket sales and attendee data on event platforms?
Yes, Eventify provides reporting and analytics features that allow you to generate detailed reports on ticket sales, revenue, attendee demographics, and other vital metrics. These insights help you measure the success of your event.
Are event platforms' ticketing features secure for online transactions?
Yes, Eventify prioritizes the security of online transactions. The platform implements industry-standard security measures and encryption protocols to protect ticket purchases and payment information.
Can I collect attendee data during the ticket purchase process?
Yes, Eventify event ticketing system allow you to collect essential attendee data during the ticket purchase process, such as name, email address, and any additional custom fields you may require for your event through checkout forms.
Can I limit ticket sales to a specific capacity or timeframe?
Yes, Eventify offers the flexibility to set capacity limits for ticket sales. You can define the maximum number of tickets available for purchase or set a specific timeframe within which ticket sales are open.
Can I track the performance of different ticket types or pricing tiers?
Yes, Eventify's ticketing feature provides analytics and tracking pixel capabilities that allow you to track the performance of different ticket types or pricing tiers. You can analyze sales data to understand which ticket options are most popular.
Can I set up multi-session tickets or passes?
Yes, Eventify event ticketing platform supports multi-session tickets or passes, allowing attendees to purchase access to multiple sessions of an event with a single ticket.
How can I promote my event to increase ticket sales?
You can use various marketing strategies to increase ticket sales for your event, including social media advertising, email marketing, influencer outreach, and targeted promotions. You can also offer early bird discounts, referral incentives, and exclusive perks to incentivize ticket purchases.
Where can I sell tickets to my event other than my website?
In addition to selling tickets on your website or through Eventify's event ticket page, you can sell tickets to your event through various channels, including social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, online marketplaces like Eventbrite and Ticketmaster, and local ticket sellers like Box offices and ticket kiosks.
How do I sell event tickets online?
To sell event tickets online with Eventify, you must enable the "Tickets" feature and create multiple types of tickets as required. Eventify will create your event ticket page, and you can also embed tickets to your website as iFrame or share the event page link on social media to promote ticket sales.

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All-in-one B2B matchmaking for your attendees
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Drag & drop from builder for checkout form, survey & profile
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Event tracks & sessions as per date and time in one place
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Event Guide

Create your own event help and support guidebook
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Email Designer

Drag and Drop custom email template designer
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Analytics Dashboard

Get real-time insights on your event on multiple fronts
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Community Forum

Forum or group messaging on predefined topics
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Chat & Meetings

1-1 messagings and meeting to increase attendee engagement
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Registration & Ticketing

Sell tickets online & manage user registration

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