Eventify event networking app connects people at events and conferences
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Best Event Networking App Experience

Eventify professional networking app connects people at events and conferences so they can have more meaningful conversations. Unlike business networking apps, Eventify makes networking personal. Use our speed networking app to connect with people, get recommendations & invitations, and keep in touch, all without ever leaving your phone. Build your network in a way that's never been possible before.

Secure Tag-Based Conference Networking App

Events are always a great place to make new connections, but how do you know who's worth meeting? With Eventify speed networking app, attendee interactions and event networking have become more systematic than ever. It's the new generation of apps for networking. Users are connected based on mutually common interests – that are selected when registering on the app. Eventify offers the best event networking app, which helps you find and engage with the RIGHT people at any event so that you can build meaningful & long-lasting relationships.
Powerful App

Powerful B2B Virtual Event Networking App

Eventify's event networking software will let you stay connected to your attendees before the event, during the conference, and after the event is over. Allow people to discover and connect with like-minded delegates from the conference app or website.

- Add up to 20 tags or interests.
- Allow users to send invites to fellow attendees.
- Let users send/receive private messages.
- Allow people to set up one-on-one meetings.
- Send global push notifications.
- Facilitate seamless event ticketing on the app/web.

Involve Your Attendees And Drive Up Engagement Rates

On our virtual events platform, you get never-before opportunities to market and amplify your business conferences. It’s time to move ahead of the competition.

Live Polling

Set up interesting polls and surveys your attendees would love to participate in. Choose custom durations for your polls.

Session Ratings

Encourage attendees to share their valuable feedback while attending your event. Let people rate each conference session they attend on a 5-point scale.

Smart Q&A

Allow speakers to view and respond to questions from the audience directly on the event app. The Q&A process becomes simpler, more sophisticated, and highly responsive.

Push Notifications

Choose the section of attendees to send your push notifications to (speakers, exhibitors, sponsors, or everyone). You can send accompanying emails as well.

Event Ticketing

Eventify event networking platform doubles up as a robust event ticketing and registration tool as well. List your tickets in minutes and maximise your returns.

Build A Community

Create your event community right on the event website and app. Send messages, post live questions, seek opinions, and do much more.
Event Networking

Eventify Provides Best Event Networking App Experience

B2B Matchmaking 2.0

Eventify’s networking and events tool algorithms enable attendees to enjoy fully secure tag-based networking.

Optimise Event Promotions

Get maximum value from fully optimised paperless event promotion strategies.

Management Flexibility

Implement custom event networking solution for attendee interaction for small and large events.

ROI Boost

Help attendees get more value from your event, by making connections that matter.

Monitor Attendee Interactions & Engagement

Lead retrieval and conversions become simpler, smarter and more effective with Eventify’s one-stop event management platform. For exhibitors, this is the best tool to maximise ROI figures.
Track Interactive Content
View all the polls and questions posted by your attendees real-time. Check out the live discussions happening on the platform.
Track Devices, Installs & Sessions
Monitor the devices your event app is being used on, the browsers on which the event website is viewed, and the number of sessions.  
View Infographics
Get all the engagement stats automatically converted into insightful, custom-generated infographics. Eventify makes event management SMARTER!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in Eventify event networking app?
Eventify event networking app includes attendee profiles, matchmaking tools, and interactive activities to encourage engagement and interaction among attendees.
How can I prepare for event networking?
Eventify event networking app provides attendees access to the event agenda, speaker information, and attendee profiles to help them research the event and prepare for networking. Additionally, Eventify's custom mobile event app allows attendees to connect and engage with other attendees before, during, and after the event.
What are some effective event networking strategies?
There are various networking strategies on Eventify, such as tag-based matchmaking, interactive sessions, and social community, to help attendees make meaningful connections and build lasting relationships.
How can I break the ice and start a conversation at an event?
The most used ice-breaking activities on Eventify are speed networking, group discussions, and session Q&As, which help attendees connect and start conversations in a fun and engaging way.
How can I make the most of event networking opportunities?
Eventify event networking platform provides attendees access to message history and QR scan lists to track their networking progress and measure the effectiveness of their networking efforts. Additionally, Eventify's admin analytics tools allow organisers to inspect the networking range and gain valuable insights to improve future events.
Is there any privacy and security of attendee information during networking?
Eventify takes data privacy and security seriously and implements industry-standard security measures to protect attendee data during networking activities. Additionally, attendees can set their privacy via Networking/GDPR Consent which controls if the user wants to share their profile and connect with others.
What are some tips for networking effectively at virtual events?
Various virtual networking tools, such as community posts, live chat, and virtual meeting rooms, help attendees connect and engage with other attendees in a virtual setting. Additionally, Eventify's AI-powered matchmaking algorithm matches attendees based on their interests and preferences to facilitate meaningful connections.

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Chat & Meetings

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Event tracks & sessions as per date and time in one place
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All-in-one B2B matchmaking for your attendees
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Social Feed

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Community Forum

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Build your own surveys to get feedback about the event
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Dynamic Form Builder

Drag & drop from builder for checkout form, survey & profile
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Event tracks & sessions as per date and time in one place
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Event Guide

Create your own event help and support guidebook
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Email Designer

Drag and Drop custom email template designer
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Analytics Dashboard

Get real-time insights on your event on multiple fronts
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Community Forum

Forum or group messaging on predefined topics
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Chat & Meetings

1-1 messagings and meeting to increase attendee engagement
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Registration & Ticketing

Sell tickets online & manage user registration

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