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Elevate your events with Eventify into unforgettable experiences that inspire and captivate your audience. Our easy-to-use poll maker lets you create real-time polls and collect Q&A questions in seconds, giving you instant feedback and making your events more interactive.
Easy event setup
Seamless audience participation
Dynamic live screen
Eventify q&a platform for events allows easy event setup, seamless audience participation and dynamic live screen

The 3 Points of Engagement

Audience App

Allow your audience to respond in real-time through questions and polls they can easily access through the Audience App.

Admin App

Eventify allows you to create polls and questions in advance or on the fly, resulting in fluid and dynamic presentations.

Live Display

Easily showcase live results from polls and let your audience interact with the speaker through powerful live display features.

Large Screen Projection

Make an impact on your audience with large screen presentation compatibility.
Eventify features remarkable large screen projection capabilities, enabling smooth real-time audience interactions. With its smart interface and efficient single projection link, Eventify can tailor its projection features to particular events in a highly customisable way, allowing for truly groundbreaking levels of engagement with attendees. Even for very large crowds, it is easy to project engaging questions or surveys directly onto the big screen where everyone can participate – an impressive feat!

Realtime Responses

Bring your events to life with real time insights and responses.
Eventify provides a unique opportunity for event organisers to gain valuable insights from their audience in real time. Using live polling for events feature, presenters can quickly create polls and surveys to gain feedback from attendees, or receive questions for a Q&A session.

Admin Remote Control

Make an impact on your audience with large screen presentation compatibility.
Eventify's software provides you with convenient tools to allow you to access, manage, and control admin tasks from any device. From creating event Q&As to Polls, and managing responses to polls & surveys effectively, Eventify’s Q&A platform for events puts all the necessary features at your fingertips. With flexible access from any device, you have complete control of our q&a app for events.

Content Moderation

Control the level of transparency you want to get the best out of your polls and surveys.
Organisers have complete control over moderating questions and polls, while allowing participants the option to remain anonymous if they so choose. Providing this flexibility maximises participant engagement, giving organisations the confidence that their attendees will be comfortable participating.

More Tools

Stay Anonymous

Appearance on public forums can be intimidating, but with Eventify, your audience can participate in an informed decision-making process without fear of recrimination or embarrassment, making it ideal for all types of events.

Single or Multiple Choice Polls

The flexibility to create polls that will get better answers from your audience. Our q&a platform for events provides the flexibility to create single choice or multiple choice polls that can be adjusted to cater to every event's specific needs.

Live Results

Additionally, the result of the poll can be shown in real-time, allowing attendees and organisers alike to witness first-hand how trends arise when multiple people answer the same question simultaneously.

Upvotes, Pin Ups

A myriad of tools to make your conferences vital and inspiring for your audience. Our tools helps make great events much more interactive. You as a moderator can decide which one is a popular question, thus making it super easy for the speakers to reply effectively!

Comments, Text Replies

In addition to polls, Eventify also offers a comprehensive commenting system, allowing attendees to leave feedback, ask questions, and engage in discussions in real-time. With the option to stay anonymous, attendees can freely share their thoughts without fear of recrimination or embarrassment.

Word Clouds (Upcoming)

Use word clouds to achieve peak event satisfaction and get better data-driven decisions. Eventify makes it easy to visually represent users’ opinions and feedback with word clouds. This powerful feature gives users a better insight into the audience view on a given issue or topic.
Evenitfy conference q&a app is ideally built for the presenters

Built for Presenters

Eventify prides itself on being incredibly flexible and easy to use in all meeting environments. Simply open additional tabs to separate admin and display features for live presentation - No specialty URL links or convoluted routing, just quickly and easily display what you need when you need it.
You can check all data about live polls and QA on Evenitfy live polling for eve platformnts

All Data On Hand

Eventify makes it easy to save, download and review all the data from your presentations, helping you learn and grow for future meetings and keep the information on hand that you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is live polling, and how does it work?
Live polling is a feature that allows attendees to participate in real-time polls during an event. In Eventify, Poll questions have an option for Live Display, and attendees can submit their responses through the app. The results are displayed in real-time.
How can I set up a live poll for my event?
Eventify allows you to easily create and set up live polls for your event through the platform's built-in polling feature. You can add a new poll, check poll analytics and results, view on the large display
What are the benefits of using live polling during an event?
Live polling can increase audience engagement, provide valuable insights into attendees' preferences and opinions, and encourage participation and interaction among attendees.
How can I use live polling to engage my audience?
Live polling can engage the audience by asking interactive questions related to the event, providing real-time feedback and encouraging attendees to share their opinions.
How can I use live polling to gather feedback from my audience?
Live polling can be used to gather feedback from your audience by asking questions about their experience, preferences, and opinions related to the event.
What types of questions can I ask in a live poll?
You can ask various questions in a live poll, including multiple-choice, open-ended, and ranking questions.
Can I customize the way attendees respond to my live poll?
Yes, Eventify allows attendees to select multiple options in a live poll and display results after submission.
How do I ensure that my live poll is accessible to all attendees?
In Eventify, Live polls are available to all attendees of the session in which the poll is created. To make it more accessible and engaging, you can use the Live Display option to see the live results.
How do I view and analyze the results of my live poll?
You can view and analyze the results of your live poll in real time through Eventify's analytics dashboard. The platform provides you with detailed insights into attendee responses and engagement.
What is a live Q&A session, and how does it work?
The live Q&A session is an essential feature of Eventify that allows attendees to submit questions to session speakers and panellists in real-time. The questions are available on the event app and admin, and the speakers can respond to them live during the session. They can opt to use the Live Display option to address each question.
How do I encourage participants to ask questions during a live Q&A session?
Event organizers can promote the Q&A session and encourage participants to submit questions beforehand. In Eventify, Q&A is gamified to award attendees some points for asking a live Q&A question.
Can attendees remain anonymous when submitting questions during a live Q&A session?
Yes, Eventify's Q&A feature allows attendees to submit questions anonymously.
How can I manage the volume of questions during a live Q&A session?
The Q&A feature on Eventify's platform allows organizers to manage the incoming questions and curate the ones that are most relevant to the topic at hand.
How can I ensure all questions are answered during a live Q&A session?
Eventify's Q&A feature allows organizers to queue up questions and prioritize them based on relevance and popularity. The host can also address the unanswered questions at the end of the session, and attendees can access them through the app's session Q&A feature.
Can I enable moderation for live Q&A sessions to prevent inappropriate questions?
Eventify's Q&A feature allows organizers to enable moderation and review incoming questions before publication. This helps to prevent inappropriate or irrelevant questions from being asked during the session.

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