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1 Virtual or Hybrid Event

Event Publishing Toolkit

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Eventify iOS & Android App

Insights & Analytics

Regular Email Support

Sell Tickets & Manage Registration

1 Month Data Retention

Starts with 400 Users (Contact us for more)

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All the Features of Eventify

1 Virtual or Hybrid Event

Event Publishing Toolkit

Access to Admin Panel & Web Portal

Custom Branded iOS & Android App

Insights & Analytics

Dedicated Account Manager

Sell Tickets & Manage Registration

1 Months Data Retention

Starts with 400 Users (Contact us for more)

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Event Ticketing

We charge $0.99 / ticket for paid registrations (+ 3% payment gateway fees).
If your event is free, registration is always free.

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All Features

Features Included in Eventify

Registration and Ticketing

Dynamic Registration Form
Registration is an important feature for any event management software. It has to be designed to support different types of registration requirements for events
Multiple Registration Types & Custom Forms
Our registration module is designed to support events that may have online registration, ticketing, external registration link, or without registration.
Customized Registration URL.
Customize the domain name of your online registration URL through the admin panel.
Online Registration
Organizers can create a custom online registration form through the admin panel and make it available for user registration
Custom Ticketing Form
Create a custom ticket form. Sell tickets and manage registrations for your next event.
Assign Tickets
After a bulk purchase of tickets, they can assign them to different users.
In any currency, real-time credit card, manual entry credit card, wire, cash, purchase order.
Payment Gateway
Currently, the platform is integrated with two payment gateway: Stripe and PayFast
Sales Report
Get real-time status of your ticket sale.
Promo Discount
Create promotional or other discount schemes for your tickets.
Without Registration
User will be registered with default email and username when the app opens
Registration API
Organizers can use our registration APIs on their registration page to automatically register users to our platform in real-time from any 3rd party site.
Bulk Import User
Import users using XLS or CSV File. Download and complete the provided template under the import tab on the admin panel. Follow the instruction and upload the completed file to bulk import users on the platform.
Custom Welcome Email
Post-registration organizers can send a custom welcome mail to all the users in bulk through the admin panel.
All admin users have the admin right to check-in other users into the venue through a QR scan from their app.
Print Badges
Our platform gives an option to export the list of users. PDF and. XLS file with their "Full Name", "Company", " Designation" and their "QR" for badge printing.


Different Types Views
The schedule screen can be viewed in two different formats, List view and Calendar view on the devices.
Create Tracks
Each session is under a given track. It is basically a room where the sessions or programme are being held. Therefore organizers can run multiple sessions at a given point of time through different tracks.
Add sessions
Organizers can add and edit multiple sessions manually.
Personalized Agendas
Our platform enables your attendees to decide how their event agenda should be, by enabling them to decide which activities they want to attend.
Agenda Reminder
Setup a reminder pop-up for the session in the Agenda list.
Schedule a Timezone
Global time feature adjusts the scheduled time automatically as per the specific time zone of the user.
Add sessions
Organizers can add and edit multiple sessions manually.
Add Sessions
Organizers can add and edit multiple sessions manually.
Multiple Speakers
You can assign multiple speakers to a given session.
Speaker Profile
Create a user profile for Speakers and allow them to edit or populate the same through their profile screen on their device.
Enable File Sharing
Speakers are able to share documents for downloading on their speaker page and also on the session page.


Private Sessions
Session available only to an invited group of attendees.
General Session
Public sessions are available to everyone on the platform.
Ticket Based Session
Public or paid session available with tickets.
Users must RSVP to the session before they can access it.
Live Streaming
Live streaming options are for those who are not able to attend the main event in person. But organizers can live streaming on our platform with native integration with Vimeo and YouTube .
No Check-In Needed
This check-in type is selected for open sessions, where session attendance is not required.
Session Capacity
Set session capacity to limit session check-in.
Self Check-In
Users mark their own attendance on the session screen.
Scan QR
Users scan the Session QR at the entrance of the session hall to check -into the venue.
Show QR
Admin users can scan the QR codes of attendees from their devices to check them in.
Speaker Profile
Create a user profile for Speakers and allow them to edit or populate the same through their profile screen on their device.
Enable File Sharing
Speakers are able to share documents for downloading on their speaker page and also on the session page.
Calendar Sync
iPhone attendees have an option to synchronize sessions with their device calendar and set reminders.
Session Rating
Organizers will be able to collect the ratings from users for the session they were in.

Live Polls and Q&A

Live Polls
Engaging during the sessions in the live poll and seeing the results in real-time. Create a live poll in a matter of minutes. Select from multiple poll-type options. Display live poll results to all users.
Live Q&A
Users can directly post questions to speakers through the mobile event app. Speakers can view and reply to such questions instantly.
Ask Anonymously
Users have the option to ask questions to the speakers Anonymously.
Publish or Unpublish Questions
An organizer has an option to Publish or Unpublish questions asked by users during or after the sessions based on their relevancy.


Tag-Based Matchmaking
Users get suggestions to connect with other users on the basis of mutually common interests
Attendee Networking Profile
Attendees who have given their consent by checking in the GDPR/Networking option on their profile screen will be visible to other attendees on the platform to know about their bio and contact details.
Schedule Meeting
Attendees can book one-to-one meetings with one another. Once both the party gives their consent for the meeting, it will get auto-saved under my agenda page and will set up a reminder 10 mins before the meeting is set.
Set up a targeted communication with different categories of users like exhibitors, sponsors, speakers, and admins
Attendee Profile
Allow your attendees to decide what information they want to share with other assistants. Also, help them get to know each other better by checking who is attending the event.
Video Chat
One-on-one live video chat networking


Branded Mobile App
We give you the canvas, you choose the colors. Build your event identity and gain more exposure by using the branding option we’re offering.
Branded Apps (Android & iOS)
Presence in AppStore and PlayStore
Sponsor Branding
Ad and Sponsor clicks
Exhibitor Branding
Showcase Product details
Custom Event Logo and Banner
Option to easily upload your own event logo and banner.
Custom Theme Colour
Based on your logo, we have extracted the prominent color palette. Select a color from the palette or enter your own.
Customizable Side Menu.
Hold and drag to rearrange the icon in order for the Side and Front menu. And the option to select bottom menu items from the drop-down.
Full White-Label Platform
Option to have your own branded apps published at the stores.
Customizable Feature Name
Option to change the feature label's names on the menu icons.

Exhibitors & Sponsors

Online Sponsor Registration
Through the ticketing feature, a sponsor can register themselve manually.
Online Exhibitor Registration
Through the ticketing feature, exhibitors can register themselves manually.
Product Showcase
Create an online products showcase that your exhibitors have to offer.
Enable Exhibitor Search
Exhibitor search helps to find exhibitors easily.
Drop V-Card
Attendees will be able to drop their v-card on any exhibitor profile page.
Lead Retrieval
Allow your exhibitors to gather valuable information about the attendees that visit their stand by scanning the QR code.
Interactive Floor plan
Help your attendees to locate exhibitors, sponsors, and speakers on the floor map and visit their individual page directly on click.
Sponsor Type
Ability to categorize sponsors and prioritize them on the platform.

Attendee Engagement

Pre-Event Engagement
Encourage your guests to connect with other participants and get to know each other by offering them a pre-event online interaction platform.
Photo Gallery
Attendees can upload images on the Gallery screen.
Live Poll
Different polls in concurrent sessions can allow users to participate and make their presence count.
Event News
Read informative news post published for the event.
Community Forum
Participate in public or private community discussions. Create your very own event community, right on the event website and event app.
Social Feed
Attendees can share their experiences, interact by connecting with one another, commenting, liking, responding to others post in the social feed.
Increase your event engagement by creating custom tasks within the event platform and awarding points for completion.


Gallery Image Setup
Allow all users to upload images to Gallery.
Notification Setup
It will allow sending a notification email to admin when ticket purchase
App Bottom Menu Setup
Show app bottom menu.
Auto-Login Setup
Users can auto-login to the app
Login Mandatory Setup
Participate in public or private community discussions. Create your very own event community, right on the event website and event app.
Multiple Login Setup
Allow users to log in from multiple devices,
Event code login Setup
Allow user to login with event code

Help & Support

Admin Support Chat
Support to attendees with login issues
Event Guide
Display general information about the event.
Allow App Access
Bye-passe the passcode login
Multiple Admin Access
Can have more than one admin to manage the event
Admin App for Check-in
Admin app can scan attendees' QR to check them into the event venue.
Platform Guide
A complete guide to populating information on the event platform.
Dedicated Account Manager
To help organizers to troubleshoot through emails.


Survey Types
Servey is of two types one is Mandatory type and the other the optional type where a user can skip it.
Post-Event Surveys
Discover what your attendees think about your event. Set up in or during or post-event surveys and find out everything you need to know to improve the guest experience.
Survey Builder
Survey can be created with a list of input fields like, "Text", "Number", Check-Box, "Paragraphs", etc
Export Survey Result
Download attendee wise survey result


Networking Interactions
View of how active your users has been on using the networking feature of the app over the selected date range.
Session Attendance
Organizers can not only check but they can also download or export session Scanning analytics or attendance.
Page Hits
You can have a count of feature page visits by your attendees during a course of time on their device.
Sponsors & Exhibitor Insights
View how actively your sponsor and exhibitor has been using the platform over the selected date range.
Speakers Profiles
Now find out the number of user who browsed through the speakers profiles.


Encrypted Data
One to one encrypted data
GDPR Compliant
Follow GDPR guideline
Login Verification
Logins can be verified through unique PassCode sent to users' email accounts.
Password Protected & Hidden Events
Download attendee wise survey result
Consensual Networking Module
Attendees have an option to allow others to view their profiles and chat with them.
Block User
Attendees can block any attendees on the platform from messaging them.
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