Security Guide & Practices

(Last Updated On: 15 July 2022)

At Eventify, we believe in strongly in Data & Information security and implement industry standard measures to handing your data. We created this standard information guide for anyone looking to get more insights on our policies.

Encryption: All data is encrypted in two ways. Data at REST and Data in Transaction.

Servers & Infra: Eventify’s services are deployed on a virtual private cloud platform which is highly secure, scalable and this ensures high availability of data. We take strong measures to protect all its infrastructure.

Backups: Eventify ensures all data is backed up at-least once a day ensuring the ability to restore the availability and access to personal datain a timely manner in the event of a physical or technical incident.

Team Availability,Incidents and Logging : Eventify has a dedicated team to respond to all security related issues or alerts. Our team operates 24/7 and constantly monitors any breach or security threat. Any security breach is immediately reported and our incident management procedure is followed for a quick resolution.

Security : 

Eventify implements HTTPS certificates as a measure for the protection of data during transmission Make our web portal and our product (Eventify) better and more customised.
Eventify uses encryption of data at rest as a measures for the protection of data during storage
No any kind of third party has the ability to access Eventify’s infrastructure and data as a measure for ensuring physical security of locations at which personal data are processed.
Eventify implements DDOS protection for its servers.

Data :

Eventify immediately deletes all data from its system whose licenses have expired. Customers can also request to have the data permanently deleted from our system as a measure for ensuring limited data retention.
Customers can also request to export all data from their account as measures for allowing data portability and ensuring erasure.
All Environments are separated and thus production data is never used for testing.

Code & Quality:

- Eventify has a dedicated team of developers who maintain version control of the code. Access is restricted based on internal roles and records are maintained for all code / repository check-ins / checkouts.

- Eventify has a dedicated team of quality assurance and testing. All deployed code is thoroughly checked before its launched or deployed to production after performing various functional, stability, UI/UX tests.

Other Security Measures:

-All Employees/contractors working under the product undergo a background check and criminal check prior to appointment

-All Employees/contractors working under the product are required to sign a Non Declaration Agreement which has non disclosure and confidentiality clauses.

-All Employee/Contractors are required to undergo a mandatory security induction/orientation program before they are on boarded. This program is repeated every year.

For more information please reach out to our friendly team at : for any questions that you may have.