Introducing Your All-Encompassing Corporate Event App

Looking for a way to simplify the event management process and make your affair more memorable and momentous? At Eventify, our cutting-edge corporate meeting app helps you seamlessly plan and execute every aspect – from registration and ticketing to immersive networking, attendee engagement, and beyond.
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Intuitive Platform – Powerful Features

Get ready to rediscover your passion for corporate event organising! At Eventify, we believe the event planning process should be an exciting and efficient experience. Our corporate event app comprises a range of adaptable features that both simplify and supercharge your process.

Registrations & Ticketing

Get ready for a seamless and fully customizable ticketing experience that guarantees you a sold-out event and increased profits.

Chat & Meetings

Enhance employee engagement through one-on-one messaging and pre-event meeting planning.

Agenda & Schedule

Keep all event tracks and sessions organised in one place, making it easy for everyone to plan their agenda.


Bring the entire company together and let them be friends! Matchmaking feature provides valuable networking opportunities for employees.

Social Feed

Create a sense of community with a private social network feed dedicated to your event, allowing attendees to share updates and insights.

Community Forum

Encourage discussions and group messaging on predefined topics, creating a dynamic space for interaction both before and after your events.

Polls & Live Q&A

Interact with your audience through live polls and Q&A sessions on the day of your event to increase excitement and engagement.

Interactive Maps

Provide tappable, interactive resort / retreat / room maps that help your guests navigate the event space efficiently.

Custom Branding

Personalize the platform to showcase your brand’s unique identity, engaging with attendees through your look and feel.

Analytics Dashboard

Gain real-time insights into your event's performance on multiple fronts, empowering you to make data-driven decisions for future occasions.

Challenges and Rewards

Inject some interactive fun into your corporate event by hosting customisable challenges and offering rewards for completion.

Check-in & Badge Printing

Get high-quality custom designed event badges in less than 2 seconds, secure check-in through instant QR Scans & onsite event name badges printing.

Why Use A Corporate Event Management App?

Ditch spreadsheets and unlock event magic! Save time, automate tasks, and create unforgettable experiences with a powerful corporate event management app.

Streamlined Event Management

Eventify simplifies event planning and management by providing a centralized platform for handling all aspects of the event, from registration and ticketing to scheduling and communication.

Enhanced Attendee Engagement

Eventify fosters attendee engagement through interactive features like live polls, Q&A sessions, gamification, and social media integration, ensuring a more immersive and participatory event experience.

Personalized Event Experience

Eventify allows organizers to tailor the event experience for each attendee by providing personalized agenda recommendations, content suggestions, and networking opportunities.

Reduced Operational Costs

Eventify streamlines event operations, reducing the need for manual tasks and paperwork, thereby saving time and resources for organizers.

Improved Communication and Collaboration

Eventify facilitates effective communication and collaboration among organizers, speakers, sponsors, and attendees, ensuring a smooth and coordinated event experience.

Improved Employee Morale and Productivity

Event management software can foster a more engaged and productive workforce by facilitating internal corporate events, team-building activities, and employee recognition programs. These events can enhance communication, collaboration, and morale among employees, leading to increased productivity, innovation, and overall organizational success.

User-friendly Interface

Eventify's intuitive interface makes it easy for organizers to navigate and utilize the app's features, even with limited technical expertise.

Real-time Data and Insights

Eventify provides organizers with real-time data and insights into attendance, engagement metrics, and attendee feedback, enabling them to make informed decisions and optimize the event experience.

Increased Brand Awareness and Reputation

Event management software can help corporations enhance their brand awareness and reputation by providing a platform for showcasing their products, services, and expertise. Through effective event promotion, engagement, and feedback collection, corporations can strengthen their brand image and cultivate positive relationships with potential customers, partners, and investors.

What You Can Use Eventify For

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Internal Events

Revolutionize corporate internal events by providing a centralized platform for event information, facilitating networking, gathering feedback, and measuring event success. These versatile tools enhance event communication, engagement, and ROI.
Strategic Planning Session
Corporate Trainings
All-hands Meetings
Department Meetings

Company Retreats

Corporate event apps streamline company retreats, vacations by providing itinerary sharing, social networking, feedback collection, and event metrics tracking, enhancing group interaction, fostering camaraderie, and gauging event effectiveness.
Offsite Meeting
Team-building Event
Staff Getaway
Company Outing
Executive Retreat
Company Culture Retreat

Annual Meetings

Corporate event apps elevate company annual meetings or get-togethers by delivering agenda sharing, speaker introductions, live polling, and feedback collection, enhancing attendee engagement, promoting real-time interaction, and gathering event insights.
Company’s Development Conference
Annual General Meeting for Investors
Employee recognition event
Founder’s Day
Product Launch Event
Training and Development

Employee Engagement Platform

Eventify can serve as an effective year-round employee engagement platform through our comprehensive features.
Social Media Timelines: Foster a vibrant online community where employees can share updates, connect with colleagues, and stay informed.
Community Forums: Encourage discussions, knowledge sharing, and peer-to-peer support across various topics of interest.
Gamification: Introduce fun and engaging challenges, rewards, and leaderboards to boost motivation and participation.
Weekly/Monthly Events: Organize regular virtual or in-person events, workshops, and social gatherings to promote interaction and camaraderie.
Internal Community Hub: Establish a centralized platform for employees to access company news, announcements, resources, and each other.
Employee Engagement Platform

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Eventify?
Eventify is a comprehensive corporate event app that helps you plan, manage, and execute unforgettable events.
How can Eventify help me streamline my corporate event management process?
Eventify provides a centralized platform for managing all aspects of your corporate events, from registration and ticketing to attendee engagement and feedback collection. This streamlines your workflow, saves time, and reduces the need for manual tasks.
What are the benefits of using a corporate event management app like Eventify?
Corporate event management apps offer a range of benefits, including:
• Streamlined event management
• Enhanced attendee engagement
• Personalized event experiences
• Reduced operational costs
• Improved communication and collaboration
• Improved employee morale and productivity
• Increased brand awareness and reputation
What type of events can I use Eventify for?
Eventify is a versatile platform that can be used for a wide variety of corporate events, including:
• Internal events
• Company retreats
• Annual meetings
• Strategic planning sessions
• Corporate trainings
• Workshops
• Hackathons
• All-hands meetings
• Department meetings
• Offsite meetings
• Team-building events
• Staff getaways
• Company outings
• Executive retreats
• Company culture retreats
• Company's Leadership
• Development conference
• Annual General Meeting for Investors
• Employee recognition event
• Founder's Day
How can Eventify help me improve my company's brand awareness and reputation?
Eventify can help you improve your company's brand awareness and reputation by:
• Providing a platform for showcasing your company's products, services, and expertise
• Enhancing event promotion and engagement
• Gathering positive feedback from attendees
• Strengthening relationships with potential customers, partners, and investors
How can I use Eventify to manage registrations and check-ins?
• Eventify's registration and check-in features allow you to:
• Create and manage online registration forms
• Collect attendee information
• Process payments
• Generate and print badges
• Manage waitlists
How can I use Eventify to facilitate networking among attendees?
Eventify's networking features include:
• One-on-one messaging
• Pre-event meeting planning
• Matchmaking
• Social media integration
How can I use Eventify to keep attendees informed about the event schedule?
Eventify allows you to:
• Share the event agenda and schedule
• Provide speaker information
• Send push notifications to attendees
How can I use Eventify to gamify my event and make it more fun?
Eventify's gamification features include:
• Custom challenges
• Rewards
• Leaderboards
How can I use Eventify to collect feedback from attendees?
Eventify allows you to create surveys and polls to collect feedback from attendees.
How can I use Eventify to measure the success of my event?
Eventify provides event metrics such as:
• Attendance numbers
• Engagement rates
• Feedback scores
How can I use Eventify as an employee engagement platform?
Eventify's employee engagement features include:
• Social media timelines
• Community forums
• Gamified challenges
• Weekly/monthly events
• Internal community hub
How does Eventify handle lost or damaged badges?
Eventify allows onsite badge printing for events and lets organisers quickly and easily reprint badges for attendees who have lost or damaged their original badge.

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