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Best Trade Show Apps of 2024 to Maximize Your Potential!

June 5, 2024
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2023 will witness a phenomenal surge in trade shows as businesses and professionals eagerly reconnect and explore new opportunities. Trade shows are an excellent opportunity for companies to network, promote their products, and generate valuable leads. As an event planner, you know how important it is to stay ahead of the game when planning and executing successful trade shows. One of the most essential tools in your arsenal is the trade show app software. It can bring more efficiency to your work and get you organized.

However, many appreciate the value of managing and attending trade shows, despite the time and cost involved. That's where trade show apps come in. They help businesses save time and money, streamline their event planning process, and maximize their trade show experience.

Trade shows become more competitive, and technology advances; keeping up with the latest trends is crucial to stay ahead. That's where trade show app software comes in, revolutionizing the tradeshow industry and providing numerous benefits for businesses of all sizes. In this article, we will discuss the top trade show apps of 2023, their features, and how they can benefit your business. With the right trade show app, you can make the most of your experience, generate valuable leads, and maximize your ROI at these events.

What Are Trade Show Applications?

Trade shows are essential platforms for businesses to showcase their products and services, network with potential clients, and gain valuable market insights. Technological advancements have made trade show apps indispensable to the overall trade show experience.

These apps are designed to streamline various aspects of attending or organizing a trade show, making the process more efficient and enjoyable. Trade show app software has gained significant popularity recently as a tool to enhance and streamline the tradeshow experience.

It is a mobile application designed to help exhibitors and attendees navigate tradeshows more efficiently. The app provides a wealth of information, from the event schedule to exhibitor information, maps, and networking features. Using a trade show app for iPhone, participants can plan their itinerary, find interested exhibitors, and receive notifications about events and seminars.

According to a recent report by CEIR, 91% of attendees use a mobile device during tradeshows, with 84% of those using a mobile app. Additionally, 62% of exhibitors use trade show lead retrieval apps to capture leads, with 46% using a mobile app to connect with attendees.

Similarly, transitioning from the traditional trade show method to the application is a significant and beneficial change. According to a Statista survey, 53 per cent of respondents' top concern was reaching their target audience. For 38% of survey respondents, converting web traffic to pre-registration presented a challenge, but it's an opportunity for improvement. Once they had overcome it, their global event marketing hit the charts. 

In a 2019 survey conducted among global event marketing industry professionals, E-mail marketing was recognized by 71% of respondents as the most effective strategy for promoting trade exhibitions, followed by a website and social media by 67% and 46%, respectively. And all of these can be handled under one umbrella of Trade Show Application. Indeed, it makes things easier for everyone.

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

How to Choose the Best Trade Show App Software for Your Business

Choosing the right trade show app software for your business can be overwhelming, with numerous options available. Some factors to consider when selecting the best trade show app software include:


Consider the features that are important for your business type. Some specific apps for trade shows have features like lead capture, scheduling, and networking. And then we have some essential features. To address them all, here are some of the most crucial characteristics that you must consider as well:

Must have features in a trade show app


The app should be user-friendly for the users. It also includes easy-to-navigate features for not just attendees but also business owners and employees. 

Easy Integration and Compatibility

Trade show applications must be easy to integrate with existing tools like marketing or CRM software. This will make tracking easy for all the employees and help you bring an element of efficiency to the business.

Moreover, you must see if the app works on your current system. It will include your PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones with you or at the offices.


Finally, all the essential features of the trade show app come down to the cost. Always look for an application that will fit your budget. Furthermore, prioritizing quality is essential, as it demonstrates a commitment to providing the best experience for our valued customers. Look at the long-term prosperity.

App Reputation and Reviews

Finally, choose an app from a reputed company with the latest functionalities. It is crucial because you need a trusted company for your data with a confidentiality clause and data high-security measures. 

Moreover, you can read the reviews for the specific apps to understand what apps offer based on features, functionality, and customer support.

Top Trade Show Apps of 2023

Here are some of the best trade show apps for 2023 that can help you maximize your trade show experience and help your business to grow to its full potential:

1. Eventify

Eventify is a comprehensive trade show app that offers event planning tools, and social media integration with features like live polling, attendee networking, and personalized schedules. You can quickly generate self-check-in registration with the facility of custom badges and QR codes within just a click. Your attendees can promptly check themselves for the event without hustling and waiting in long queues. Thus, it is ideal for on-site, hybrid events, and virtual events.

Eventify has a user-friendly dashboard that integrates with any existing CRM software and marketing tool. The app's compatibility is an exception; you can use it anytime, anywhere on your PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones without any hindrance to the operating system. This high compatibility is outstanding and helps you update with live analytics that includes live polling, surveys, and keeping the data secure.

Eventify helps businesses make the most of their trade show experience. This all-in-one mobile event app will help you with not just event planning but also help with the best lead generation too. Enhance trade shows with Eventify app the best companion for your business events.

Eventify Trade show app software dashboard

Key Features of Eventify

  1. Event planning tools
  2. Agenda and speaker management
  3. Exhibitor and attendee directories
  4. Enhance trade show success with lead capture
  5. Social media integration
  6. Live polling and attendee networking
  7. Personalized schedules
  8. Custom Registration badges and check-in system
  9. 24/7 Customer Support

2. Whova

Whova is a popular trade show app focusing on networking and attendee engagement. It offers event planning tools, lead management, and social media integration features that help attendees, exhibitors, and organizers connect and interact at tradeshows, conferences, and corporate events. Whova also provides a unique networking platform, allowing attendees to connect before, during, and after the event.

Moreover, the live analytics and exhibit locator make it easier for attendees. It is also great for the exhibitors to catch the interest of the affiliated group of audiences without any hustle, a lead option for lead scanning. One consideration often mentioned about Whova is the potential for further improving the user-friendly interface for the hosts. The feature navigation may require some initial familiarization before effectively planning your event.

Whova trade show app dashboard

Key Features of Whova

  1. Event planning tools
  2. Lead management
  3. Social media integration
  4. Networking platform
  5. Agenda and speaker management
  6. Sponsor and exhibitor promotion
  7. Streamlining trade shows with efficient ticketing software

3. Attendify

Atttendify is a trade show app which provides a unique event community feature, allowing attendees to connect and engage with each other throughout the event. So far, it has the best attendee engagement options, like live polls, breakout rooms, discussion sessions, and forums.

Attendify provides businesses a complete platform to advertise their goods and services to a specific audience. The app allows exhibitors to maximize their exposure and interaction, from building visually appealing booth profiles to gathering leads and arranging demos.

One notable area for improvement mentioned by many users is the need for report generation based on live analytics. The interface is being continuously enhanced to ensure a smooth and error-free experience. But if you want to have a small gathering, Attendify is one of the best options.

attendify trade show sales app dashboard

Key Features of Attendify

  1. Event planning tools
  2. Lead tracking and management
  3. Social media integration
  4. Event community feature
  5. Personalized schedules and agendas
  6. Sponsor and exhibitor promotion

4. Boomset

The boomset trade show app focuses on event registration and lead management. It offers event planning tools, lead tracking, and social media integration. Boomset also provides on-site event services like badge printing and event check-in.

The lead retrieval and badge scanning features of Boomset make it simple for exhibitors to gather and qualify leads. The app allows exhibitors to quickly and easily collect crucial contact information and preference data by scanning attendance badges. With no manual data entry, this expedited lead retrieval procedure enables exhibitors to follow up quickly, maximizing their ROI and creating deep relationships with potential clients.

One feedback received for the app is that it primarily caters to the attendees, and there is potential for further enhancing functionality for exhibitors and hosts. While the integration with numerous CRM systems is impressive, it requires some working to enhance the user experience based on valuable feedback from our customers.

boomset tradeshow app dashboard

Key Features of Boomset

  1. Event planning tools
  2. Lead tracking and management
  3. Social media integration
  4. Simplifying attendee management with event registration software
  5. Trade show badge scanner app
  6. On-site event services

5. Expo Pass

Expo Pass is a potent tradeshow tool that improves the experience of attendees, exhibitors, and event planners. The tool accelerates lead retrieval and personalized agendas, streamlines event management, and creates networking opportunities. Participants get access to schedules, can customize their agendas, and can do registrations.

While organizers can handle registrations using relevant platform, keep track of attendance, and gather analytics, exhibitors gain from features that help them acquire leads and engage visitors. Expo Pass is a comprehensive platform that maximizes the benefits of conferences and tradeshows for all parties concerned.

One area for improvement in the application is providing more customization options. It is undoubtedly one of the most efficient and cloud-based event planning systems, but this drawback has set its incredibility a little back.

Expopass app for tradeshow dashboard

Key Features of Expo Pass

  1. Event registration
  2. Lead tracking and management
  3. Social media integration
  4. Event planning tools
  5. Personalized schedules and agendas
  6. Sponsor and exhibitor promotion
  7. Elevating trade show success with event management and planning platform

6. DoubleDutch

DoubleDutch focuses on attendee engagement and networking. It offers event planning tools, lead tracking, and social media integration. DoubleDutch also provides a unique gamification feature, allowing businesses to create engaging and interactive experiences for attendees.

DoubleDutch allows attendees to create personalized agendas, allowing for effective preparation and preventing the loss of important sessions or networking opportunities. The purpose of DoubleDutch is to encourage attendees to form deep relationships and work together, fostering a vibrant environment for relationship- and knowledge-building.

The only issue with the platform is the cross-system compatibility. The app is continuously optimized for performance on various devices and operating systems. Otherwise, it is one of the good options for maximum attendee engagement.

doubledutch trade show app software dashboard

Key Features of DoubleDutch

  1. Event planning tools
  2. Lead tracking and management
  3. Social media integration
  4. Networking platform
  5. Gamification features
  6. Personalized schedules and agendas

7. Zuant

Zuant is a user-friendly trade show application created to improve exhibitor performance at events and streamline lead capture. Zuant offers a comprehensive solution for exhibitors looking to maximize their ROI.

From registration, gathering information, and scanning attendance badges, Zuant offers exhibitors with live analytics for effective lead generation. By removing the need for manual data entry, the software streamlines the lead retrieval procedure and ensures that exhibitor scans concentrate on interacting with potential consumers.

Indeed, the Zuant application offers a comprehensive package, but there have been occasional glitches and unexpected pauses. You need to be a little patient with the app, but it works great when it's up and running!

zuant trade show app dashboard

Key Features of Zuant

  1. Event planning tools
  2. Lead tracking and management
  3. Social media integration
  4. Mobile lead capture
  5. Business card scanning
  6. Lead qualification and scoring

8. Gather

Gather offers one of the amazing networking options. With features like event registration, personalized schedules, and attendee networking, Gather helps businesses make the most of their trade show experience.

Again, one concern with Gather is the need for enhanced responsiveness and reduced occurrence of glitches. We value the feedback of our users, and we are actively addressing occasional performance concerns like sluggish loading times and intermittent glitches to ensure a seamless user experience. Users must maintain a stable internet connection and remain aware of these potential limitations. Despite these difficulties, the gathering is still useful for attendees looking to maximize their networking possibilities at tradeshows and events.

gather trade show sales app dashboard

Key Features of Gather

  1. Event planning tools
  2. Lead tracking and management
  3. Social media integration
  4. Event registration and management
  5. Personalized schedules and agendas
  6. Attendee networking

9. PheedLoop

Pheedloop is a complete event management platform that offers features and tools for organizing and running trade fairs, conferences, and online events. It provides audience engagement tools, analytics, agenda management, exhibitor and sponsor management, virtual event hosting, and registration.

Pheedloop enables event planners to completely personalize every element of their gathering, while attendees may sign up, view the calendar of events, participate in sessions, and network. Virtual booths, lead retrieval tools, and interaction possibilities benefit exhibitors.

We love how Pheedloop distinguishes itself by seamlessly switching between live and virtual event modes. But the deal will get pricier with more features. So, think of the budget and then choose the app.

pheedloop tradeshow app dashboard

Key Features of PheedLoop

  1. Event planning tools
  2. Lead tracking and management
  3. Social media integration
  4. Networking platform
  5. Virtual event platform
  6. Personalized schedules and agendas

10. SpotMe

SpotMe is a trade show app that offers event planning tools, lead tracking, and social media integration. With features like event registration, personalized schedules, and attendee networking, Attendees can sign up for events, access personalized agendas, and receive event notifications via SpotMe.

The software promotes networking opportunities by enabling users to connect with friends, organize meetings, and participate in interactive discussions. SpotMe also provides interactive maps, surveys, live polling, and Q&A sessions during tradeshows and conferences to increase guest engagement.

However, SpotMe does have certain challenges, including cost, potential complexity, and sporadic technological issues. Despite these issues, SpotMe continues to be well-liked because of its extensive feature set, interactive qualities, and capacity to improve tradeshow experiences. Users should plan their spending, set aside funds for assistance and training, and be ready to handle any potential technological challenges.

spotme app for trade show dashboard

Key Features of SpotMe

  1. Event planning tools
  2. Lead tracking and management
  3. Social media integration
  4. Event registration and management
  5. Personalized schedules and agendas
  6. Attendee networking
trade show sales apps with best features

Key Reasons And Benefits of Using Trade Show Applications

There are several reasons why businesses of all sizes should consider using trade show apps. Here are a few remarkable benefits that many people may not be fully aware of. These include:

1. Lead Generation

Trade show apps enable businesses to keep track of all the people they meet at the show, as well as the leads and contacts they generate. They make it easy to track who you talked to, what they said, and when you need to follow up.

Since it also has the data from the marketing strategies and interacts with many sponsors and audiences for your business records, these apps can help in forecasting, not just leading. Still, the risks also make your lead generation more efficient.

2. Improved ROI

Using trade show applications has proven improved ROI, especially for hybrid and virtual events. The only cost you bear is for the app; the rest is about your marketing tools. The exhibitors will quickly set up booths for virtual and hybrid events, many accessible to global audiences. Hence the Return on Investment is about 70 to 80 percent per event.

3.Easy Data collection

Trade show apps provide a convenient way for businesses to collect contact information from potential customers. You can either give access to the information you already have or use the app for event pre-registration and marketing purposes. They can store the information in a database for future reference.

Not just that, these apps can help you maintain the data through the event with live analytics for you to keep a closer eye on. Such data can be used to store the information in a database for future reference and can be shared among peers too.

4. Stay up-to-date

Trade show apps made the announcements and task of keeping everyone updated easier. It allows businesses to send messages quickly and easily, maintaining attendees and business peers informed about what's happening at the show or the latest update on your product or services.

5. Stay Organized

A trade show app helps businesses stay organized and on track while at the show. They provide a list of exhibitors, their booth numbers, and the products they will showcase. They can also provide a map of the venue with directions to each booth.

You can also check how many people have checked in and if the exhibitors have checked in and settled into their booth.

6. Make Networking Easier

A trade show app can make networking easier for everyone involved. They provide a central place for attendees to find exhibitors and schedule meetings, and they can also help organizers keep track of everything that's going on.

A visual representation of trade shows managed with tradeshow app
Photo by David Nicolai on Unsplash

Trade Show App Software vs. Traditional Methods

Trade show app software is a game-changer for the industry, but how does it compare to traditional methods? Traditionally, attendees would receive a printed guidebook with information about the event, exhibitors, and schedule. Exhibitors would use physical lead retrieval systems to capture leads, and networking was done in person. While we continue to leverage these methods, we recognize that they come with a few limitations. Through continuous innovation and customer-centric approach, we aim to overcome these limitations and provide even better solutions..

Initially, printed guidebooks offer valuable information but can be expensive, easily misplaced, and quickly become outdated. In our commitment to sustainability and convenience, we are developing digital alternatives that are cost-effective, easily accessible, and up-to-date.

Additionally, traditional lead retrieval systems, although widely used, can be time-consuming and prone to errors. We are actively exploring innovative approaches to streamline this process and ensure accurate data capture, saving valuable time for our customers. With trade show app software, exhibitors can capture leads quickly and accurately using their mobile devices, saving time and improving the quality of data collected.

Lastly, while in-person networking provides valuable opportunities, we understand that it can be unpredictable, with attendees occasionally missing out on connections due to time constraints or insufficient information. To enhance networking experiences, we are developing robust online platforms that enable efficient networking, extending the potential for meaningful connections beyond physical limitations.

Photo by Adrien Olichon on Unsplash

Future of Trade Show App Software

As the trade show industry evolves, the app software will become even more critical. We can expect to see more advanced features, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, being incorporated into trade show app software. Here are the details of how they can help:

Future of Trade Show App Software

In addition, trade show app software is likely to become more integrated with other marketing tools, such as CRM software and e-mail marketing platforms. This integration will help streamline the marketing process and provide a more holistic view of attendee behavior and preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions About Trade Show Apps

How can trade show apps enhance the attendee experience?

Trade show apps enhance the attendee experience through personalized schedules, interactive floor plans, exhibitor listings, session reminders, and networking opportunities. Attendees can easily navigate the event, discover relevant exhibitors, access session details, and connect with other attendees.

Are trade show apps compatible with different devices and operating systems?

Yes, Eventify trade show app is compatible with various devices and operating systems such as iOS and Android. They can be downloaded and installed from app stores.

Are there specific trade show apps recommended for large-scale events?

Eventify is a popular trade show app suitable for large-scale events. It's recommended to research and compare different apps based on event requirements and user reviews.

Are trade show apps customizable to match the branding and theme of an event?

Yes, Eventify trade show app offer customization options, allowing organizers to align the app's colors, logos, and other visual elements with the event's branding and theme.


In conclusion, trade show apps can help make your experience more productive and efficient. Get started today and maximize your trade show experience with the best trade show apps available.

The best tradeshow apps of 2023 are designed to enhance your trade show experience, streamline processes, and help you achieve better results. By understanding your specific requirements and carefully considering the available options, you can select the most suitable app to maximize your ROI at these events. 

And with the help of using one or a few of the top trade show apps of 2023 listed above, you can be sure to have everything you need at your fingertips. So, what are you waiting for? Stay ahead of the game by embracing the latest technological advancements and making the most of your trade show experience.

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