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Do you find yourself buried under the overwhelming complexities and a mountain of tasks while managing your expos and exhibitions? Look no further, Eventify is here to revolutionize the way you manage your events. Streamline your experience! 
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Are you tired of the endless hassle that comes with organizing expos and exhibitions? Do you find yourself drowning in spreadsheets, juggling countless tasks, and struggling to keep everything on track? You might face challenges bearing with: 
Limited sign-ups 
Waste of time & resources
Inaccuracy in attendee info
Inefficiency at registration kiosks
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Eventify Expo management Software is ready, are you?

Kiss goodbye to the chaos of traditional expo management methods and say hello to efficiency, convenience, and peace of mind! The comprehensive platform is designed to simplify every aspect of expo and exhibition management. Whether you're a seasoned event planner or just dipping your toes into the world of expos, Eventify is your go-to solution for seamless organization and flawless execution.Accurate management & allocation of infoGreater control in populating Easy-to-adopt kiosks Live polls and notificationsEasy ticketing portal 

Accurate management & allocation of info

Greater control in populating 

Easy-to-adopt kiosks 

Live polls and notifications

Easy ticketing portal 

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A Logistical Nightmare or A Profitable Exhibition - You Choose!

With organizing great exhibitions comes great responsibility. As an expo organizer, your responsibilities are vast, and manually managing multiple tasks can lead to the failure of the entire event. You are accountable to stakeholders, attendees, exhibitors, and teams to organize and execute the perfect expo. To ensure you deliver you need the assistance of an intuitive and intelligent event management software.

Without Expo Management Software

Mismanagement of booth information leading to confusion and limited sign-ups.
Wastage of valuable time and resource when information and data is managed manually. This also leads to inaccuracies in attendee information.
Inefficiency at registration kiosks, 0 communication about event line-up, limited understanding of exhibit area lead to a dismal turnout for all future events.
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With Expo Management Software Eventify

Accurate management and allocation of booth information.
Exhibitors gain access to portals that allows for greater control in populating and displaying relevant information.
Availability of easy-to-adopt kiosks, self-scan features, mapping of floor plans, live polls and notifications improve overall communication for all expo attendees.
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End-To-End Automation For Exhibitors & Organizers

Organizing an event is tough work! From identifying & onboarding sponsors, marketing to exhibitors, managing registrations, expo spaces and more - the technicalities are endless. At to this the need to manually manage each exhibitor profile which can lead to manifold inaccuracies and confusion.

Introducing our end-to-end automation feature which gives organizers relief from managing exhibitor profiles and exhibitors the independence to showcase their brand, in their unique way.

Eventify will transform your expo experience!

Multi-Platform Support

Whether you have a team of 2 or 200, our shared team inboxes keep everyone on the same page and in the loop.

Intuitive User Experience

Designed with the user in mind, Eventify offers an intuitive and interactive interface that makes managing your expo a breeze.

Simplified Exhibitor Management

Say goodbye to manual, time-consuming processes. Eventify automates exhibitor management, making it easy and efficient.

Enhanced Attendee Engagement

From registration to real-time updates, Eventify enhances the attendee experience, keeping them engaged and informed.

All-in-One Solution

Eventify covers all aspects of expo and exhibition management, providing a comprehensive solution that eliminates the need for multiple tools.

Cost-Effective Control

Enjoy minimal investment with maximum control. Eventify ensures a hassle-free event without the logistical nightmares commonly associated with event management.

Real-Time Communication

Facilitate seamless communication between organizers, exhibitors, and attendees through our integrated messaging system.

Secure Payment Processing

Ensure smooth financial transactions with our secure payment gateway, supporting multiple currencies and payment methods.

Customizable Branding

Maintain brand consistency and create a memorable event experience with customizable branding options for your event website, registration forms, and promotional materials.
Quick Exhibitor Ticketing

Register & Sell Exhibitor Tickets At Lightning Speeds.

Easily register exhibitors and allocate tickets to ‘n’ number of exhibitor personnels with an easy ticketing portal. This limits the time organizers need to spend on creating individual tickets by manual entry for each member.
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Exhibition Mapping

A handy feature for all organizers is displaying the floor map of your event to prospective exhibitors and sponsors. This interactive floor map allows exhibitors to identify and select booths without constantly contacting your team.

Exhibitor Showcasing

Imagine manually populating banner, data and information of a 1000 exhibitors on to your exhibitor management portal. The manpower and hours required are tremendous and unnecessary. Eventify eliminates this process holdup by offering an independent dashboard to individual exhibitors. Exhibitors have the liberty to showcase and broadcast their offering in their own style.

All Your Conference & Expo Needs, Covered.

Conference organizers are always looking for new ways to engage their attendees. Apps for conferences are a great way to do this. They can be used as an event app, a place to find sessions and speakers, or even as a social media platform.

Kiosk Management

Self-setup kiosks at exhibition booths with options to self-scan registrations ensuring a seamless expo check-in.

Floor Mapping

Create interactive and dimensional floor plans of your expo to help exhibitors gain more visibility about the event.

 Booth Sales

Create/upload and broadcast digital floor maps with exhibitors - who can identify and book the perfect space independently, thus allowing you to reallocate precious hours to key priorities.

Exhibitor/Sponsor Showcase

Showcase sponsors on strategic spaces in the app and amplify their contribution in your event’s success.

Self Service Portal

Exhibitors can independently onboard their brands and teams onto the portal - thus minimising inaccuracies.

Lead Generation

Convert present footfalls to future leads with seamless database management. Easily access and market to n number of leads in under minutes.

Your Expo, Our Expertise

Whether you're organizing a trade show, conference, or corporate event, Eventify provides the tools you need to elevate your exhibitions to new heights. Join the ranks of leading event professionals who trust Eventify to deliver exceptional results, every time.Experience the future of expo management!

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Registration & Ticketing

Sell tickets online & manage user registration
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Chat & Meetings

1-1 messagings and meeting to increase attendee engagement
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Event tracks & sessions as per date and time in one place
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All-in-one B2B matchmaking for your attendees
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Social Feed

Private social network feed for your event
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Community Forum

Forum or group messaging on predefined topics
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Poll & Live Q&A

Create interactive polls and QnA on live sessions
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Speaker Profile

Speaker’s detailed information for sessions
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Event News

A news section for event related news & announcements
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Event Guide

Create your own event help and support guidebook
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Event photos gallery by host or attendees
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Product Showcase

Comprehensive exhibitor and sponsor page
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Sponsored Ads

Built in ads to promote sponsors & exhibitors
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Lead Scanning

All in one scan and export leads/contacts
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Interactive Maps

Tappable interactive booth and floor maps
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Push Notification

Send instant push notifications to attendee app
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Custom Branding

Customize & design your very own branded event app within minutes
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Session Rating

Get session rating and feedback from attendees
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Build your own surveys to get feedback about the event
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Email Notifications

Send instant email notifications to your attendees
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Dynamic Form Builder

Drag & drop from builder for checkout form, survey & profile
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Event tracks & sessions as per date and time in one place
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Event Guide

Create your own event help and support guidebook
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Email Designer

Drag and Drop custom email template designer
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Analytics Dashboard

Get real-time insights on your event on multiple fronts
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Community Forum

Forum or group messaging on predefined topics
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Chat & Meetings

1-1 messagings and meeting to increase attendee engagement
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Registration & Ticketing

Sell tickets online & manage user registration

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