Capture Leads With Our Lead Scanner and Retrieval App

One of the most useful added features of Eventify lead management software is the ability to check-in attendees to your events via QR code. Protect your event against ticket duplication and costly fraud using real-time event QR lead scanning with our mobile event app. It helps to manage attendees' attendance at the event easily.

Easily Check-in Attendees

Quickly check-in attendees as they arrive by scanning event QR codes. Use any device connected to the internet to check in attendees. Use the device's integrated camera to scan QR codes. No need for fancy scanners or hardware. Eventify's attendee's lead scan works with any device.

A Handy Lead Scanner

Attendees can quickly scan QR on mobile with the trade show scanner app. Our lead retrieval app for trade shows is a time-saver. Attendees don't need to select tickets. Our events and trade show lead capture app makes this very easy, as attendees simply need to scan using mobile. Trade show lead capture not only helps in easy checks-in of attendees but also is a handy tool that saves time and reduces mistakes.
Enhance Security

Enhance Your Event's Security With Lead-Tracking Software

This feature of our event lead capture software helps you to secure your event and to protect against ticket duplication and fraud with real-time event QR scanning with mobile lead retrieval systems.

Multiple Benefits of Eventify Lead Retrieval Software

Eventify's universal lead capture feature helps quickly manage attendees' attendance at the event, and it's easy to scan tickets by QR scanner on mobile because it makes it a lead retrieval device. There is no chance of fake attendees at the event with the event lead capture app. Our badge scanners for conferences will reduce your time checking tickets while the event goes on, saving you the necessary time. Eventify best lead capture app eliminates the possibility of human error and reduces human efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do lead retrieval & scanning work?
Lead scanning involves using Eventify app's QR code lead capture/badge scanner to scan a badge or QR code worn by an event attendee. The scanned information is then added to a database for later follow-up.
Can I use my device to scan leads?
Yes, if your device has Eventify lead scanner app installed and you are logged in as a user in the event. Additionally, attendees can drop a V-card to the exhibitors they want to be added as a lead.
What kind of information can I capture with the lead retrieval & scanning app?
Typically, lead scanning can capture basic attendee information such as name, email, phone number, and company. Additionally, you can add a custom note to the scanned attendee.
Is lead scanning secure?
Eventify's lead scanning & retrieval feature uses secure connections and encryption to protect attendee information.
Can I customize the information I capture with lead scanning?
Yes, the Eventify lead retrieval app allows adding a custom note to the lead captured.
Can lead scanning be used for follow-up marketing campaigns?
The information captured through lead scanning can be used for email marketing and other follow-up campaigns.
Can I export my leads to a CRM or other database?
Yes, Eventify allows for easy export of leads from the app's My Scans feature.
Can lead scanning help me measure ROI for my event?
Yes, by tracking the number of leads captured from Eventify analytics, you can calculate the ROI of your event.
How much does lead scanning cost?
Eventify does not charge anything extra for the lead scanning feature. It comes with the package for the entire event.
Do I need internet access to use lead scanning?
Yes, you require steady internet access to use the lead scanning feature in Eventify.
Can I use lead scanning for virtual events?
Yes, you can also use lead scanning for virtual events in Eventify by capturing information from online attendees.
Can lead scanning help me measure attendee engagement?
Yes, Eventify leads scanning & retrieval app tracks which attendees visit which booths or sessions so that you can get a sense of attendee engagement and interests.
Can I use lead scanning to track sponsor or exhibitor ROI?
You can measure the ROI for those companies by tracking which attendees visit sponsor or exhibitor booths.
Can lead scanning help me improve future events?
Yes, by analyzing lead data and follow-up actions, you can identify areas for improvement in future events.
What types of events or situations can benefit from lead retrieval?
Lead retrieval systems can be beneficial in various events and situations, such as trade shows, conferences, exhibitions, seminars, job fairs, networking events, and sales meetings. Event platforms like Eventify, where lead generation and capturing important attendee information is available, can benefit lead retrieval.
How can lead retrieval help to improve lead follow-up and conversion rates?
The lead retrieval app provides exhibitors with accurate and timely lead information, enabling them to follow up with potential customers promptly. By capturing lead data at the point of contact, exhibitors can personalize their communication, demonstrate interest, and nurture leads more effectively, ultimately increasing conversion rates.
Can lead retrieval systems to be used in virtual or online events?
A lead retrieval system can be adapted for virtual or online events. Instead of scanning physical badges or cards, virtual lead retrieval systems may utilize unique identification codes, virtual business cards, or integration with virtual event platforms like Eventify to capture attendee information. These systems allow exhibitors to gather leads and engage with attendees during virtual events.
How does a Lead Scanning feature help an exhibitor?
For in-person events, an exhibitor can add leads through a QR scan. Conference lead capture helps an exhibitor to record the queries generated at the venue.
Is there an option for 3rd party CRM integration with Eventify's lead scanning system?
Eventify helps exhibitors at every stage of lead nurturing, right up to conversions. Third-party CRM solutions can be integrated with our lead scanning system, on request.
Can the scanning be done through staff's own mobile device on Android or iOS?
Our event badge scanner app is easy to use because of its cross-platform functionality and can be used with a booth staff's mobile device on Android or iOS. Eventify lead retrieval app performs better than cvent universal lead capture.
Is there an option for an exhibitor to scan their leads from their app?
An exhibitor can capture leads through a QR code scan for in-person events. It helps an exhibitor to record the queries generated at the venue.
What are the key features to look for in a lead retrieval app or system?
Key features to consider when choosing a lead retrieval app include:Ease of use and setup.Compatibility with event formats and badge types.Integration options with CRM or other software.Customizable lead capture forms or questionnaires.Real-time data syncing and accessibility.Robust analytics and reporting capabilities.Secure data handling and privacy compliance.

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