Restricted Businesses

(Last Updated: 15 July 2020)

Welcome to Eventify! Interested parties may kindly note that our digital event management platform is meant to be used for pure B2B events, conferences, trade shows, meetings, and the like (live, hybrid, or virtual). Events belonging to the following categories are prohibited from being set up on our platform.

Finance-related events – We do not collaborate with any form of financial industry events, including banking and/or insurance industry related events. Purely accounting events are allowed.
Gambling events – From lotteries and internet gaming, from sports betting/forecasting to raffle draws, from casino events and challenges/chance-based contests to bookmakers’ meetings – our event app platform cannot be associated with any form of gambling events.
Events with NSFW content – In-person or virtual events that include adult content/NSFW content/mature content of any form are strictly banned on the Eventify platform.
Social/Entertainment events – Purely entertainment events (concerts, live performances, music shows, awards shows, reality shows, etc) cannot be set up on our conference management platform. We do not work with any events belonging to the music industry. Social events – with no B2B focus – are also not accommodated.
Events related to tobacco & vape companies – As an organisation, Eventify does not endorse addictions or any addictive elements. As such, we do not work with any events that showcase/launch/promote tobacco (of any variety) and vape products.
Events showcasing alcohol and/or illegal drugs – We neither support, nor collaborate with, events that promote alcoholic beverages, marijuana products, illegal drugs, OTC medications, age-restricted products, and e-liquids.
Charity/Fundraising events – Eventify cannot be associated with any type of fundraisers and/or purely charitable events.
Religious/Cult events – Any event that promotes/refutes any particular religion or religions, OR spreads any type of cult beliefs/activities cannot be organised on our event platform.

Eventify also has a very strong no-racism policy. If an event performs any form of discrimination on the basis of race/colour/creed/language, it is prohibited on the Eventify platform.

Note: In certain special cases, some events can be permitted to use our platform, ONLY AFTER TAKING OUR CONSENT IN WRITING. Eventify reserves the right of banning any event immediately, if it is found to be violating the above regulations. Amounts paid, if any, in such instances, will be non-refundable.

Not sure whether your event falls under the restricted list of Eventify? Contact Us