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Top Emerging Trends to Be Followed In Event Technology

May 17, 2022
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The world is rapidly transforming into a digital era and business events are no exception. New technologies and tools are emerging to assist businesses to grow in the online space. However, for quite some time, virtual events have started gaining popularity for companies, and organizations that work remotely but the advent of the pandemic has ignited the need for virtual events in other businesses too. 

To maintain social distance and keep employees safe while working what do businesses offer? They took help from various event planning platforms to host successful events online. A virtual event is a digital platform that assists business owners, influencers, brands and exhibitors to share ideas on different topics, discuss & promote new products along with their features, and share experiences and knowledge with the attendees virtually.

Technology cannot be restrained in one place like water and the advancement of the technology allows enhancement & improvisation of the digital experiences. To ease and amplify the experience of events, new technology emerges at regular intervals. The event industry is constantly evolving and implementing the high-tech technologies which earlier used to exist only in imagination are now becoming common because of the presence of Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Realities, Contactless features, live chats with other attendees, exhibitors and many more incredible tools.

What is Event Technology? 

Trade shows, seminars, webinars, and conferences are the spinal cord of an organization. Businesses host these campaigns to reach out to a large number of consumers to showcase their new products, attract investors, and share ideas, growth and experiences to strengthen their brand value. While in-person events are the most adopted traditional methods of hosting events, hosting them in a visual atmosphere is not as tough as old boots.

With emerging of new event technologies the hosting of virtual events became cost-effective and engaging. As per reports, people show greater enthusiasm for virtual events due to the incorporation of the latest technologies like holograms, high-quality visualization, phone booth and wearable devices. 

Event technology consists of incorporating tools for event management, software or electronic devices into events. These technologies take participation in assisting virtual registration, contactless check-ins, managing the event, and creating technologically robust presentations with automatic lighting and music with the help of artificial intelligence. 

However, these technologies are not meant for event planners only even the guests leap the benefits. Guests can elevate their experiences by availing of wearable devices, social communication with live polls and the application of the event platforms. The potential of event technologies has been boosted regularly to give better, hassle-free and safer experiences to the audiences. 

How We Can Leverage Technology to Host a Successful Event 

The tremendous growth of virtual events irrespective of the pandemic is visible. Not only are more events organized but also more attendees. Audiences can join the event by sitting at their place which makes the virtual events more successful. However, to give a high-quality experience and meet the guest's expectations incorporation of up-to-date technologies with your event can drive amazing results.

Moreover, it is not just about adding seamless virtual registration or contactless check-ins but investing in other emerging technologies too which we have also mentioned in this article. As per research, event technology can, 

  • Increase the attendances by up to 30%
  • Save your time and money by 45%
  • Increase productivity by 40%
  • Increase the conversion of leads by 25%

Apart from allowing guests hassle-free and exclusive experiences and helping organizations to conduct the whole events successfully, the potential of event technology can be visible on, facilitating event navigation, scheduling the event, improving follow-up, and availing guests of special offers, real time event networking and communities and many more.

Top Event Technology Trends You Need To Know

Keeping in mind the importance of the latest event technologies and knowing that the trend is here to stay, we have curated some latest event technologies that you must have to add to your checklists to stay ahead of the competition. 

In any business, we understand that building brand awareness and trust is very much crucial similar to growing your business. To achieve this you need to efficiently represent your thoughts, products and ideas ahead to your targeted audiences with premium conferences, events or webinars.

1. Contactless Verification on the Go 

While Contactless check-in was around the corner in many industries, now the event industry is no different. Contactless check-ins give your prospective attendees the privilege to avoid queues, unlike in-person events. Which creates a first and long-lasting impression in their mind. Else what does your business want? Attendees who are impressed with your technical facilities. While hosting a traditional in-person event queuing and gathering is unavoidable. However, digital check-ins will enable people to gather in a virtual queue rather than in a place. People can take participation in your event without fear of pandemics or when they are in isolation also. Thus, to get extra edge contactless check-ins and even virtual registration will work like magic. 

2. Stay Connected with Community Forum

Content is the backbone of a successful event whether it is in-person or virtual. You need to focus on high-quality content and availing them to the customers. But wait! How will you go to do that in a virtual event? We got you covered. 

Sharing digital content, other helpful materials and building networks with the help of community forum is the best and fastest method without the need for printed papers or various costly merchandise. It will also save your money which you can invest in other necessary places. Branded merchandise or tablets become unnecessary when one can share the contents easily in an economic way digitally. 

3. Digitally Showcase Products

When you are planning to organize the event on hybrid mode then another cool and productive thing you can add in the event, is digital showcasing of different products. There are so many event management platforms supports this feature to provide demo, showcase latest innovative products, and product discussion. 

Attendees will also be able to check out the products which will be showcasing digitally and chances will be very high that attendees will end up purchasing products from the digital showcase. Attendees will also have the proper information of the products that they are purchasing or willing to purchase. Apart from this event organizers can also track that which products are attracting more and more attendees and which they ended up purchasing. So, make sure to choose only those event organizers who provides this feature which will be a key element for the success of your event.

4. Embracing Matchmaking Algorithm

With each year passing, virtual events are becoming more dynamic, affordable and demanding, than before for those who are seeking small-budget events. Adding a matchmaking algorithm in event management app will work as a wow factor. It not only drives user engagement but also converts your audience into prospective clients by matching the profile of the participants to whom they will going to meet according to their interests. Attendees can check contact details of the matched profiles by swiping only.

When it comes to attending in-person events, travel costs, mass gatherings and time off can be a major hindrance. To give your remote customers live and high-quality experiences by incorporating virtual tag-based networking, real-time connections with virtual registration and a host, thinking out of the box by embracing technology is much needed. 

5. Be Creative with Live Polls

Technology never misses any scope to leave its imprint on the event technology. A live Q&A sessions with polling is a whole new experience that the attendees can experience. This technology can be used to collect participant’s feedbacks, queries or any innovative suggestions. This feature boosts the user engagement manifolds. Business can also get the feedbacks of the whole event by the live polling. Sometime, events are really monotonous even if the content is formative. It is very much tough to pay attention to the screen all the time. But adding live Q&A session will give them encouragement to take participation. Event organizers can use this new technology to provide an in-depth overview of the product, interaction with attendees by giving answers and many more. So this is no doubt one of the revolutionary technology that needs to be considered while planning an event.

6. Introduce Digital Event Invitations

When other methods of event planning are switching to the new modern technology then why invitation method will be old school? Event planners are now using digital methods of invitations to attract, impress & bring large attendees to attend events. In a recent network survey, it is found that

  • More than 50 percent of event planners believe online invitations are more attractive and acceptable than the old traditional method.
  • Post pandemic more than 32 percent of event hosts believe that online invitation is the best possible way to invite attendees virtually. 
  • More than 40 percent of event hosts are inclined towards online invitations than printed invitations on paper. 

The digital invitation with multiple currencies payment methods is now a great tool for the event planners to give a glimpse of the event and can be modified according to each attendee, VIPs, Speaker or any other important person who is going to attend the event.

7. Get Noticed by Social Media

The Incorporation of social media in an event is very essential from your business’s point of view. As per the latest trend event organizers well understands the power & impact that social networking can make. If social media is used wisely then it can make a significant impact on your business's growth and revenue. Event planners allow both online and in-person attendees to click selfies or pictures, short videos etc. 

With brand endorsement in the background and share them on their social media. In a research, it was found that it is the best possible way to endorse businesses and brands with the help of the attendees. Auto expos, restaurants, hotels etc. now have more interactive ways to impress and engage attendees to click photos, and selfies to promote their businesses. Also, businesses can benefit from the search engines by using SEO-friendly captions and hashtags for the event. 

8. Go Hybrid 

A few years ago it used to be a very difficult task to get a pass or ticket for your favourite events that you cannot afford to miss to attend the event. But with the presence of modern technology now you do not have to miss your favourite events that you want to attend. Now a lot of events are being hosted both the form online and offline which is now very popular as Hybrid events. 

Such events allow large audiences to join the event from across the globe at their comfort & convenience with the help of the live streaming app. In Hybrid events, attendees get benefits like networking opportunities, online chatrooms, special offers & much more. A lot of event planners are inclining toward hybrid events to provide all-in-one solutions, more audiences, and more business growth. 

9. Promote Brands Digitally

One of the coolest things that you can do is promote the sponsors by showing ads of their company or brand. This is a very unique and cool feature that can be added in an event with the help of live streaming app. Exhibitors and attendees will also get the overview of how the event is being organized and which companies have sponsored to host the event successfully. 

This a wonderful method to promote a brand and also to get exposure. Using this feature helps the sponsored companies to increase their sales number and to reach a large number of audiences so that the company can spread their business. If prestigious sponsors are backing your event, then be rest assured about the success of your event. As attendees will find it worth to join the event because of the prestigious renowned companies sponsoring the event.


New technology is evolving very fast and so does our lifestyle. This changing technology allowed us to bring must needed changes in event technology that helped us to connect and reach larger audiences. Also, this technology allows the event hosting creators new & exciting opportunities every single time they host an event.

After this Covid-19 pandemic event technology is now more focused on the health & safety of every individual who attends the event. Implementation of latest event technology trends will ease cut down different threats. Make sure you use these trending advanced technological tools to stay ahead of the competition and host successful events efficiently.

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