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Give Your Exhibitors the Value They Deserve

January 14, 2022

An exhibitor is a person or company that shows or displays his work or products at an exhibition or event. If you are an event manager you already know the importance of having exhibitors. But keeping them happy and satisfied can be one challenging task. When you decide to go virtual for your event, keep in mind that your exhibitors will be hesitant to make the switch. The main problem you'll have to solve is how they'll be able to get the same opportunities for brand recognition and lead generation without a conference floor or physical stalls. Make sure to keep a clean slate. Communicate with the Exhibitors the exact value that the event's digital location has to give, as well as how to take best advantage of it.

Here are some concrete steps you may take to use event technology to meet the needs of your exhibitors: Give your Exhibitors full exposure. Make sure they are equally visible in your event. To let the audience know they're there, post their logo and mention their brand on social media, along with the event hashtag. Also, re-share posts that mention you or your event. For greater visibility display their logo on your event website landing page. This way it makes them feel wanted and helps build a trust factor with you. Cooperate with them as much as you can. Provide them with valuable attendee information.Your Exhibitors deserve to know your attendees. You can give them information but only with the attendee’s permission. It should not go against any attendee privacy terms. You can let your exhibitors conduct small sessions or quizzes with the attendees in between. Perhaps more insightful data that you can share with the exhibitors can be about what attendees do throughout the show, such as how long they stay in their booth and who checked in for specific interactions like demos or educational seminars.

Provide real-time data analytics.The best technique to calculate return on investment is to use data analysis. Make sure you provide precise, real-time data to exhibitors so they can track engagement on their profile during the event and even use it to move leads up the sales funnel during and after the event. Let them know about:

  • No. of users visiting their profile.
  • No. of interactions made with their display
  • No. of downloads
  • No of CTA clicks

Give them a dedicated space. With virtual events coming in, exhibitors might feel they are not given proper space to display their products. Let them create a professional high quality booth for themselves. In their respective booths they can give in information about themselves, their basic details, contact details, upload their logo and banner and provide social links.On Eventify you can add all of this with just a few clicks and make your exhibitors most satisfied. Expedite their relation with the attendees. Exhibitors look forward to relation-building with the attendees. Using the networking features of the virtual event platform, allow exhibitors and attendees to engage. The exhibitor and attendees can connect through interactive quizzes, 1:1 conversations, fun games, etc. Open communications can be encouraged in networking lounges.

Your relationship with your exhibitor is indispensable. Despite the change in venue you can still assist them in meeting their sales and marketing objectives while generating a positive return on investment by working with them online. Make your exhibitors feel that virtual events can equally be a valuable investment.

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