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Best Hybrid Event Platforms- A Complete Guide

November 28, 2023
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We have entered the virtual era due to a spectacular worldwide transformation. The event organizing industry has embraced hybrid events software and platform in this age of regaining the freedom to gather in person. A revolutionary idea that smoothly mixes virtual accessibility with the unmatched experience of in-person gatherings. This novel strategy revolutionizes communication by combining the finest of both worlds.

In a strategic move aimed at maximizing outreach, the decision to embrace a hybrid model has been made. This innovative method shows a desire to reach more people. By giving your respected target audience the chance to join in person or electronically, you expand engagement. This innovative method lets you reach more people across borders and maximize the possibilities for a genuinely inclusive event experience.

This dual strategy gives you unrivaled adaptability and financial prudence. Lowering venue size can save a lot. Moreover, a reduction in travel duties improves efficiency and optimizes financial resources.

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The key to hosting a flawless hybrid event successful hybrid event is to ensure that every attendee has a great time. Innovate and execute seamlessly with hybrid event platforms. Top solutions are transforming event hosting by blending virtual and in-person experiences. With their unmatched features and capabilities, these platforms can boost your event.

Let us explore hybrid event software and platforms' and discover the transformative power they possess. Experience virtual event software solutions' that go beyond your expectations. These solutions give attendees a seamless experience and allow you to track and optimize their whole trip with a wide range of engagement options. Making remote attendees feel included and engaged is crucial in today's fast-paced, linked environment. Thankfully, our sophisticated platforms have eliminated such worries. These innovative technologies have transformed networking and collaboration, bridging the gap between in-person and virtual participants.

Unveiling the Key Advantages of Hybrid Event Software and Platforms

After the unprecedented 2020 events, many realized the benfits of virtual events. As the globe struggled to adapt to all-digital programming, these online gatherings became transformative.

Virtual conferences have grown from a compromise to a thrilling and engaging experience in today's fast-paced digital environment. I know that virtual conferences are no longer boring. With right event technology and online platforms developing, organizing a virtual conference may help businesses and organizations interact with their audience in a compelling way. No more pondering how to spice up a virtual conference. Virtual conferences now provide many ways to engage and impress guests thanks to new features and interactive components.

Virtual conferences now rival in-person gatherings with intriguing keynote speakers and interactive breakout sessions. Global access is a major benefit of virtual conferences. Discover how to keep event goers captivated. Looking for the right event venue? Look no further! Our selection of top event venues will fulfill all your demands. Our carefully selected venues are perfect for corporate conferences, elegant galas, and casual networking events.

Successful business strategies must unlock the potential to persuade people to pay. To achieve this, use successful marketing strategies that resonate with the target demographic. Businesses may convince customers to spend money with a well-planned strategy. This article examines There are many standout selections among the many offered.

Virtual events are now a potent alternative to in-person gatherings. They have proven their worth and allowed designers to plan and execute bigger events that seamlessly blend virtual and in-person encounters. Fusion events offer the best of both worlds! These innovative events combine the excitement of in-person interactions with virtual accessibility. Virtual components allow non-travelers to engage in hybrid events from home. This innovative technique can increase event attendance and engagement like never before.

Hybrid event platforms provide creators with powerful scheduling tools to create and execute spectacular events seamlessly connected with cutting-edge software. At first sight, hybrid events may seem overwhelming in event planning. However, the best hybrid event platforms have created user-friendly features to let you easily create virtual and in-person events.

If you have yet to be convinced about the value of hybrid events, allow me to present you with a compelling list of concrete benefits to consider:

1. Enhanced Flexibility

Hybrid event systems give you and your distinguished guests unmatched flexibility. Get around future event planning limits using hybrid event platforms. Their convenience for today's hectic lifestyles is unquestionable. These activities fit easily into our busy schedules, making them transformative for work-life balance and professional development.

Hybrid events are innovative and beneficial! If you join in person or online, this unique technique allows your unprecedented freedom and involvement. Hybrid events offer new possibilities for premium guests who prefer traditional events. Picture exiting the theater and staying connected digitally. Customize your hybrid event experience. Grab this amazing chance to influence events!

Busy families, frequent travelers, and people who cannot go love the hybrid event.

2. Augmented Affordability

Event organizers can save money and reach more people with hybrid event software and platforms. Blending virtual and in-person aspects makes events more inclusive and accessible. The new approach increases engagement, networking, and knowledge sharing. Hybrid event platforms offer limitless possibility. This tendency is induced by the substantial cost difference between virtual and in-person interaction.

Virtual experiences can be cheaper than real ones. In today's hectic world, few people can attend every interesting event. Modern technology lets people enjoy these experiences at home. By effortlessly adopting a hybrid method, you remove these limits and provide a complete solution for numerous participants. Strategic integration makes participation easier. Today, everyone can attend your event without cost or time. This innovative method lets everyone enjoy something special.

3. Heightened Engagement

Hybrid event software and platforms completely integrated will increase engagement like never before. With this cutting-edge technology, audience engagement and interactivity will be unprecedented. Combining in-person and virtual attendance boosts content engagement.

Top hybrid event platforms are redefining how we engage online with novel interaction tactics. These systems' dynamic Q&A sessions and real-time discussion make attendees feel immersed. These innovative technologies allow event organizers to create dynamic and engaging virtual environments that encourage meaningful interactions and smooth communication. These technologies allow participants to raise important issues and have real-time interactions during live sessions, advancing virtual interactivity and hybrid events.

Top features and functionalities let you build a successful online community on this platform. You can use strong technology to effortlessly incorporate community members. This enables you to enter an immersive event experience instead of scattered encounters. The platform's continuity allows you monetize valuable content long-term. You may maximize earnings and audience loyalty by making a single event a constant source of value and connection.

4. Expanded Attendance

Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

Virtual events boost producer reach and diversity. Modern hybrid event software and platforms can let you reach more people than before. This groundbreaking technology connects you to a global audience, making your programming available worldwide.

Travel is scary in today's unpredictable environment. Meeting attendance targets requires overcoming this challenge. This hybrid event gives guests unprecedented freedom and flexibility to tailor their participation. Participants can customize their event experience with this new method. Hybrid events allow in-person or virtual attendance. This new way lets event goers customize their experience. This great feature attracts many people who may not have attended a physical event, providing a complete platform for engagement.

Tips for Creating Amazing Hybrid Events

Having established the advantages of hybrid events, let me delve into the practical steps to bring one to life!

1. Strategize Your Mix

A plan for seamless merging helps virtual and in-person parts integrate. Each part of a scenario deserves care, but they must work together to make everyone happy. Breakout sessions can accommodate virtual and in-person attendees. An intriguing poll to start the event gets everyone thinking.

Virtual guests often attend professional gatherings. Virtual visitors want to interact with keynote speakers after they impress live audiences. For smooth interaction, event organizers must make virtual attendees' interaction with the keynote speaker easy. First, enable interaction with technology.

Video conferencing or streaming lets virtual attendees view the keynote speaker. This allows any community or organization must promote active participation and seamless connections. Increase productivity and belonging by encouraging cooperation and engagement. This essay will cover ways to foster easy relationships and involvement. Communicating is essential. Numerous channels for A diverse, inclusive environment that meets everyone's needs is essential.

2. Promote In-Person through Virtual

Promotion is necessary to spread the word about your event. Promote the event online and in person using your virtual presence. Utilize social media. Create event-related writing, photos, and videos for promotion. Tell your story, build your following, and promote your event on a blog, YouTube channel, or social media account.

Your course, booklet, webinar, or event will sell better if people like you and your beliefs. Selling your hybrid event doesn't require millions or thousands of social media followers. Without Oprah's prominence, you can't succeed. Create buzz and energize your audience!

Community promotion is another option online. Because humans are social creatures who want relationships, communities are powerful. Community is about joy, purpose, and energy, working toward a common goal, growing skills and improving, and a secure environment to be vulnerable, face obstacles, and discover answers. Communities are a terrific place to promote your hybrid event since members trust you and are your biggest supporters.

3. Bring the Virtual Members Live

You want in-person attendance online and virtual members live. Instead of getting them in person, engage them with material in real time so they feel like they are part of the event! Use live streaming for big stage events including presentations, keynotes, and celebrity lectures. Virtual workshops, chats, breakout sessions, and webinars can be livestreamed.

Virtual participants can answer engaging questions in real time with open Q&A sessions to expand debates and exchanges. As an event creator, you must also offer virtual participants' queries the same weight and attention as in-person inquiries. Consider hiring an emcee or host to rehash major moments and inform virtual attendees of upcoming events. You may even webcast the excitement of in-person events to make online participants feel like they're there.

4. Bring your live members virtual

We discussed combining in-person and online elements. Now, consider virtual engagement for live members now. You may use Slido to poll in-person participants between speakers. You can warm up attendees with questions, give fun quizzes during the session, or collect feedback afterward. Engagement and communication with your audience are the goals.

At the event, you can lead in-person attendees to an online chat. They can discuss, interact with other chatters, and ask inquiries. You can also host part of your event online. Virtual guest interviews, presentations, lectures, and more are possible if some of your guest speakers can't make it in person.

5. Allocate Ample Networking Opportunities

Allow keynote speakers to interact with virtual attendees by scheduling enough time for them. Reserve time during and after the event for networking. You can achieve this with in-person and online networking rooms. To start networking, encourage guests to enter their name, job title, social media handles, and something intriguing about themselves into an online chat.

6. Determine your Tech Needs and Test them

Success at a hybrid event requires seamless tech integration which you should be determined before the event. For in-person and virtual participants, consider using clear audio and video synchronization, high-quality microphones, and sharp visual resolution ensure a unified experience.

Using User-friendly apps like Slido with interactive elements for participants of all tech levels can boost engagement. These tools enhance event participation and connection. Establish a Mighty Networks-like online community space for networking before, during, and after the event. This community-centric strategy helps attendees interact, improving the event experience.

After determining your event's technical equipment and apps, test them! You don't want tech issues during your event that could have been avoided. I recommend testing your hybrid event a few days before to ensure seamless operations and peace of mind. Virtual and in-person test attendees are needed. That way, you'll know the video quality is good, the PowerPoint presentation works, attendees can use apps, and the audio is clear—you don't want speakers to be muffled or inaudible.

Types of Hybrid Events

There are four types of hybrid events that might help you organize a successful event. These event kinds are incredibly adaptable to gatherings of all sizes and themes.

1. On-demand Events

This event is originally experienced live but recorded for immediate or later release. The on-demand hybrid event type best illustrates how hybrid events can create a marketing and content ecosystem.

On-demand events are ideal for thought leadership or expertise. If your event features high-profile speakers or a hot industry topic, this format allows you to reach the biggest audience and showcase your expertise. Evergreen and watchable content has a longer shelf life and higher engagement.

2. Hub-and-Spoke Events

This hybrid event type captures broadcast-ready content by co-locating speakers in a studio and streaming it to a remote audience.

Hub-and-spoke events are ideal for team meetings, training seminars, expert Q&As, and other events. If you want to offer a more professional message from your company's founder or have a product specialist on-site to answer questions or demonstrate, use this hybrid event type.

3. Live Studio Audience Events

This event resembles a talk show: Speakers address a smaller studio audience while broadcasting to a wider audience.

A live studio audience is ideal for product launches. Take Apple Events. The excitement of the live audience conveys to the virtual audience, bridging the distance. The appropriate camera work can make the digital experience feel as intimate as the in-person one, thus production quality is crucial.

4. Simultaneous Events

Commonly called the “true hybrid event.” It includes simultaneous live and virtual audiences and easy audience interaction.

The simultaneous hybrid model works effectively for internal sales kick-offs (SKOs) for global or multi-location companies. The simultaneous event allows everyone to receive the same information and interact with presenters and other guests from wherever. An SKO in the simultaneous format promotes internal knowledge alignment and teamwork.

Features to Look for In a Hybrid Event Platform

An event management platform must offer multiple features to satisfy spectators and sponsors. Explore some of these capabilities.

Accessible sessions: A single event agenda is needed for hybrid meetings to be accessible to virtual and in-person attendees. An online keynote should welcome local and remote attendees. Participants should also be able to watch the session on their phones while traveling to the conference. Once at the site, they should easily find conference rooms.

Attendance tracking: Another important aspect is a hybrid event platform's capacity to track attendees during meetings. It helps you come up with future presentation topics. Thus, choose a channel with attendee tracking. Effective with surveys, it automatically tracks active conversation participants.

Event Mobile App: With 85% of Americans owning smartphones, a hybrid event platform with a mobile event app is essential. The mobile app lets attendees attend the conference anywhere and interact. To make participation worthwhile, the mobile software must include Q&As, chat, polls, and video interactivity. Audiences may rapidly contribute their comments with social feed integration, which is wonderful.

Flexibility in Pricing: The cost of a hybrid event platform is also important. Find an affordable hybrid event tool with the essential elements for successful conferences. A hybrid event platform with a paid subscription is superior for hosting many people and centralizing event management. Some event management solutions include meeting development and administration templates.

6 Best Hybrid Event Platforms to Host your Conferences

If you are wondering where you should host your event now that you have learned about the benefits and the tips worry less, because I am going to explore some of the six best hybrid event software and platform you can use for your event.

6 Best Hybrid Event Platforms to Host your Conferences and their comparison

1. Eventify

eventify hybrid event solution dashboard

Eventify is a trustworthy, secure event management software that enhances attendance. Eventify's extensive features simplify unforgettable event planning. You can focus on making your event distinctive while Eventify handles lead generation, custom branding, ticketing, and live streaming.

Marketing is one of the strength eventify offers compared to other softwares. The software makes event marketing easy with logos, covers, and theme colors. Your brand's visual identity can be personalized to maximize your event's impact and leave a lasting impression.

Eventify allows you contact people afterward. You can create a platform social networking page to keep connected after the convention. Post-event networking fosters community for your event.

Eventify improves event management with advanced analytics. A strong data visualization engine can show event dynamics in real time. Your analytical skills help you evaluate strengths and limitations, enabling you to make future judgments. Eventify events succeed and offer valuable insights to improve your strategy.


  • Eventify does not provide a complimentary version nor does it extend the option of a trial period to its potential users. The premium version of Eventify commences at a competitive annual rate of US$399.00.


  • Requires backend support for building activity spaces

Key Features and Benefits

  • Dedicated ticketing system
  • Pricing for one-time or series events
  • Thorough data collection and reporting
  • Integrated live streaming for virtual or hybrid events  
  • Instant funds access

2. Hopin

Hopin hybrid event software dashboard

Hopin is a top events management software that makes events fun. Hopin pioneers virtual, face-to-face, and hybrid interactions. Hopin, boast an impressive client roaster like Slack, Twitch, and TechCrunch. Hopin offers the skills to streamline event planning and implementation.

Hopin's versatility and utilization is a hallmark of its attributes. It has the ability to generate fascinating hybrid experiences suitable for any size audience making it stand out when preparing events for small, exclusive groups or large, diverse audiences. Customers may organize all event elements and reach a wide audience with this platform's unified events platform.


  • Pricing is quoted upon request, offering a customized event management solution. Smaller events can save money with the free plan, which allows up to 100 registrations. We offer email and chat support to answer any questions you may have during event preparation and implementation.


  • Only Growth Plan ($799/month) allows email and virtual venue customization.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Lead retrieval: These technologies promote communication and follow-up with attendees, forming enduring friendships. In a few clicks, guests can find other event attendees' contact info. Eliminating manual note-taking and business card searches saves time. It simplifies communication so members can meet new people rapidly. Follow-up emails, scheduling, amazing features distinguish the event management software from competitors.
  • This platform serves VIPs and regulars and it is good for networking. With its dynamic one-to-one and group networking, attendees may quickly meet like-minded people and create professional partnerships. This program simplifies networking, avoiding awkward introductions and lost contacts.
  • Another hallmark of this platform is its seamless integration of high-quality streaming. Modern events require live streaming. This software lets event organizers transmit virtual visitors in immersive, glitch-free quality, boosting the event experience.
  • Finally, this event management software specializes in multi-level ticketing, dynamic networking, and streaming technology integration. Naturally, polls, live chats, and Q&A sessions stimulate audience participation throughout the event. Hopin, innovative event management software, revolutionizes planning.

3. Cvent

Established in 1999, Cvent was a pioneer in event management technologies before hybrid and virtual events became mainstream. Through over 5 million events, Cvent has refined its solutions to help marketing teams maximize revenue while simplifying event preparation.

The Cvent team's characteristics reflect their refinement. Cvent enriches the event experience for all attendees by connecting in-person and virtual guests through interactive components. Venue sourcing distinguishes Cvent. It provides event diagramming software and a database of hundreds of thousands of acceptable venues to help organizers design a hybrid event that engages both in-person and remote audiences.

Cvent hybrid event platform dashboard

Reporting is another Cvent's strength. Data about registration and content engagement is available on the platform. Organizers may better understand their in-person and virtual audiences with this crucial information. These insights help refine future events and adapt experiences to each audience demographic.

With its long history, Cvent has proven its agility and dedication to event management. From venue sourcing to detailed reporting, it's a versatile tool for event planners wanting to create seamless hybrid experiences and maximize event impact.


  • Cvent offers a pricing plan at USD $660.00 per year. Additionally, there is a free version available for users who prefer a more basic set of features


  • Users have reported challenges with Whova, particularly in the process of getting events inside the app, which is described as confusing.
  • Some users have raised concerns about the quality of customer service, describing it as poor, and have noted questionable sales techniques employed

Key Features and Benefits

  • On-demand Printing: Cvent Hybrid Event Platform allows event organizers print documents instantly. Giving attendees real-time access simplifies event content delivery. The agendas and handouts improve the event experience by presenting guests with crucial information.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Cvent upgrades hybrid event networking. Matching guests by interests, backgrounds, and goals promotes meaningful connections. Artificial intelligence can assist event organizers offer more relevant and valuable networking opportunities, establishing online community and collaboration.
  • Live Q&As and polling: Cvent Hybrid Event Platform lets organizers use live Q&A and polling to engage attendees. Attendees can ask and give feedback to speakers and panelists live. This interactive aspect boosts participant engagement and tailors’ information to audience interests and questions. All attendees benefit from direct communication, which enhances learning and networking.

4. BigMarker

Since October 2022, BigMarker has pioneered hybrid events software, leaving a lasting impression. This is Capterra's top hybrid events software. Capterra dubbed BigMarker an emerging frontrunner in 2022 after three shortlists. Very few of the hundreds of commodities assessed have won this honor.

BigMarker serves CNBC and Samsung. We rank it among the best virtual event platforms since it supports several event formats. A unique feature of BigMarker is the ability to develop event-branded mobile apps. Participants value platform events more with this customization.

All of BigMarker's features boost audience reach. This plug-and-play method helps event organizers grow their influence. BigMarker improves value by providing uniform statistics on which experiences had the highest ROI. Event organizers can use this analytical skill to make future events more interesting and impactful.

BigMarker hybrid event software

The top-tier hybrid events software status of BigMarker indicates its commitment to event transformation. BigMarker's unparalleled customization, robust features, and analytical statistics make it a top hybrid event platform. BigMarker is liked by users and trusted by industry leaders for event technology.


  • The Webinar and Video Software is priced starting at $99 per month, offering a range of features to enhance your virtual events. Unfortunately, they do not provide a free plan.


  • The Webinar event types are very pricy

Key Features and Benefits

  • Registration and Attendee Management: BigMarker Hybrid Events Platform simplifies enrolling attendees with its sophisticated registration and attendee management system. Registration, participant tracking, and guest lists are easy for event organizers. To ensure a successful event, this tool streamlines and organizes host and participant experiences.
  • Analytics and Reporting: BigMarker gives event organizers sophisticated analytics and reporting tools to understand event performance. Organizations can measure event effect by tracking registration and attendee engagement metrics. These findings help organizers improve their methods and boost future performance.
  • Live Q&As: BigMarker allows presenters and attendees to interact live through live Q&As and ask me anything questions. Engaging and interactive, this feature engages audiences. Talking to speakers and getting rapid answers improves the event experience.
  • Post-Session Surveys: BigMarker allows post-session surveys. Organizers can assess guest satisfaction and identify areas for development with this function. This feedback loop helps event organizers improve content and delivery, making future events more powerful.

5. Whova

Whova dashboard

Whova has over 1,100 Capterra reviews, making it the most-reviewed hybrid events software solution. The considerable feedback shows its widespread adoption and user pleasure. Whova's five-year streak of Event Technology Awards accolades highlights its expertise and lasting impact on the events sector.

A complete solution that streamlines the full hybrid event lifecycle sets the platform apart. Whova manages events from planning to networking to in-depth post-session analysis. On its website, the software claims to streamline logistical operations, saving consumers up to 60% more time. This time-saving feature makes Whova a vital tool for event organizers seeking efficiency and productivity.

Whova has worked with LEGO, Hilton, and IKEA, demonstrating its versatility in trade exhibits, academic events, and festivals. Whova integrates excellent lead creation methods beyond client satisfaction. This strategic strategy assures event sponsors receive seamless event management and a high return on investment, reinforcing Whova's status as a trusted and impactful hybrid events solution.


  • Whova has tiered pricing for different event sizes and durations. The $1,499 Starter Plan accommodates 500 people for a two-day event. The Standard Plan, at $2,999, allows 1,000 guests for a 2-day event. The $5,999 Pro Plan covers up to 2,000 guests over two days for larger events. This flexible price strategy lets event organizers choose a plan that fits their event size, guaranteeing that Whova can meet a variety of demands and interests.


  • The price may be too high for budget-conscious customers.
  • The platform's onboarding and learning time may be longer than other options.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Targeted Messaging: The technology helps event organizers target certain audiences with targeted messaging. Personalization and engagement improve attendees' relationship with event material.
  • Digital Waiver Solution: Whova offers a digital waiver to reduce liability. This safe and efficient consent and acknowledgment tool protects organizers and participants.
  • Analytics and Insights: With its analytics and insights module, Whova gives event organizers data-driven insights. This tool evaluates event performance, content efficacy, and attendee engagement for future decisions.
  • Interactive Online Sessions: Whova adds Q&As, voting, and other fun to virtual gatherings. These components allow real-time participant involvement, making events interactive.

6. SpotMe

Spotme dashboard

SpotMe's outstanding and unique content management system caters to a wide range of events, from small gatherings with 100 attendees to massive assemblies with thousands. Leaders and marketers from Fortune 500 businesses like Deloitte, Pfizer, and Johnson and Johnson trust SpotMe. SpotMe is the go-to for faultless event experiences due to its dedication to excellence.

The platform's web and mobile apps ensure audience accessibility regardless of their preferred engagement location, whether it's their couch or a busy event venue. SpotMe's cutting-edge interest-based matchmaking feature shows its commitment to connecting eventgoers in person and online. This function smoothly connects like-minded attendees for networking, improving the event experience. Event organizers looking to create unforgettable experiences will find SpotMe reliable because to its commitment to diversity and connection.


  • The services are priced upon quotation, ensuring maximum customization to match your needs. Email and live help are available; however, they do not provide a free plan.


  • They do not offer rich and comprehensive event ticketing features

Key Features and Benefits

  • Live Captioning: SpotMe encourages accessibility via live captioning of event content, assuring inclusivity and comprehension for all participants. Live text subtitles enhance the virtual experience.
  • Customizable, Conversion-Optimized Registration Pages: This feature lets event planners develop attractive, customized registration interfaces to streamline sign-up and boost participant engagement.
  • Built-In, Real-Time Production Monitoring System (RTPMS): Equipped with a Real-Time Production Monitoring System (RTPMS), SpotMe provides event organizers with a powerful tool for real-time event production management. This feature supports smooth execution and quick modifications to improve event quality.


A hybrid event may give in-person and remote participants an amazing experience with the correct platform. A technology that lets you plan an event in minutes should inspire involvement even after the event is over. The best hybrid event software is Eventify, because of its comprehensive features, user-friendly UI, and strong support. Its focus on customization, real-time statistics, and post-event networking makes it the best hybrid event solution. If you are looking for a software for your interactive conference, eventify got your back.




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