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9 Features That Make Event Apps A Game-Changer In 2024

June 5, 2024
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Olivia is an event organizer with 10+ years of experience in the industry. She works with a team of over 50 resources and her firm helps organize B2B events like conferences, large-scale expos, board meetings, and more. Olivia’s firm often handles and executes multiple events at once. So her reliance on an event app is absolute.

Yet often Olivia finds herself scouting for information stored across different apps. There are co-ordination issues with the team and the online kiosk option is limited. Olivia invested in an event management app to mitigate just these issues - unfortunately, the issues seem to compound.

Olivia is one of many entrepreneurs, event marketers, and organizers who invest in event management apps but realize early on that key features are missing or have incomplete utility. In addition, the complicated UX and UI of these apps make adoption harder. This is perhaps why 79% of event organizers prefer an event app that is easy to use.

So before we deep dive into our top 10 essential event app features you need in 2023, let’s summarise what are the key overarching elements that folks like you, look for in an event app checklist.

  • Ease of Adoption - Not just you but your entire team, stakeholders, guests, and speakers should be able to use the event apps with ease. Irrespective of tech literacy, your event app’s interface should ensure 100% adoption.
  • Offline Capabilities - Your client may need to organize an event in remote areas with compromised network connectivity. In such situations, the offline capability comes in handy for you and your team to seamlessly execute your event plans.
  • Adaptable - The event app should be designed with enough flexibility to allow your brand to shine through. Invest in an event app that lets you customize and personalize the application based on the type of event and your event needs.

If this is your first time investing in an event app, and you are apprehensive then know that 78% of companies who have adopted an event app claim to have better ROI compared to before. So investing in a robust event app with essential event app features is a great investment for you and your brand.

Essential Event App Features

A) For Registration & Onboarding

Photo by Kwabena Ansong on Unsplash

Event organizers and marketers often wrongly assume that the day of the event is the day when all processes need to be perfected and well-executed.

This is partially true.

Your guests and stakeholders are invested in the event from the day of the first marketing campaign. They are paying close attention to how seamless the onboarding and registration process is and how communication preceding the event occurs. After all, the start of your event will determine how well your event is perceived.

First impressions are after all important and these Eventify event registration platform helps you create just that.

1. Event Ticketing

Eventify offers an event ticketing system that covers all your ticketing needs.

  • You can create waitlists using the dashboard and generate tickets based on confirmation by guests. This reduces the amount of time and resource required to manually monitor confirmations and cancellations while also automating the import of guest lists.
  • The event ticketing app feature by Eventify allows you to add your own custom domain, and brand collateral including logos and taglines on the tickets. In addition, you can onboard not just guests but also exhibitors on the dashboard. For exhibitors, Eventify has designed independent exhibitor portals that also offer virtual mapping options.
  • Think it’s expensive? Think again. The Eventify event ticketing platform eliminates all major overhead costs. This reduction in cost invariably makes ticketing more cost-effective.
  • You can further add discounts, coupon codes, and offers before selling your tickets directly from the platform.

2.Badge Printing and Self-Scan at Kiosk

With skyrocketing ticket sales come long queues at Kiosks. These lines are often hard to manage and lead to confusion and miscommunication. Eventify eliminates these obstacles by giving you complete control of the badge printing and scanning process.

  • You can design and customize your event badge with Eventify’s badge printing dashboard. This allows you to showcase the best of your brand and increases brand retention.
  • You can print these badges live and on-site after confirming the attendee's details. The data is autopopulated from Eventify’s registrant dashboard so you no longer need to manually enter attendee details.
  • Need even less manual intervention? Eventify’s intuitive event manager and planner software allows your speakers and attendees to simply scan a secure QR code to self-check in at the registration Kiosk. This reduces the entire check-in time and also long, frustrating queues at registration desks.

3. Event Guides, Schedules, and Speaker Profiles        

Registrations? Done.

Onboarding? Done.
Clueless Attendees? Absolutely Not Done.

Next comes the key part of helping your attendees navigate the event. This can be easily achieved by creating event guides and speaker profiles and sharing them via the Eventify event app.

  • Work with speakers and exhibitors to plan, create, modify and broadcast the event schedule directly on the app. This will help all stakeholders be abreast of sessions and updates. You can always update the session calendar and notify attendees about changes. This way no key sessions are missed.
  • You can also create a robust and easy-to-decipher event guide that contains all the information pertaining to the event. Empower your attendees with knowledge about the event, sponsors, and exhibitors all the while ensuring minimal manual intervention.
  • Speaker profiles are a great way to familiarize your audience with the speaker lineup of the day. You can give each speaker digital real estate to speak of their achievements, experience, and upload their pictures - all on the app. This feature is often an overlooked one but 89.3% of event professionals claim to use speaker listings during their event journey.
Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

B) For Communication, Engagement & Interactions

While for your speakers events might be a one-time experience, for you and your sponsors, clients, and stakeholders each event is a sneak peek into your work process.

Photo by Jason Goodman on Unsplash

Most organizers experience success with new clients but fail at retaining them. The best way to retain sponsors and clients is by creating an interactive event experience for attendees. What better way to do this than by offering engagement features. This is not our claim but that of 49% of event app providers who vouch that clients interact most with the aid engagement elements. You too can achieve this by:

4. Push and Email Notifications

Notifications are a great way to engage and continue interaction with your attendees through the event. Just remember to not spam your attendees!

  • You can share live notifications during the event and inform attendees about session updates, and session timings, and market your sponsor's content -  all in seconds.
  • Last-minute changes can be easily announced with the aid of notifications. This helps avoid any confusion and ensures the event is carried on seamlessly.
  • Event hosts can also  share these notifications via email to cover all communication touchpoints.

5. Event Matchmaking (a.k.a) Networking

No event experience is complete without networking. This is one of the biggest benefits to your attendees and the primary reason for many guests to attend events.

  • The matchmaking feature works by identifying common tags and interests chosen by attendees at the time of registration. These tags help the Eventify algorithm easily ‘match’ profiles of attendees who will achieve maximum benefits by networking with each other.
  • Attendees still have control over networking with chosen participants. Guests can swipe on profiles, assess details, and analyze match percentages to best network with other attendees.
  • This offers a great avenue for all stakeholders to collaborate, learn, and engage with each other. This further adds to the interactive element of your events.

6. Gamification and Social Feed.

Games and social media - 2 ‘fun’ elements that traditionally would not be considered a part of B2B events. Today, though, 59% of event apps use gamification. Evolving consumer needs demand that even your event app has elements of fun and adventure.

Photo by charlesdeluvio on Unsplas
  • Gamification is an event app feature by Eventify that lets you create exciting challenges for attendees. These challenges can be modified based on your own event agenda and topics.
  • These tasks are a great way to motivate attendees. Since successful completion of events allows you to reward participants. This positive reinforcement allows attendees to feel keyed into events and ensures the footfalls continue through all days of your events.
  • The social feed is yet another fun addition. Here you can create your own private social platform where guests can interact during and after an event. It’s also a great way to share quick tidbits about the event. Live polls, Q & A’s, and surveys can all be done via social feeds and also with the aid of independent features.

C) For Sponsors & Exhibitors

  We have covered multiple event app features that enhance the experience of your attendees and guests. Yet there are other stakeholders who determine the success of your event and are as invested in the process as you are - these are your sponsors and exhibitors. As an event host, you need technology that helps you ease the onboarding process of sponsors and exhibitors. Eventify offers exclusive event app features that help you do just that.

7) Lead Scanning & Sponsored Ads

Lead data is akin to a goldmine for sponsors and exhibitors. It is what helps them maintain communication with leads and often turn these very leads into customers. You can use Eventify to leverage this by:

  • Using simple and secure scanners to easily check in registrants. This helps get credible and accurate registration data and also tracks the attendance of these leads. Equipped with this information, future marketing campaigns become easier to execute.
  • The lead tracking software also eliminates duplication and fraudulent events thus safeguarding your event.
  • Easily retrieve lead data without manual intervention. This automated process also reduces human errors and ensures you get accurate and verified information on all leads.
  • Your sponsors are investing in your event for one singular reason - exposure. Give them exactly that by showcasing your sponsor's best facets on the Eventify app. This lets your attendees know who is responsible for the event, maintains transparency, and gives sponsors enough incentive to collaborate with you again.

8) Product Showcase

Sponsored ads are one way of highlighting the contribution of your sponsors. The other is helping them showcase their products.

  • You can lend digital spaces and slots to sponsors to showcase their visual merchandise. This helps sponsors display various products and also assess which of their products are grabbing more eyeballs.
  • This provision helps attendees access more details about sponsors and their products directly via the app. The availability of such options is what makes Eventify’s event app features conducive to the needs of new-age event organizers.

9) Sales Reports and Analytics Dashboards

Data is integral to understanding the success of any event and you need a platform that is accurate and offers intuitive insights to further replicate this success.

  • You can quickly track event ticket sales and be assured that the data you get is accurate and devoid of any duplication.
  • Tracking of sales further tells you - the event host, sponsors, and exhibitors, what areas/sessions have worked and how to make more improvements to ensure more sales.
  • The above clarity is essential for calculating ROI and also for the financial planning and projections for all future events.

Cost or Quality - Why Choose When Eventify Gives You Both?

“Such features must be so expensive” - If this is the thought running through your mind then we at Eventify invite you to a free product demo. We will give you a detailed tour of our mobile app, dashboards, and features and surprise you with how cost-effective Eventify event app features are.

We understand that organizing events is an expensive and time-consuming exercise. We wish to eliminate both these obstacles for you and your team so you can consistently organize and execute successful events. Contact us now!

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What Does An Event App Do?

An event management app helps event hosts, organizers, and marketers better manage their B2B events. Be it conferences, expos, exhibitions, trade shows, meetings, private events, hybrid events, and more. A range of such events are seamlessly organized with the help of event apps like Eventify. The use of an event app further helps you achieve higher ROI and minimizes time spent on manual tasks.

2) What Are The Features of Event App?

Event apps often come with a range of features and functionalities. For instance, the Eventify app has a range of features that cover facets of Event Communication, Sponsors and Exhibitors management, Surveys, Analytics, Event Engagement, Content Management, and more. You can further explore these event app features by visiting Eventify.

3) What is a Mobile Event App?

A mobile event app is an application that is adopted by event organizers to further streamline their event operations. A range of events can be seamlessly planned and executed with the aid of event apps. The features on these apps are all designed to help event planners maximize their event’s potential and gain more profits.

4) What are The Features of Event Management?

Event management as a field is gaining a lot of momentum. This rise in demand for varied events has led event managers and organizers to adopt technology that helps organize a seamless event experience. Event Management Apps come with essential features that cover all event execution touchpoints.

About the Author
Hussain Fakhruddin, tech visionary and founder of an award-winning multinational firm. With 15+ years' experience, Hussain leads a team that's crafted 1500+ top-ranking web, API, and mobile apps, earning acclaim from Adobe and GMASA. Specializing in scalable backends, ensures client apps stand out with an 80% top-ranking success rate.

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