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11 Benefits of Virtual Events: There is something Great for everyone!

January 14, 2022
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Virtual events have become increasingly popular recently and for a good reason. But why are people suddenly leaning towards the concept of virtual conferences? With the world becoming more digital, virtual events have provided a great alternative to traditional in-person events.

Let us be honest, on-site and traditional events have many limitations and risks. With virtual events, you can reach the audience worldwide more easily and quickly without worrying about the space, human resources and equipment you need for the traditional event. Virtual conferences are not complicated; they can be way too simple to plan and you can attend the event in the comfort of your own home. You just need to download a mobile event application. There are so many possibilities that you may not know!

Therefore in this blog post, we will explore the benefits of virtual events and why they are worth considering. You will be amazed that you can set up your know identity and community with an internet connection and a laptop!

What are Virtual Events?

Virtual events are conducted online and can be attended from anywhere in the world. These events include conferences, webinars, trade shows, and more. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of virtual events.

The concept of virtual events dates to when people started screening their desktop or laptop screens and conversing over them. It was not until the COVID-19 pandemic that they took off. As the world was thrown off from its regular routine in the pandemic, offices, schools, restaurants and even parks were abandoned. People were quarantined in their homes, but the hustle of life came back to life with these virtual meetings and classrooms platform. With in-person events being cancelled or restricted, companies and organizations turned to virtual events to connect with their audiences.

According to one study, before COVID, hybrid or virtual gatherings attributed to only 18.9% of all events. Following the pandemic, the numbers increased to 59.5% among event planners and business owners. This poll had only 5.4% of respondents who stated they will not be planning any virtual conference or hybrid events. And rest of the 35.1% said they love the ease the virtual events bring to the community.

Thus, we discovered many applications that can help you gather people for discussion or even family meetups. In short, the Virtual event means you are attending an event on your mobile devices. It is amazing how this virtual setup has minimized the boundaries that were created by the pandemic. But now, this is the newest and highly accessible trend that anyone, literally anyone, can adopt, organize, and enjoy!

11 Benefits of Virtual Conferences and Events

Are you still thinking about why virtual events, then you must read these 11 benefits we have listed below. You will be intrigued to know the many features it can provide within a limited budget and resources.


We all have internet connections and a mobile devices like smartphones, tablets or laptops, which means we are already eligible to attend or even organize a virtual event. Yes, it doesn't matter where you are; you can easily join or reach out the targeted audience with these events virtually.

You do not have to worry about the in-person meeting, and you are just one tap away from accessing the entire meeting, conference or meet-up on your devices. In short, virtual events are as accessible as the things in your home.

Virtual events can also be made accessible for those with disabilities by using assistive technologies like sign language interpreters, closed captions, and other accessibility features. This can increase accessibility and inclusivity and improve the event's friendliness for various visitors.

2.Minimal Cost

Let us talk about the cost you will have to bear as an organizer of the event, event area, catering, equipment, furniture, electricity, and security. We know the traditional in-person events need a handful of budget and advance planning followed by the sleepless night, worries of a tight budget and on-site mishaps. For example, if you are organizing an event for 200 people, you must arrange a sitting setup for these people along with tea breaks and refreshments.

In general, you need a Webcam, a good mic, headphones and your laptop. Or you will have to hire a virtual event planner to help you set up the system and rent a few specialized services like registration, e-tickets, attendee counting, online promotion and more. Thus, the virtual event will reduce almost 70 percent or more cost of the in-person event. According to statistics, 79% of event planners reported lowering their event expenses by going the virtual route. Thus, you will save money on so many things and still can reach an audience all over the world.

Furthermore, because of the lower cost of participation, virtual events may be able to attract more patrons and exhibitors, which can help offset event costs.

3.Greater Reach and Diverse Audience

Virtual events reach a wider audience than traditional in-person events. You can contact a more significant number of people beyond your geographical location by hosting virtual events. This is because people from all over the world can attend virtual events.

Furthermore, virtual events enable attendees to share content and information on social media, which can help expand your event's reach. You can easily promote the events on social media through online advertising for a wider audience. This also means you are reaching out to the targeted audience, potential stakeholders, and customers. You can also build a business relationship and seek business partners or sponsors.

Not just that, because virtual events can be accessed by people from various geographic regions, backgrounds, and cultures, they can attract a more diverse audience. This can contribute to a more inclusive and diverse community of attendees and more diverse perspectives and ideas shared at the event.

4.Virtual Events Benefits By Increased Attendance, Interaction and Engagement

Virtual events, as opposed to traditional in-person events, can improve attendance and provide a more engaging experience. By eliminating the need for travel and providing a more flexible event schedule, virtual events can make it easier for attendees, especially those who may have otherwise been unable to attend due to logistical constraints.

Moreover, virtual events frequently include interactive features that help you organize more interactive sessions. For example, you can encourage attendees to take part and interact with the content by using chat rooms, opinion surveys, and Q&A sessions. You can also use breakout rooms to form smaller group discussions, which can help with networking and collaboration.

Honestly, The Q&A sessions are better in the virtual setting because you can note down the questions easily rather than the noisiness often creates during traditional on-site events. In short, activities are easier to implement and manage. Thus, these features enable attendees to interact with the presenter and other attendees, enhancing the event's engagement and enjoyment.

Moreover, virtual events can provide more opportunities for attendees to interact with sponsors and exhibitors, such as through virtual booths or online product showcases and demonstrations. This can help increase the event's reach and visibility and may lead to new business opportunities and increased brand awareness.

5.Flexible and Improved content delivery

Virtual events provide a lot of flexibility regarding scheduling and format, which can make it easier to facilitate attendees from different time zones and with different schedules. Virtual events, for example, can include pre-recorded sessions that attendees can watch at their leisure or live sessions that are broadcast at various times throughout the day to accommodate different time zones.

You can also choose to broadcast your event over several days or weeks rather than cramming everything into a single day. Seriously, we find the traditional one-event so tiresome, with so many activities and information to process. The organizers, attendees and even guests might need time off for sure. But with the virtual event, it is a win-win situation for all.

6.Reduced Risk

Due to flexibility and ease of planning in the virtual event, both organizers and attendees have fewer chances of risks. The most common examples of risk in events are bad weather or a sudden change in circumstances that results in the event's cancellation, less space and overcrowding and technical issue.

On the other hand, Virtual events are much more predictable and can be planned more precisely. The only issue you can face is the low battery of the device or poor internet connection. Honestly, we all have easy backups available for it. Even though you do not have a backup as an attendee, you can still get a recorded session.

In short, virtual events can be more scalable compared to in-person events. It can reduce the risk, cost, and have better engagement and interaction with millions of attendees worldwide!

7. Easy to collect Data and Improved Analysis

Virtual events generate enormous amounts of data that can be used to improve future events. Organizers, for example, can track attendee engagement and behaviour, identify popular sessions and speakers, and collect feedback via surveys and live polls.

This information can assist event organizers in making data-driven decisions about future events, such as which sessions to include, how to advertise the event, and how to improve the attendee experience. In short, this data can be utilized to improve future events and tailor content to attendees' needs.

Furthermore, the data can be used to assess the event's success and help the product demonstration to reach out to many people. After that, the application you are using for the virtual event can gain more users; thus, they get more data and feedback. In short, everyone from the virtual event application company to you and your sponsors can gain some excellent results from it!

8.Advantages of Virtual Events Include Improved ROI

Virtual events can generate a higher Return on Investment or ROI than the traditional on-site event. Since you are spending minimal cost and reaching out to a larger audience without the need for expensive travel, catering, and accommodation costs.

You may also have noticed that Virtual events frequently have lower registration fees, making them more accessible to attendees. Thus, more people attend the event, helping the event organizer increase attendance and improve ROI.  Almost 74% of event planners reported a good return on investment (ROI) after holding virtual events in just six months in one survey.

Therefore, many organizers find it simple and easy to achieve their business objectives more efficiently and effectively and can also provide a better return on investment for sponsors and exhibitors. Here the chances of B2B matchmaking based on common objectives and ideas are increased by 100 percent.

9.Environment Friendly and Sustainable

virtual events can help to reduce the environmental impact of events in many ways. In-person events necessitate a large number of resources, including electricity, heating and cooling, fuel and paper products. On the other hand, Virtual events need no printing of flyers or handouts, and attendees are not required to travel to the event. Moreover, since no catering service is needed for virtual sessions, food, water, and gas can be saved too.

Attendees do not need to travel to a physical location for virtual events, which reduces carbon emissions associated with transportation. Thus, By eliminating the need for travel and reducing the amount of waste generated, Virtual events can help organizers demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and attract attendees who value sustainability by lowering the event's carbon footprint.

10.Better lead generation

Virtual events can give you so much analytics and data that can be used to assess the success of the event and demonstrate the ROI to stakeholders and sponsors.

Such events can undoubtedly generate more leads for exhibitors and sponsors and can help you create leads for new products. We already know it helps increase product sales; if not, you will have ideas for better product and service demonstrations. Now you can know which market you need to target more, and with global outreach, the marketing efforts leads and generate more qualified leads and paths to success.

11.Improved tracking and Networking

Virtual events offer better tracking and reporting capabilities compared to in-person events because organizers can track attendance, engagement, and other metrics in real time. We have often seen confusion during the attendees' attendance and keeping track of the event with the given time constraint. You need more human resources for that, for sure. But with virtual events, you can be assisted by making data-driven decisions and adjustments during the event and providing valuable insights for post-event analysis and reporting.

Moreover, virtual events can provide better networking opportunities because attendees can connect with each other more easily through virtual networking events, chat rooms, and other interactive features. You are making a fantastic community with skill and knowledge through a single event and can make community groups or forums to expand your idea. It can help attendees form more meaningful connections and relationships and lead to new business opportunities and collaborations.


No doubt, the digital presence can lead you to amazing things, and the virtual event is just a part of it. You can organize an entire event without human resources; conference halls and even with little money can help you put forward your skill and product. You can reach out to the most talented and diverse people worldwide and increase networking and innovation.

As the world becomes more digital, virtual events are expected to grow in popularity in the coming years. As a result, it's critical to understand the advantages of virtual events and how they can help you achieve your personal, business or organizational objectives. Indeed, you are getting the best interaction that you might be lacking in the traditional event and with the sustainable measure, there are so many opportunities you can unlock that you never knew existed.

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