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11 Best Event Badge Printing Software of 2024

November 27, 2023
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As an event organizer, one of the key elements you need to consider is providing event badges to your attendees. Event badges serve multiple purposes, such as labeling roles based on participation and creating a lasting brand impression. They also contribute to the overall branding and professionalism of your event. In this article, I will introduce you to the top 10 event badge printing software options available in 2024 and help you find the best solution for your event.

What is Event Badge Printing Software?

Event badge printing software is a tool that allows you to design and print customized badges for your event attendees. It enables you to create high-resolution badges with speed, accuracy, and ease. With event badge printing software, you can design badge templates, add attendee information, and print badges on-site. This eliminates the need for manual badge creation using outdated methods like Word templates and ensures a professional and efficient check-in process.

Advantages of Event Badge Printing Software

Advantages of Event Badge Printing Software

Using event badge printing software offers several advantages for event organizers. Let's explore some of the key benefits:

  • Branding and Professionalism: Event badges serve as a powerful branding tool. By incorporating your brand name and logo on the badges, you create a lasting impression in attendees' minds. This enhances brand recognition and reinforces the professional image of your event.
  • Efficiency and Accuracy: Event badge printing software enables quick and accurate badge generation. You can easily import attendee information, design templates, and print badges on-demand. This streamlines the check-in process and reduces the chances of errors.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Investing in event badge printing software can save you money in the long run. Compared to label printers, badge printers offer higher resolution and faster printing speeds. Additionally, by printing badges on-site, you can reduce waste and eliminate the need for pre-printed badges
  • Souvenir for Attendees: Event badges serve as a tangible souvenir for attendees. They can take the badges home as a reminder of the event they attended, further reinforcing your brand and creating a positive association.

What Makes the Best Event Badge Printing Software?

When choosing the best event badge printing software for your event, consider the following factors:

What Makes the Best Event Badge Printing Software?

Remember that the best event badge printing software for your event may vary based on your specific requirements and budget. Take the time to evaluate different options and choose one that aligns with your needs.

Now that we understand what makes a good event badge printing software the best, I will dive into the top 10 options available in 2023.

Comparison of the Best Event Badge Printing Software

Comparison of the Best Event Badge Printing Software

The Top 11 Onsite Event Badge Printing Software for 2023

1. Eventify

Eventify badge printing software dashboard

Eventify is an all-in solution for your event. It has the best badge printing system along with the great perk is Event management, all easy to setup with just one click. The badge printing is made possible by the integration of the on-site badge printing technology with the Eventify event registration software and check-in app. Thus, this facilitates simple onsite event management software for participants as well as the event planner, making the event check-in seamless and quick without any hustle. Whether you use itfor onsite badge printing or for QR scanning, the app will track all of your live data.

Customize the badges, their theme, and sizes according to your style and have them printed on-site without wasting any badge through Eventify. It is outstandingly efficient with the little or any label printers for instant onsite badge printing too. Feel free to explore the variety of options with the complete package Eventify offers for the event!


·        User friendly and One-click designing for batches

·        Highly Customizable Badge design and template options with Kiosk mode too

·        Easy to setup for seamless on-site personal events’ check-in and live attendance

·        Extensive management dashboard for easy data tracking

·        Highly Compatible with label printers

·        Can be accessed by any Android and ISO devicetoo


We really could not find any!


Regardless of what event package you chose, they charge $0.99 for each paid registration with 3% Stripe payment gateway fee. Otherwise,they are offering free ticketing for free event.

2. Eventdex

Eventdex adge printing software dashboard

The Eventdex Badge Printing App stands out as one of the best onsite event solutions available. This comprehensive software offers seamless event management features that ensure a smooth experience for both event organizers and attendees. The app's lead retrieval functionality enables event organizers to capture contact details and enhance networking opportunities. The event badge printing system seamlessly integrates with the event check-in app and event registration software, allowing for instant badge printing. The Eventdex app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, making it accessible to a wide range of users.


  • Seamless onsite event management, including lead retrieval and check-in
  • Integration with popular label printers for high-quality badge printing
  • Compatibility with iOS and Android devices for widespread accessibility


  • Limited customization options for badge design compared to some other software



3. EventMobi Badge Printing App

EventMobi Badge Printing software dashboard

The EventMobi Badge Printing App offers dynamic event badge design options, allowing for additional fields and information specific to each event or session. This software specializes in branding, enabling the customization of kiosk screens with custom designs and messages. With 16 different design options, EventMobi manages all aspects of badge printing, including integration with registration and on-site logistics.


  • Dynamic badge design platform with customization options
  • Integration with registration and comprehensive event management features
  • Additional branding opportunities through kiosk screen customization


  • Limited badge scanning options compared to some other software


Event App Pricing starts from $3,500 USD/single event

4. Aventri Badge Printing App

Aventri Badge Printing App dashboard

Aventri's badge printing app provides a seamless event experience by offering various scanning technologies, including NFC, QR, BLE, and UHF. These scanning options enable real-time updates on attendee count, session attendance, and contact tracing. The integration with registration ensures safe and contactless check-in, while the ability to print multiple badge designs with different colors enhances event organization.


  • Multiple scanning technologies for enhanced event management
  • Safe and contactless check-in process
  • Support for multiple badge designs


  • Limited customization options for badge design
  • Only available on iOS devices



5. Hubilo Badge Printing App

Hubilo Badge Printing App dashboard

The Hubilo Badge Printing App simplifies event check-in processes, eliminating the need for manual participant verification. With intuitive QR code scanning and a user-friendly interface, attendees can easily check-in to events. The app also provides a business management dashboard for administrators to track registrants and real-time statistics.


  • User-friendly interface for easy delegate check-in
  • Business management dashboard for real-time data tracking
  • Seamless integration with event registration for efficient event management


  • Limited customization options for badge design



6. Whova Badge Printing App

Whova Badge Printing App dashboard

Whova's badge printing app allows you to create customized event badges that align with your brand. You can select custom shapes, sizes, and color schemes to make your badges unique. The app also includes features like event ticket type and a unique QR code for instant access to useful information. You have the flexibility to print badges on-demand or generate them all at once based on participant type.

Advantages of Whova Badge Printing App:

  • Customizable badge design options for brand alignment
  • Flexibility to print badges on-demand or in batches
  • Integration with event app for easy access to event information

Limitations of Whova Badge Printing App:

  • Limited badge scanning options compared to some other software



7. Accelevents Badge Printing App

Accelevents Badge Printing App dahsboard

Accelevents' badge printing app offers a user-friendly badge designer experience. With easy-to-use customization features, you can add custom fields, QR codes, sponsorship placements, and more to your event badges. The app supports both registration integration and database integration, ensuring a seamless experience. Touchless kiosk options, individual session check-in, and last-minute point-of-sale tools further enhance the check-in process.

Advantages of Accelevents Badge Printing App:

  • User-friendly badge designer with powerful customization options
  • Seamless integration with registration and database for smooth event management
  • Touchless kiosk options and individual session check-in for enhanced attendee experience

Limitations of Accelevents Badge Printing App:

  • Limited badge scanning options compared to some other software


  • Professional Starts at $5,000/single event
  • Business Starts at $12,000/multiple events
  • Custom plans available
  • Free trial available

8. Hopin Badge Printing App

Hopin Badge Printing App dashboard

Hopin's onsite badge printing software offers enhanced security through RFID, NFC, and QR code identification badges. These badges ensure secure entry into rooms and venues, increasing event safety. Hopin also provides cashless payment options through electronic event badges, simplifying the purchasing process for attendees. By eliminating the need for pre-printed paper badges, Hopin streamlines access control and ensures personnel access based on specific conditions and event requirements.

Advantages of Hopin Badge Printing App:

  • Enhanced security through RFID, NFC, and QR code identification badges
  • Cashless payments through electronic event badges for seamless purchasing
  • Streamlined access control and personnel management

Limitations of Hopin Badge Printing App:

  • Limited customization options for badge design compared to some other software



9. Confex Badge Printing App

Confex Badge Printing App dashboard

Confex's badge printing software offers a wide range of badge stock options, including eco-friendly choices. The software allows you to send QR email invites before the event and trigger badge printing upon arrival. Personalized event badges mark attendee arrival and contribute to a smooth check-in process. Confex's focus on environmentally friendly badge stock ensures sustainability in event badge printing.

Advantages of Confex Badge Printing App:

  • Wide range of eco-friendly badge stock options
  • Seamless integration with QR email invites for efficient check-in
  • Personalized event badges for a smooth attendee experience

Limitations of Confex Badge Printing App:

  • Limited customization options for badge design compared to some other software



10. Cvent Badge Printing App

Cvent Badge Printing App dashboard

Cvent's OnArrival software transforms iPads into standalone badge printing systems, reducing staffing costs and ensuring a user-friendly check-in process. Guests can register, check-in, pay fees, and preview/edit/print their name badges independently. On Arrival's kiosk mode impresses delegates and minimizes the need for on-site staffing. Real-time data tracking and management features further enhance event organization.

Advantages of Cvent Badge Printing App:

  • Standalone badge printing system with reduced staffing costs
  • User-friendly check-in process for guests with self-service options
  • Real-time data tracking and management features for efficient event organization

Limitations of Cvent Badge Printing App:

  • Limited customization options for badge design compared to some other software



11. Eventzilla Badge Printing App

Eventzilla Badge Printing App dashboard

Eventzilla's name badge printing software offers professionally designed name badge templates for an enhanced attendee experience. You can easily add logos, QR codes, event titles, and attendee details to the badges. The app supports on-demand printing, ensuring you never run out of badges during the event. Eventzilla's badge printing app is a convenient solution for event organizers looking for a user-friendly and efficient badge printing experience.

Advantages of Eventzilla Badge Printing App:

  • Professionally designed name badge templates for a polished look
  • On-demand printing to accommodate changes in onsite attendance
  • Integration with event registration for streamlined badge creation

Limitations of Eventzilla Badge Printing App:

  • Limited badge scanning options compared to some other software


Free to use

Final Thoughts

Selecting the right event badge printing software is crucial for you to provide your guests a seamless check-in process and creating a lasting brand impression.

With the top 10 options I mentioned in this guide, you have a range of choices to consider. Evaluate each software's features, customization options, and pricing to find the best fit for your event. By investing in high-quality event badge printing software, you can enhance the professionalism of your event, improve attendee experience, and leave a lasting positive impression on your guests.

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