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10 Best Practices To Promote Your B2B Event Digitally

July 31, 2023
5 min read
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Event promotion is directly proportional to event success. For brands who are already established in the market, it’s easier for them to promote as they already get enough attention. But new events need a lot of creativity, efforts and tips to make a reputation for themselves, and become a strong brand presence. So, here is a guide on how you can promote your event digitally.

Use A Lot Of Your Event Hashtags

Whenever you mention your event, include the event hashtags. Include these hashtags in the bio of your social media platforms and posts. Also, ask your speakers and performers to use hashtags - so that you can reach their fan base.

Get Smart With SEO

When you are creating some promotional content - whether its a write up for your official web page, or a blog about the event or a press release, make use of SEO. This will help you to stay on top of every related search result.

Put Your Tickets Online

Make it easy for your ticket buyers. You can put your tickets on your official web page, facebook, blogs with a URL from where they can buy tickets. You can also use third party ticketing platforms.

Be Always Active on Social Media

The world lives on social media now. Social media promotions are the best way to reach out to your potential attendees. Put posts on instagram, facebook, twitter, write blogs, put stories. Create a buzz.

Start Your Email Marketing

Email remains the most effective digital channel for promotions. You can use the email list from your previous events. Also, add a way on your official website so that people can sign up for your email updates.

Go Live

One of the best features social media platforms offer. You can go live a few days before the event, sharing a few interesting stuff about your event, or discussing something. You can also ask your speakers to go live to interact with the attendees.

Crowdsource Your Marketing

You can ask your past attendees to post pictures and videos from previous events with event hashtag or you can run a competition where potential guests will get to post event related content with the event hashtag. A great way to create a buzz.

List Your Event On Multiple Websites

Get your event mentioned on multiple websites. This will help you to reach out to a larger audience. Make sure you are getting mentioned on multiple platforms and people are reacting to it.


Write blogs on your event related topics, your event’s agenda. Put it up on your official website, get it published on other platforms. Also, you can write about your previous events and the experiences of the attendees.

Create A Unique Web Page

The webpage of an event leaves a huge impression. Make your page informative and interesting. Make it look colourful, and coordinate it with your event’s theme. Also, put past events’ pictures, videos and testimonials. These tips are definitely going to get you enough buzz for your event. To add on, you can also create a speakers’ and sponsors’ list on twitter, and make communities on different social media platforms.

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