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15 Best Tools for EventProfs for Running A Terrific Event

June 20, 2022
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15 Best Tools for EventProfs for Running A Terrific Event

A successful event is a win-win situation for both the attendees and the businesses. Attendees get so much value, knowledge and experience from the event that businesses and sponsors grab attendees' attention which eventually increases their sales number. 

Managing and planning an event is not a cup of tea for everyone, but with the right sets of management tools managing and hosting an event gets a lot easier and smoother for eventprofs. 

Due to the various experiential marketing done by various event planning hosts the stat shows that using event management applications has significantly increased the presence the attendance by more than 20%, productivity by 25%, and profit margin by 25 to 30% on average.  

As there are so many free event management tools available online these days, no wonder why more and more event planners are inclining towards these tools to check out what is the latest tool available in the present day.

In this article, we are going to deep dive into the top event planning tools based on positive reviews from genuine users and standout features that every event planners love. So let us just dive into the best event management tools for your next spectacular event.

How To Select The Perfect Tools For Your Next Event?

Not every tool can be the game changer for your next event. But there are a few points you need to consider before opting for any of the tools in your next event. So let us take have a glance at these points: 

Ease of Use: 

When it comes to event management most often the event planners question how intuitive & user-friendly is the event planning tools? Before opting for any tools you should test the tool several times by asking for a demo of the tool or go for a trial period and make sure it is easy to operatable & navigatable. 

Your team will be happy & excited to adopt the tools as part of the event planning process if they find the event management tools are very user-friendly. 


This is the very vital part before opting for any tools for your event. Make sure you have a budget ready for your event and then you should plan for the tools that you believe is very essential from the event’s success point of view. Try to opt for the tools that do not over stretch your budget and also do not hamper the overall experience of the event. 

Support & Maintenance:  

What kind of support is available? Is 24/7 support & maintenance available or not? Are they going to resolve it instantly or not? Do you need to pay extra for support & maintenance? Etc. you should ask yourself these types of questions when you are taking a call on what types of event planning tools you are going to select. Always go for those event management platforms that will provide real-time support.

Feedback & Reviews: 

A very good way of opting for event management tools is by checking peer reviews and referrals of the tools. You can get the most valuable sources of information from any of your colleagues or friends who have probably tried & tested the planning tools before you. 

These can help you when you are in dilemma in selecting the right event management tools for your next event. So do not hesitate to seek help from others and take their feedback and review as well for the tools.

Top 15 Tools for Eventprofs for Your Next Event

Team Collaboration

It will not work out well if you are going to plan, manage, and host the event on your own. Hosting an event on your own can be risky and chances are things will not go as planned. Therefore, the perfect solution to this problem is to make a team and assigned their task. 

Managing and Leading a team upfront and ensuring effective collaboration between you & your team members can be a significant challenge on its own. In such scenarios, you may want to have good bonding between you and your team and all of you leverage the technology to host a perfect mega event.

Lead Scanning Tool

Planning an event is a project on your own that is difficult & many complex feet to achieve. However, ticket duplication & fake attendees due to human error can evoke havoc on your event's reputation & budget. An appropriate event lead scanning tool can significantly reduce your burden and stress.

 It will help you in streamlining the entire process from beginning to end, by enabling attendees to scan QR on their mobiles using their camera only during check-ins. It will save your time to check manually ticket duplication. 

Virtual Event Hosting

If you want to host your next event virtually then it becomes crucial to have the best virtual event hosting tool. An excellent virtual platform that offers tools to host the event,  is essentially the foundation for the entire event by providing a video conferencing space with inbuilt engagement and communication features. 

A robust virtual event platform will not only provide you with the most superior and seamless experience but also help you in monitoring the performance of your virtual event by providing real-time data analytics, virtual registration and reports. So make sure you have the best virtual event hosting tool on your side before opting for hybrid or virtual events.

Event Application 

Having a strong social media presence in the current time is a blessing. However, if you want to host a successful event your social media page may not be an adequate replacement for a visually appealing, well-designed and fully functional event app. The event app should provide seamless online registration & ticketing features. 

However, now you easily design & create a professional app without having any complex coding knowledge, some platforms provide innovative tools, which comparatively take much lesser time than the usual app creation process. Therefore, the next time you do not have to hire an expensive app developer to create your website.

Ticketing and Registration System

Attendees expect that they can be able to register themselves and purchase the tickets online when they want to attend your next event in person. One of the important aspects is that the tool that you will use for the registration & ticketing process for your next event should be user-friendly, simple and seamless. 

In addition, if you have a series of events lined up then make sure they can also register for those events and can book tickets easily. Do not forget to promote your event’s website on social media pages for reaching a maximum number of users. 

Attendee Management And Check-In 

Attendee check-ins can be a major pain both in-person events and virtual events. However, some tools can help you on this to manage and monitor attendee check-ins easily. They will also manage guest lists, allow onsite attendee check-ins with QR codes, and global push notifications and track attendee’s activities throughout the event. You can also check out the attendee’s data as well post-completion of the event.

Live Streaming of The Event

If you want to get global exposure then live streaming of your event can be a great choice. Post pandemic people are very much comfortable & willing to attend any events through any online live streaming medium. 

If you are planning to broadcast your events live through a live streaming platform or app, then it becomes very crucial for you to choose the right live streaming platform or app depending on the size & type of your event. Make sure you already tested the live streaming platform or the app before the event for a smooth experience on the day of the event.

Online Polling And Q&A

No one wants his or her events to be boring and not engaging. Therefore, to make your event a huge success you should run an engaging event. All you need to do is to add interactivity & participation of the attendees in the event, i.e. by adding Q&A and live polling to the event. 

Various tools can help you easily add online polls and Q&A to your event. If you are hosting in-person or hybrid events, you can take advantage of these tools to collect feedback and encourage interactions from attendees of your event. This can be a great way to improve the quality of your event and can be the key factor in the success of your event. 

Sponsorship Management

Finding the right and specific sponsors for your event is quite a cumbersome task and often can be some of the biggest challenges while you are planning an event. However, there are various sponsorship management tools available on the internet that can help you to find the best sponsorship partners by automatically collecting and managing sponsorship requests. You can show sponsored ads to your attendees about businesses, and brands to draw their attention.

Event Promotion Tools

If you do not know the art of promoting your event, then no matter how well you have planned the event it is going to be doomed to failure if attendees do not know about the event. Various tools are available on the internet to promote your event in various ways like social media marketing, email marketing, marketing analytics etc. Finding the right event-promoting tools is crucial which can help you win your audience’s attention effectively.

Social Feed 

If you want your attendees to have an opportunity to have a conversation with other attendees or the speakers to make them able to share their thoughts, experiences & ideas,  then you should introduce a social feed for your next event. Using this tool will help you to understand how many attendees are excited about your event and what they are expecting from it.

Survey Tool

Collecting Pre and Post data of the event is important as it provides various major insights, which are very useful from the business’s point of view. You can opt for a survey tool if you want to truly want to know about every movement of the attendees from checking in, checking out, where they are paying more attention etc. Make sure you chose the right survey tools and customize the survey tool according to your preference.  

Community Forum

Create a community forum that will allow the attendees to build a long-lasting relationship and will keep them hooked with your upcoming events. Using the community forum tool allows you to have interactions with your attendees and also you will get a clear view of what kind of events they are looking for or what kind of trends are driving them. Therefore, this tool is also very important to make your upcoming events successful.

Product Showcase

One of the main reasons why you need to display the products at your next event is to engage and attract attendees. Creating virtual displays to showcase products. This way attendees will get a clear idea of what the store is all about. In addition, they can easily access information about the products, which will allow them to make the right call on whether they should buy the product, or not? The right approach to showcasing products can leave a positive impression on your event. This is a great way, which will help you to anticipate what is attracting the buyers to your event.

Session Rating Tool

If you want to get feedback from your attendees about your event, you can use the session rating tool. Attendees will rate your event based on their experience, which will eventually help you to work on the areas where they feel improvisation is required. This is a necessary tool if you want to value your attendee’s opinion to make your upcoming events successful.

Hosting an event successfully requires a lot of hard work, effort, planning and teamwork. Event management software and tools are the key aspects when it comes to successfully hosting your event. Every aspect like registration & check-in, attendee management & ticketing, event design & marketing etc. everything can be sorted with the help of an event management tool.

You can use any of the tools for eventprofs mentioned above according to the need of the event you are hosting. As popular event organization platforms use different event hosting tools to host a stand-out event. 

You can use single tools or opt for all-in-one event planning software tools capable of handling everything. Make sure you do your research before opting for any of these tools in your next grand event.

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