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Top Proven Ways to Increase Engagement at Your Next Event

May 23, 2022
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Top Proven Ways to Increase Engagement at Your Next Event

It is not hidden to us the success of an event is determined by its audience engagement. But keeping your attendees engaged and enthusiastic throughout the whole event is no piece of cake. The audience engagement gives you an indication that they are listing and learning. If you became fail to engage your attendees, you will not be able to create brand awareness, deliver your message or create credibility and the goal of hosting the event will go in vain. 

According to a survey in America, around 35% of attendees fell asleep whereas, 89% of attendees admitted to daydreaming in a meeting. Many planners think that inviting famous speakers to the event can drive audience engagement. But there is a small contradiction, inviting a great speaker will increase your event ticket selling, not audience engagements. Nowadays, events are emerging as one of the interactive spaces to learn, connect and build event networking with leaders, other professionals and attendees through matchmaking algorithms and chat with event management apps

The number of active energized attendees instead of passive ones creates the differences between a flop show event and a memorable event. Future event success, lead conversation, event ROI and audience retention all of these depend on the engagement of an event. The more an event is engaging, the greater audience satisfaction and the increment of chances of participation in upcoming events. 

According to a report, over 85% of event marketing professional has admitted that audience engagement of an event is one of the integral parameters to determine its success. Undoubtedly, keep in mind the hardships of driving engagement, we have curated some proven ways to boost engagement at your event at every step. 

Choosing a Customizable Virtual Event Platform

While attending an event, an optimized event management platform is the foremost thing. Having a platform to connect with the prospective attendees, socialize and chat with them can give a long-term impact on the success of an event. As we mentioned above having a great speaker is not enough, otherwise, the event will be ended up with a one-sided lecture. Choose a customizable event management platform where the audiences can interact with the speaker one and one, ask questions or chat at least with other audiences too. Running promotional ads, sharing pre-event content and engaging with the audiences through hashtags, giving room to the audiences to share pictures, and videos of the event will work like wonder. So, when you choose an event management platform make sure you and your audiences have access to these tools. 

Use Trendy Hashtags to Drive Audience

Hashtags are everywhere. If you are skeptical about its potential to drive audience engagement for your upcoming events, you should know that using a unique hashtag before, during and after an event can drive up to 40% engagements. The hashtag will amplify your brand's presence on every social media platform. Before the event, you can share  through hashtags

During the event share all the media and content using the hashtags. Nowadays, apart from social media, few event management apps give features to create and promote hashtags on their applications too. In the event management app, the audiences are genuine so using hashtags there will give you fast and better results. Make sure you add your hashtags to the emails, invitations, tickets or other event promotional materials. The more people use it, the more others will know about it. 

Initiate Live Polls to Make your Attendees Engaged

Generating a bombard of live polls during the session can work like a spell to engage the audience. The live polls not only make the event interactive and engaging but also help the event planner to collect data, know the sentiments of the attendees and get feedback in real-time, which can be worthwhile for upcoming events. 

With the help of live polls, you can get to know everything, starting from food preferences to the favorite speaker about your audience. Data helps businesses understand the need of the audiences and the lacking parts that to be improved as a part of their event marketing strategies. 

Game of Engagement: Leverage the Power

While hosting an event you can prepare competitions, games or awards to drive the attention of the audience. By creating games, you can interact with the audiences in a fun way, build a community and start interesting conversations. The incorporation of games followed by giving awards is one of the proven ways to keep audiences alert. According to a survey, 60% of the organizers use games to improve audience engagement. For example, you can give award points based on participating in the live polls or Q&A sessions

And also make sure the winner can redeem the points after the event. Having gamification not only keep the audiences engaged with the host only but with the others attendees too who are participating in the game. Isn't it the ultimate motive? To provide room to promote your brand as well as create a robust event social community

Interactive Real-time Communication

A real-time conversation should be the must-have to develop a community. A lack of live communication can ruin your event strategies. After all, customers will attend the event to network, learn, and share knowledge, experience and get information. 

If the speaker is not communicating with them on a real-time basis, the event will turn into a monotonous one-sided lecture. Just like in-person event conversations take place unscripted, by creating a real-time space for socialization to forge a compelling community, for your prospective attendees, you can proceed with the event with great success. Make sure you do not skip this important point for a productive event. 

Start Microblogging

Microblogging during an event is also one of the best ways to keep audiences engaged. Microblogging is different from traditional blogging which is lengthy. Microblogging can be managed with the help of an event management app or various social media platforms to share short, informative content with real-time images. This is the fastest way to promote your events by passing valuable information and metrics about the event. 

Moreover, those who could not attend your event can also be engaged with microblogging. However, when you start doing microblogging make sure you inform your audience earlier. Share with them the starting time and timeframes when you will actively start posting. This allows the audiences who will participate in the event or who won't, to be prepared for the posts.


Entertainment: Part of the Strategy 

To have a successful event you must keep one thing in mind and that is entertainment. After a long session of the event, attendees will look for something interesting and entertaining. You can include so many things in the event for entertainment i.e. photo booth, social media contests, food, drinks, games etc. Make the audience's experience much for fun and exciting with all these arrangements. 

This way attendees will not be bored and they will enjoy the serious event in a much an interesting way. Most of the event hosting organizers are well aware of this and they are implementing the entertainment zone for the attendees. So for large engagement of the audiences and also to increase sales number & revenue of your business entertainment is a must-have.

Publish Innovative Blog Posts 

This is a quite brilliant step that can help you to have more engagement of audiences in your next event. Publishing new innovative blogs about your upcoming products or just a glimpse of the products can make attendees curious to know what the product is. Also on the other hand marketers will come to know about the important information of the event e.g. booth exhibitors, keynotes and sessions, Guest speakers, parties etc. 

You can create a lot of heat before the event and also link the event’s registration landing page on the blog page. So make sure you do not miss out on this point for a successful event with a lot of audience engagement.

Mobile App for the Event 

Another great way to increase the engagement of the attendee in your event is an event app. This is the best feature that you can use to allow users to sign up in the app for the event with ease. In that app, you can include all the relevant content in rich media form, enable push notifications that will help the attendees to be updated that what is going on, social media integration for the event and much more. 

Apart from this, you can also be able to track down what the attendees are up to and what attracted them most via analytics. You can even host the virtual event as well with the help of this app so that anyone across the globe can join and watch the event online.

Arrange a Great Host 

A great host steals the show or an event. So never misjudge or underestimate the importance of a great host for your next big event. Be it a successful virtual or a hybrid event right host brings the best out of them for any event that takes place. A great host guides participants, speakers, VIPs etc from place A to B, will engage with them and provide the best possible experience for them. 

Apart from that, a great host will also cover up if there is any kind of technical error or something like that takes place, this is why successful events never overlook the host. Make sure you have the appointment with the host before two to three months and also arrange another host as a backup.

Introduce Special Perks

This is one of the best ways to make your attendees feel special about the event, by alerting them about the perks through push notification. This can be a great opportunity for the attendees who are joining your event and in return, they receive something special. You can allow them to sign up for your personalized or special products, VIP grade hospitality in lunches or after-parties, free consultations about your products and much more you can include in the special perks. 

No doubt this is the best way to engage your attendees in your products and allow them to experience the products on their own. Hence the chances for great business will be just waiting in the corner for you. So make sure you include these special types of perks and also interact with attendees as well for a fully packed engaged event.

Send Appreciation Emails

After the event is successfully over it is your time to send an appreciation email by thanking all the attendees and other guests and VIPs for attending the event, to stay in touch, especially with all attendees. This is one of the best ways to make your attendees feel special even after the event is over and there will be a high chance that if they get another chance to attend any events hosted by you they will be happy to attend. 

You can also tell the attendees that it was your experience, talking with them about the event with whom you were engaged in the event. It is a great way to make them feel special and to realize how much your company is concerned to solve their problem. So do not miss out on these tips to build better connections.  

There are enormous ways to increase audience engagement in your next big event. So many things like polls, surveys, entertainment, booth design, customized swag and a lot endless number of innovative initiatives you can take to make your event more engaging and successful. One more thing that you need to pay attention to is that you need to follow the above-mentioned points or you can modify those according to your desire and will. 

If you follow the points mentioned above in this article chances are very high that your event’s number of attendees will increase up to 15 to 20 percent. So if you are planning an event to engage more attendees and also generate more sales & revenues make sure you only choose the best event hosting platform, if you want to host an epic event.

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