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How To Get More Sponsors For Your Next Virtual Event

January 14, 2022
5 min

Do you remember getting sponsors for your school or college event? Running from one shop to another and dialling endless numbers to get hold of at least one sponsor and then impressing your teacher with all the hard work. Yes! I'm sure majority of us have done that. Been there, done that! But let us think on a big scale now. What if you are hosting an event? Immediately after the decision to host an event, the issue of how to finance it arises. The most commonly used method of funding is to seek sponsors, but obtaining sponsors for your event is easier said than done. Sponsors receive hundreds of proposals on a regular basis, so the trick is to follow two rules: approach sponsors correctly and approach the right sponsors. Be it in-person or virtual you definitely need sponsorship. Setting up a virtual event with all the technicalities requires funds. Virtual experiences can be costly, but they provide sponsorship opportunities that are more comparable to those offered at in-person events. Here are several strategies you can use to raise your odds of getting sponsorships, funding, building brand recognition, increasing sales, and enhancing your brand image.

  1. Start from within.

Many times, your future sponsors are already within your reach. Check your social media accounts to see if there is anyone who you might know can help you with a potential lead. Before jumping out , try looking for things in and around you. This way you will save time and make things easier for yourself. If you use your existing network effectively, it can be one of your most powerful tools, particularly if you have already built trust with your contacts.       2. Get in touch with sponsors of other similar events. Take note of sponsors that have previously funded events that are close to yours. These companies are likely already aware of the importance of event sponsorship and would be compelled to invest and devote resources to this form of marketing after seeing the end results firsthand. This might just give your event the push it needs. Getting sponsorship from experienced companies can really be the cherry on the cake.

     3. Make the approach timing perfect.Some companies don't sponsor all round the year. It depends on the economy, the industry and the company’s ROI performance. Best way is to do thorough research to know the peak timings of sponsorship. If you want to get the best companies, do your research and gather all the potential information required. Allow enough time for your sponsorship campaign to progress (months, perhaps).       4. Shortlist the sponsors you have in your mind. Look into the companies you want to pitch and learn about their ideas and goals. Chalk out the similarities and objectives that you and your sponsor share. Before approaching, do your homework perfectly as you don't want to lose the ones you have in mind.

     5. Compose a proper pitch.Be well prepared with what you want to say beforehand. A pro tip can be to pitch past events first. Hearing about the success of previous events based on post-event satisfaction surveys with participants is likely to tip the scales in your favour as evidence that you are a subject matter expert who can be relied upon to provide high-quality work. This will also help build trust that you and your event are not a scam and are all hands for delivering valuable content.        6. Make your social media count. Social media is now a key indicator of a company's position. Sponsors can also predict an event's performance simply by looking at the activity on social media during the event. Your pitch will be bolstered by how well linked you are to your client base on social media, so make sure your platforms are current and engaging.

Incorporate all these points and get the sponsorship you deserve! You will be all set to nail-down a very successful and valuable event! So get set and go!

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