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How To Write A Powerful Speaker Bio(With Examples) For 2024

May 1, 2024
15 Mins
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Creating a presenter bio is like practicing a solid, firm handshake. Not only does it make a great first impression but also makes the recipient curious about you and your personality. That’s the impact a strong, well-written speaker bio can make on your digital presence. Speaker bios, unlike the brief on your CV or social media profile, are curated to display a holistic viewpoint of your professional achievements and personal milestones.

It’s the first glimpse that audiences and event attendees have into your work and personality. It enables your audience, event organizers, and exhibitors to understand what value you bring to events and conferences. So leverage the power of speaker bios with this presenter bio guide with tons of presenter bio examples to get you started.

Your Guide To Speaker Bio That Converts Audiences to Attendees.

Speakers everywhere, irrespective of experience, face the initial hiccup of curating a speaker biography. So if you feel the jitters, know that you are not alone. It’s tough when you don’t know exactly what to include.

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Should you talk about the marathon you won or the first time you conquered your fear of heights? Is a reference to your Ph.D. on ‘Psychology of War Veterans’ relevant? Should you write about the book on Finance Management you co-authored?

You do have a lot to offer and, understandably so, are unable to decide on what to include and what to discard. This is a common question that speakers have - how to write a bio for a conference?  This guide with speaker examples will help you strategically create a bio that is interesting, relevant, and grabs eyeballs.

1. List Down Relevant Information

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Start by listing down your academic experience, professional wins, achievements, awards, and any other personal milestones. This list will give you a bird's eye view of what can be included in your sample speaker bio. Keep in mind that, based on the conference type, you include only relevant points in your presenter bio.

This relevant conference speaker bio with examples will help organizers and attendees alike understand how your expertise aligns with the larger theme of the event.

“Not many people can claim to have saved over 1000 lives, but then Joe Erwin is not most people. Having graduated from the Cooper Medical School of Rowan University with a degree in Medical Education, he has been working as an emergency responder for 15 years. Being present in dangerous situations, where a single decision can be the difference between life and death - Joe has proved his mettle by displaying grit, courage, and level-headedness. In addition to these services, Joe has co-started a volunteer organization ‘Road Safety For All’. The foundation aims to bring awareness about road safety to the masses and his aim is to spread awareness across the United States.

The larger aim that Joe and his colleagues are working towards is to minimize the loss of lives from driving negligence. When he is not out there saving lives, Joe loves to hike and has a self-proclaimed love for ‘the great outdoors’.

This presenter bio is an example of including relevant points in the description. It’s kept brief with a stronger focus on the speaker's professional services. While doing this, do make sure to include tidbits about your personal life and experiences. This helps your audience see how your work builds your character and personality.

For instance in this bio the statement ‘grit, courage and level-headedness’ paint a picture of Joe as one who has developed soft skills that are key to the service he offers.

2. Length of Your Speaker Biography

Photo by Jametlene Reskp on Unsplash

Once you have the relevant information listed down, it’s important to check the bio length requested by the event organizer. While some expect short and succinct descriptions, others are open to longer descriptions.

A hack to follow here is to create a longer, generalized speaker bio template for your brand’s personal site. This can cover your diverse experiences and achievements. You can then edit and personalize this personal bio based on the nature of the conference. All it then takes is to eliminate irrelevant information and retain pointers that align with the event’s guidelines.

Tamara Syed is a renowned psychologist and a mental health and wellness consultant. Having published 26 papers on topics of Mental Health, Emotional Well Being, Mental Disorders, Lifestyle and the Impact of Mental Health, Tamara’s work has caused ripple effects in the field of Mental Health & Psychology. Her focus has always been on encouraging women and especially women of color to take on challenging projects in the field.

Not only does Tamara preach empowerment but she also practices it. Having worked with children of refugees, Tamara has set up over 45 tech hubs that act as educational spaces for these children to learn about and adopt new-age technology. Tamara has also taken on the role of dean at the Institute of Mental Health and Welfare Studies. Her work here is based on curating a more empathetic and modern training manual for new interns to adopt. She wants to humanize the field even more with creative approaches that equip doctors to work well with patients.

With such accolades under her belt, Tamara has been a force to reckon with not just in the professional field but even on the sports field. She is a ‘born runner’ and has participated in multiple marathons - successfully acing them. Her love for sports doesn’t end here though - she loves indulging in football and volunteers as a coach at the local club. Tamara has always believed that the sky is the limit when it comes to everything women can achieve. Despite a tough childhood and limited opportunities, Tamara has today carved a niche for herself in her work. She has inspired millions of people, especially women of color, with her enthralling speeches at TED Talks. With so much to do, Tamara still finds time to indulge in re-reruns of ‘Gossip Girl’ - a guilty pleasure she cannot do without. Oh and did we mention, she has a Twitter account where she tweets about the latest fashion trends? Go figure!

This master presenter bio example has multiple elements working cohesively to paint a vibrant personality of the speaker. It begins with the speaker's professional achievements and experience. But gradually moves to their altruistic nature. It also focuses on her love for sports - subtly displaying the spirit of sportsmanship and teamwork she brings to the table.

An authentic addition comes from mentioning her love of popular shows and fashion - aspects that most audiences would not expect of her based on her work profile. This tells the audience that not only is the speaker accomplished but is also relatable.

The feeling of ‘He/She is one of us’ holds a huge allure when it comes to attendees displaying interest in speakers. This lengthy master sample bio for presentation can be edited and customized to focus on one facet of the speaker's personality or can be included as a whole.

3. Tell Your Story

‘Once upon a time’ is an adage we have all grown up listening to. Our subconscious minds relate to stories and tales. According to a study, stories used in public speaking can increase retention by 26%.  So leveraging the power of storytelling can work wonders in retaining the attention of your audience.

Photo by Wan San Yip on Unsplash

Also, ensure that your story is authentic and true to your on-stage personality. Often there is an impulse to create a ‘larger-than-life' persona in your speaker bio. This can lead to cognitive dissonance because it leaves your audience confused and unsure of what to expect from you.

“In her own words, Amy Baker loves making an entrance. After all, it's not every day that you see a 19-year-old on stage speaking of the gift of life. When Amy was 4 she was diagnosed with a muscular disorder causing her to take on the assistance of a wheelchair. Growing up and unable to perform everyday tasks like her peers, riddled Amy with self-doubt. Amy admits that these phases of her formative years were the hardest to accept.

Yet Amy was born a fighter. She realized that her journey was unique but not rare. There were many others like her who felt isolated. So Amy began vlogging her everyday journey. She shared hacks, resources, and information on centers that help people like Amy lead a good quality life. In addition, Amy began volunteering at schools for the differently abled. Witnessing Amy leading a life of purpose has inspired many young children and adults to emulate the same. At the age of 14, Amy was invited to her first TED event and since then Amy has flown across the globe spreading her message of hope and grit. She is currently a high school student pursuing her distance education in the field of Social Services. Just like any other teenager though, Amy loves music and is often seen humming the latest Taylor Swift song.”

This bio is one example of bios for speakers where the reader is taken on a journey. It starts with the speaker's formative years, struggles, vulnerabilities, and their story of perseverance. Since stories have a very clear beginning, middle, and end - readers know what to expect. In addition, a story keeps people guessing about the element ‘of what next’, thus ensuring that your speaker biography is read till the end.

4. Write in The Third Person

You must have observed a pattern in all the above sample bios for presentation. They are all written in the third person. While this is not a rule set in stone, it’s often followed by speakers as a standardized barometer. The reason is simple - it’s easier to speak of your achievements if you write about them in the third person.

Speakers, irrespective of experience, struggle to speak about their achievements. We usually assume that we can come across as pompous for writing highly of ourselves. But it's important to publicize your presenter bio and even exaggerate certain aspects of your life. This does not mean you speak of fictitious events but rather market your brand to get the attention you deserve.

Here’s an example of a short bio written in the third person.

“Jimmie Kramer is a man who dons several hats. But never mistake him for a jack of all trades and a master of none. Jimmie has successfully mastered several skills in his journey as an IT Consultant. He has worked with several big-league organizations like Amazon, Apple, and Tesla and has been on the board of tech giants like Google. His affinity for all things Tech has transferred into a full-blown course on ‘The Future of The Internet’ for young tech enthusiasts.

Jimmie has won multiple prestigious awards but still believes that the best accolade he has won is that of being called a ‘Dad’. His four children are the light of his life and when he is not spearheading the tech industry with innovations, he is busy playing ‘head chef’ for his family.”

The beginning of this bio, if written in the first person could be mistaken for Jimmie being egoistic. However, the third-person tone completely shifts this idea and aids the natural flow of the bio.

5. Humor Sells

Funny does stick and as per research 77% of people are likely to buy from a funny sales rep. You too are a salesperson, marketing your brand to exhibitors, organizers, and audiences. So adding humor (not forced though) is key to making your audience feel connected.

Photo by Jeremy McGilvrey on Unsplash

This speaker bio template is an example of a humorous one, where we break the traditional approach and write it in the first person.

“I work as a stand-up comic in my time off - there, that was the joke. I am George Seinfeld, a man of few words and many jokes up my alley. Well, I don’t want to bore you with long introductions about my many talents, so here’s what I really do.

I and my team are spearheading research in the field of Bone Grafting. So yes, you could, in simpler terms, call me a ‘medical man’ who sometimes lands a joke (quite rarely). Our research is aimed at helping patients suffering from various muscular dystrophies find hope with this treatment. It’s a battle we undertake every day and while we don’t always win, we always show up.

So, while I may not always tickle your funny bone, I have a team who will help you fix it.”

The topics covered here deal with medical battles that George and his team undertake. Yet his presenter bio speaks of his ability to see perspective and a silver lining in dire situations. The humor helps the audience feel at ease when difficult topics are discussed. His speaker bio template is reflective of his humor - which audiences know will filter into his on-stage presence.

We hope that these points and examples of bios for speakers help you create a stellar introduction to your personal brand.

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So contact us today to empower your event and your speakers with the power of an intuitive platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Write Biography For A Speaker?

Writing a biography for a speaker is a multi-step process. It's best to start with a draft that you can edit and modify. Remember, adding humor and a story are key to creating a speaker biography - one that is engaging, fun, and interesting.

What is the Biography of Speaker for a Seminar?

Speaker bios for seminars are snippets that elaborate on the speaker’s achievements, accolades, experience, and subject matter expertise. This bio is the first peek the audience and seminar attendees get into the speaker’s personality and fields of interest. A well-curated speaker bio can be the decisive factor for audiences on whether they wish to attend the particular session.

How Do You I Write Bio About Myself?

Writing a bio about yourself begins with

1. Listing down all your achievements, life experiences, professional milestones, and future plans.

2. Infusing the list with elements from your own personality - for instance, you could be great at dry humor and so can include comebacks and witty remarks into your speaker bio.

3. Writing about yourself in the third person. This is an easy hack to write about yourself without falling prey to self-doubt or self-consciousness. This method helps you be objective about your own experiences and shortcomings.

What is a good Speaker Bio?

A good speaker bio is one which is created keeping in mind the type of event or seminar and the interests of the target audience. These are two primary factors that when taken into account help create an engaging speaker bio. In addition, elements of humor, dialogue, a conversational style, and tone - all add to the speaker bios appeal.

What is Short Bio of The Speaker?

A short speaker bio is a brief overview of the speaker’s professional and personal journey. A short bio is often added as a snippet on event management apps, seminar introductions, and event lists. The purpose of a shorter bio is to allow audiences to gauge your work and its relevance to them before committing to attending your session. Considering the ever decreasing attention spans of audiences, a short bio is a great way to engage audiences and convert them into attendees.

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