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Eventify vs Attendify

Eventify Vs Attendify (EVENTIFY Vs THE OTHERS #1)

Disclaimer: All the facts, figures and other information mentioned in this post have been taken from publicly available, unverified sources. For more accurate information, please contact the website owners directly.

Eventify is the BETTER all-round event app builder and event app management platform.

PRICING – It’s Not Even Close

Let us first consider the pricing of the basic and the fully branded event app services. Attendify charges $999 for your event to be featured or listed in its app. That’s ~300% more expensive than the charge for an event to be listed on the Eventify app ($249). Also, for a limited time period, this $249-worth Business Pro package of Eventify is available for FREE. There ain’t any such offer mentioned – explicitly or implied – on the Attendify website.

Moving on to branded event apps now, and the difference remains as stark as ever. Subscribing to Eventify’s Enterprise Pro package costs you $599 (single event). On the Attendify platform, doing the same thing leaves you lighter in the pocket by $1999 – a more than 233% expense. A multi-event pricing of $2999 gives a semblance of savings – but it’s still costs much less to build 4 white-labeled event apps on Eventify ($2999 vs $2396).

Here is the source from where the pricing info is taken (as on 20 May 2019)


EVENT REGISTRATION – The Per-Attendee Charges

Eventify has a flat pricing structure. Irrespective of whether your event brings in 500 or 50,000 visitors, you’ll be charged $599 for a custom branded event app. If you wish to get registrations done via the platform, you can simply add the URL of the registration/ticketing website (event website OR third-party website) in the ‘Webview’ section – and let your users know about that.

On the other hand, Attendify has eyes on how BIG your event is. You are charged $1 for every additional ticket sold – over and above 2.5% of the overall proceeds. In essence, if yours is an event that brings in many attendees, there are chances of your margins and ROI getting trimmed. On Eventify, $599 is all you have to pay.

Here is the source from where the pricing info is taken (as on 20 May 2019)

CONTRACTS & OBLIGATIONS – Really Want To Get Into That?

As expressed in the respective ‘Terms & Conditions’ pages of Attendify and Eventify, the platforms are targeted towards B2B event planners above the age of 13. However, the similarities end there – as Attendify clearly binds you in a “legally binding contract”. If, for any reason, you are not particularly happy with the platform – you cannot simply leave it. You need to send an email, stating your wish to discontinue (cancellation requests via phone are not entertained). You sign up, and you HAVE TO STAY ON for the specified period in the contract.

The point here is, do you really need this obligation while making an event app? Eventify works on a ‘like-it-or-leave-it’ approach – where you can get onboard at any time, build your app (it should take less than 30 minutes), and in case you wish to leave the platform – you are absolutely free to do so. There are no ‘contracts’ or ‘agreements’ binding you to Eventify for XX years. No strings attached.

Here is the source from where the pricing info is taken (as on 20 May 2019)



  • No hidden costs – The Business Pro plan is for $249 (currently FREE), the Enterprise Pro plan is $599 – and that’s all there is, as far as your expenses are concerned. No additional charges.
  • Mobile-first approach – Eventify makes it easier than ever to build your app, save your work and pay with your mobile device. Mobile usage has taken over from desktop usage, and we know that.
  • Round-the-clock support – Ask us for a live demo anytime (we do not use a stock video demo). Get sample events built on the Eventify app. If you have a query, call us/email us anytime. We are present 24×7, across 18+ time zones.
  • Best-in-class technology – Eventify offers you the opportunity to make use of cutting edge event technology – to plan your events better, optimise paperless event promotions, AND make more and save more from your events.
  • Zero distractions – You hate large, flashing banner ads and popups, and so do we. The Eventify admin panel is smooth and streamlined, letting you build your event app in an easy flow…in less than 30 minutes.
  • Regular Updates – By the next quarter, we have plans to launch a series of exciting, web-based features for Eventify (event website, social community, and more). Our updates and feature additions are based on the feedback and suggestions provided by real users.
  • For all events – You are the real star of Eventify – irrespective of whether you are making an app for a small workshop, or a global business conference. Eventify is fully customisable and 100% scalable, ensuring that you can build B2B apps of any type on it.


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