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Event app essential features

Event Apps In 2019: 6 Must-Have Features

It’s an old tale now when event planners used to go through the hassle of working on papers, managing everything manually. The event industry is evolving with the growing age of time. The new trend is the mobile event apps. These event apps put all the information in the hands of the attendees and all the control in the organizers’ hands. But what features does an event app need to have? What kind of of an app will suffice an event’s requirements?

Here are some of the most essential things you need to have for your event app.

Event Session and Schedule

The mobile event app must have a feature of event sessions and schedules – where you can make your event schedule and update it when required. You will also be able to share the schedule with your attendees with a click.

Customizable Graphics

The event app must be customizable. With the customizable feature, you will be able to customize the graphics and looks of your event app according to your event’s theme. You should also have multiple themes and templates to choose from.

Interactive Floor Plan And Maps

The app must have an option from where you can add your venue’s floor plans and easy navigation maps for your attendees. This will make a lot easier for attendees to explore your event.

Push Notifications

It is very important for your app to have global push notifications. With global push notifications you will be able to inform your attendees about every event related news and updates without any hassle.

Private Messaging

This feature will let you and your attendees connect with each other. The attendees will also be able to chat and interact with their peers and this feature will give an opportunity to every person on the app to network and build business relations.

Speakers and Exhibitors Directory

With this particular feature of the app, you can put information about your speakers along with a small description and links to their social media accounts. Also, your attendees will get a chance to know about your speakers and exhibitors.

All these features incorporated in a single app will perfectly do your task. Moreover you can have a section for your sponsors, city and designation guides. And you must have password protection and user authentication.


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