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Event Planning Myths

Busted! Top 10 Event Myths you Need To Stop Believing

Event planning has never been as huge as it is today. It is a vast area with a lot of scope and opportunities to innovate and present the best to the world. There are so many things which are gradually coming on the platter. And with all the innovation and creation coming onboard, there are certain myths as well. Lay your eyes on the myths and facts to make sure you are living on the facts. 


Myth #1: You Don’t Need A Contingency Plan 


People think Plan A is enough and it always works, but there is no certainty for this. You might have mapped out everything and executed it perfectly but there is always a scope for last minute changes. This is something you can’t foresee but you need to be prepared for. You never know, you might need to change your venue, your sound system might crash or one of your speakers might cancel on you, anything can occur. To save yourself from last minute hassles and consequent embarrassments, you should always have a contingency plan. 


Myth #2: Once The Event Is Over Your Work Is Done


It is one of the biggest myths, that an event planner’s work gets over with the end of the event. Well the truth is, the real task begins after the event. Post event marketing is very necessary

It is after the event, you get reviews and you get to measure your ROI. It is the best time for you to go through all the attendee feedback and analyse what worked best and what didn’t work. 


Myth #3: Events Don’t Need To Be Scheduled  Strictly 


Every event needs a schedule and so does your event. A strict and defined schedule is really important to shape an event. Many event planners lose track of time, ignoring time limitations. If you do so, you may overrun a few important aspects of your event.You should be very certain of what is starting when, and the sessions are supposed to end. The proper allotment of time is very necessary. And most importantly, your attendees should not have any confusion regarding the event schedule. 


Myth 4: Websites Are Difficult To Make


Building the event website is one big task. The website is basically the face of your event, it can get you attendees and at the same time drive away your potential attendees. Website is the very first impression of your event on your potential attendees. And many event planners see it as a burden on them.


In reality, it’s not that tough to create a website which can convert website visitors into potential attendees. You can easily create a website with all the valued content for your attendees without any hassle of coding. Eventify enables you to bring your ideas on your webpage which you can create with simple drag and drop feature. 


Myth #5: Social Media Promotion Does Not Gets You ROI


An event organizer looks forward to make good sales, get attendees and build a reputation in the industry. All these things are lead by awareness and there is no better way to spread awareness than social media. Social media directly or indirectly fetches your ROI. More than 85% event planners believe that social media is one of the best strategies for marketing to get ROI. You can reach out to your potential attendees globally, talk about your event sessions and speakers which would interest your attendees. 


Myth #6: Event App Makes No Difference 


There are a lot of things which an event app does and it certainly brings a huge difference to the event and the attendee experience. It gets very easy for you to handover all the necessary information to your attendees – whether it’s schedule, session info or exhibitors and sponsors info. 


Also, it is a myth that an event planner has to choose between an event app and an event management software. There is no such necessity, especially when you can work with integration. You can actually integrate both your event website and event app with your backend management software and do wonders with them. 


Myth #7: App And Websites Need Coding


One more myth which does not exist anymore. There was a time when developers and coders were required for building an event app and event website but not anymore. Technology is at its peak of innovation, so are the DIY event management platforms. If you look around, you will certainly find some exclusive event management platforms with event website and event app builders- where you wouldn’t need any coding to build them. 


With platforms like Eventify, you get the controls in your hand. You don’t need to depend on a third party to build your event app and website. You can make customized website and app on your own with simple drag and drop features without any coding. 

Myth #8: Event Management Software Are Expensive 


If there is quality, there is money! Not certainly. Quality always does not necessarily come for huge prices, sometimes if you look at the right places, you get them at quite reasonable bills. You might need to fish a bit but there are platforms who offer packages of event management software including event app and event website. This would be quite cheaper in comparison to just the event management software, event app or event website. Moreover, you wouldn’t need to choose between the three, you can have them all integrated for your event. 


Myth #9: Selling Tickets Is The Ultimate Goal 


Many people out there think that the ultimate goal is to sell the tickets, get attendees and earn ROI. But that’s just not enough. Event if you manage to achieve your ticket sales and get the attendees onboard and you would fail to meet the attendee expectations, you will lose your reputation and the crowd for future events. 


It’s very necessary to understand that the ultimate goal is not to sell out the tickets, the goal should be meeting the attendees expectations, providing them the best attendee experience with great sessions and networking opportunities. This would get you a reputation in the industry. Also, in your future events you can put testimonials and showcase some pictures on your event website. 


Myth #10: No One Reads T&C 


This could have been true a decade back but now it’s certainly a myth. There used to be a time when people didn’t used to take T&C seriously. Many a times they didn’t read and even if they did, they didn’t understand the complicated technical terms and they used to hit ‘agreed’ without knowing what exactly they are getting into.


But now, it’s nothing like before. People read T&C and take them very seriously. They make sure that they understand each and every bit of they are getting into. And if they feel some kind of breach or they fail to understand something they reach out to the concerned tech vendor(s). 


You should be very cautious of what you are offering in the industry. Client’s perspectives have changed, they know what they need, what fits into their events. They are much more aware and updated about the details. Make sure you maintain transparency and provide the best you can. 


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