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    Slide Features Customised Event Apps Say ‘HI’ to the world of paperless event promotions. Create powerful, information-rich and personalised event apps that make your digital promotion plans more effective than ever.

    Slide App Builder Click to add/remove sections. Wide selection of info sections. Easy customisation & branding. View live previews of your event app. Intuitive Event App Builder. No Coding Knowledge Required.

    Features At A Glance

    Eventify is an advanced event app builder tool that lets you create
    fully functional and customised mobile event applications. Get on it and discover its advantages.

    For All Events

    Build dedicated mobile apps for business/tech conferences, workshops, exhibitions, trade shows, meetings, and more.



    Add/remove information sections based on the needs of your event. Make apps that attendees would actually love.


    Push Notifications

    Send global push notifications directly (about any news related to your event), to keep all attendees in the loop.


    Maps & More

    Add event floor plans AND easy navigation maps to event venues. Integrate social media and news on the activity stream.


    Private Messaging

    Send one-to-one private messages to event attendees, through the built-in chat feature of Eventify. Stronger connections...guaranteed!


    Reporting & Analytics

    Keep track of the people and devices on which your app is being used. Check out detailed event attendee stats, analytics & figures.

    Create custom, feature-rich, dedicated apps for public and private events.

    Add logos, covers, theme colours & more to personalise your event.

    Add featured sessions, featured exhibitions & event itinerary.

    Simply click to add/remove sections from your event app.

    Include navigation maps as well as floor plans for your event.

    List your event’s principal sponsors and partners with ease.

    Built-in messaging and global push notifications.

    Check out visual representations of event attendee analytics.

    Track users and devices used to access your event app.

    Share news and use powerful social media integrations.

    Stay Ahead With Eventify

    Our multi-featured event app builder tool offers end-to-end support for creating an engaging, dynamic and informative event app from scratch. Use Eventify...and become a more successful event organiser!


    Slide Eventify is more than just an event app. Could this be any easier? Build and Preview your app today. Request a Demo