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July 31, 2023
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Eventify Announces The Launch Of Its Zapier Plugin For Event App Integration

Event managers frequently complain about long working hours. According to EventMB's survey on Skift, 30% of event managers have cited long hours as their primary concern. Ref here.

The arduous nature of conference planning is just one factor, as a considerable amount of work goes into behind-the-scenes tasks such as selling tickets, setting up event apps, and managing logistics.

Managing multiple software can also be a time-consuming process. Manually downloading registrant lists from the event registration system, formatting them correctly, and then uploading them to the mobile event app and management system takes up valuable time. How many times will this process need to be repeated before the event day?

Event Managers are the Busy Bees and that's a problem we want to solve!

The Need For Event Software Integration ?

Lets explore the possible reasons why you as an event manager need an event tech which can be easily integrated with the others:

Streamlining Ticketing and Event registration

You may have your own ticketing platform preference which you work with over the years. There is no way you can manually export/import attendees everytime.

Backoffice Data Sharing

Lets say you need to share data with your event caterers, you would need a way to tell them the attendee's food preferences. Another example could be that you'd like a concierge to know when a VIP has checked-in. With a real time interactive features you could have such an integration in place

Data Analysis

As an event manager, you would love to feed in the data of the event to your data analysis tool to get better insights about your event. Say you want to present it to your sponsors via an AI tool. You would need an integration which can do this for you!

Solution: A new way of Event Integration

Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem. Eventify's efficient event management system now integrate with more than 5000+ third-party integrations, streamlining your workflow from your event system to Eventify ( Until you're fully ready to switch to Eventify's end to end event management platform).

Announcing the Zapier Integration for Event Automation

Eventify is proud to announce the integration of Zapier into its suite of products. Eventify is a platform for B2B events and conferences and its state-of-the-art event app now allows users to automate their event processes with the power of Zapier.

With this integration, Eventify's users can now take advantage of Event Triggers and Actions, making their event management experience more seamless and efficient.


Zapier Triggers

Event Triggers are notifications that are sent automatically when certain actions occur within the event, such as a new attendee registration or a ticket purchase.

These triggers alert the user that something has occurred so they can take action. Event Triggers include New Attendee Registration, Attendee Checked In, Attendee Updated, and New Order via Ticket.

Zapier Actions

In addition to Event Triggers, Eventify users can also use Zapier Actions to automate their event processes. These actions include Attendee Check-in and Create or Update event attendees.

The Check-In Attendee action allows the user to automatically check in an attendee to the event, saving time and reducing the potential for human error.

The Create or Update Attendee action allows the user to automatically create or update attendee information, ensuring that all attendee information is up-to-date and accurate.

Event Automation as a Game Changer

The integration of Zapier into Eventify's platform is a game-changer for event organizers. It streamlines the event management process and allows for greater automation.

With Event Triggers and Actions, event organizers can easily set up automated workflows to ensure that their events are running smoothly.

For example, an event organizer can set up an automated workflow using Event Triggers to send text messages to attendees when they check in or to email them when they purchase tickets.

Additionally, they can use Zapier Actions to automatically check in attendees and update their attendee information when changes occur.

Hubspot, Salesforce, And More Than 5000+ Event App Integrations

The integration of Zapier also opens up new opportunities for event organizers to integrate Eventify with other platforms, such as Hubspot CRM or Salesforce and other marketing automation tools, to create an even more comprehensive event management and attendee engagement experience.

Eventify users can now easily connect their event app with other services that they use to manage their events, such as email marketing platforms, payment gateways, and CRMs.

This allows them to synchronize data between different systems and automate tasks such as sending out thank you emails to attendees or updating their CRM when an attendee registers for the event.

What Eventify's CEO Had to Say?

"We are thrilled to announce the integration of Zapier into our platform," said Hussain Fakhruddin, CEO of Eventify. "We are always looking for ways to improve the event management experience for our users and this integration is a huge step in that direction. We believe that this integration will help our users save time and reduce the potential for human error, allowing them to focus on creating an amazing event experience for their attendees."

Eventify is committed to providing the best possible event management experience for its users. With the integration of Zapier, the platform is now even more powerful and user-friendly.

Event managers can now automate their event processes with ease, allowing them to focus on creating an amazing event experience for their attendees.

If you're an Eventify user and want to take advantage of the new Zapier integration, contact the Eventify support team for more information.

Mobile Event App

With the integration of Zapier, Eventify users can now take their event management to the next level with their mobile event apps.

From automating attendee check-in to integrating with other platforms, Eventify's conference app and Zapier integrations allows event organizers to save time and money while creating an amazing event experience for their attendees.

Not only that, but with the ability to automate tasks, event organizers can focus on other aspects of their event, such as creating engaging and meaningful content for their attendees.


At Eventify, we strive to provide our users with the best event management experience possible.

With the integration of Zapier, we are confident that our users will be able to create even more amazing events with ease.

If you're an Eventify user and want to take advantage of the new Zapier integration, contact the Eventify support team for more information.

If you're not an Eventify user yet, sign up today to experience the power of Eventify's state-of-the-art event app and the new Zapier integration.

Looking for Mobile Event Apps

Look no further than the Eventify's Event App, which can also help you save money on printing costs.

With the potential to reduce printing costs while boosting attendee engagement, our mobile event apps offers an excellent ROI.

Once you upload your event information, the Eventify app allows you to create interactive maps, personal session agendas, and share documents and slides from sessions, all of which can be easily accessed and saved within the app.

Eventify's engaging conference app has other features that include instant Push notifications for all your attendees, sponsor ad banners, event gamification and much more.

Additionally, the app works both online and offline, so even in areas where there is limited or no WiFi, attendees can still access critical information, such as maps of the conference center.

The Eventify app ensures that attendees are never left in the dark about where to go next, as the conference center map is always displayed regardless of internet connectivity.

Final Thoughts

Even with Zapier integration, there is always need for more and more. At Eventify, we are planning to launch a comprehensive suite of APIs which would give an added advantage to build on top of Eventify platform. We understand that its critical for you as an event manager to have the right conference app and tools with you so that you can impress your attendees with a wow! factor when they come to your in-person events.

Would you like to see how our event platform and event apps work? Contact our friendly team to book a personalized demo!

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I'm a Growth Hacker at Eventify, Inc. for four years and was with Teksmobile since 2014. Formerly a technical writer and corporate communications manager, I now focus on maximizing event organizers' ROIs through custom solutions. My role involves collaborating with professionals to drive growth for the Eventify platform.

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