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Using Eventify’s 1:1 private messaging feature to make virtual events more engaging

When you’re playing a football match or a cricket match, what is your goal? Definitely to win the match. Similarly if you’re hosting an event, your primary goal is to win the audience’s attention. You want to create a great event experience and an event worth remembering.


Allowing your attendees to connect with likeminded people is a great way to boost your event. On Eventify you can send one-to-one private messages to event attendees, through the built-in chat feature. Wondering how to do that? Let me first take you through the steps to build your very own event application.


  • Showcase your brand – Add a summary of the event, dates, a logo, an event cover, and the app’s theme colour.

  • Add information you wish to share – Add/remove parts with a single click. You can  add featured exhibitors, speakers, sessions, and sponsors, exchange schedules, and much more.

  • Instant previews on devices – Check the look of your app on smartphones, tablets and your web browser. The changes you make are instantly updated so you know exactly what’s going on.

  • Your app goes live – Once you’ve made all the necessary changes and reviewed it, submit the app on the event app builder tool. Your app will be sent for review – and will be live on App Store/Play Store within a week (or less).

After you are logged in, host your events with the best features on board. You can even send last minute information through systematic push notifications. Share all the latest info about your upcoming conference seamlessly with the attendees. Greater awareness about last-minute changes would lead to higher user-satisfaction. Just –

  • Create & edit push notifications the way you want.
  • Select the audience to send notifications to.
  • Decide whether you would like to send emails too.
  • Track the status of all sent push notifications.

Staying connected one to one can give you clarity if you’re on the right path. There are tons of benefits of private messaging. The whole 1:1 messaging makes customer service experience much more streamlined. You want the best for your audience. Understand your audience as much as possible. If you get fascinating responses then you’re on the ball!

people sitting down near table with assorted laptop computers


You don’t need to wrap your head around to get your audience’s attention. Everything has a right time. If you deliver valuable and wholesome content, even your competitors can’t stop you from being ahead!


1:1 private messaging feature not only improves the experience for the customer but also for the brand. What more? In-app messaging can increase trust levels between the host and the attendee. It can foster increased engagement. An important element that you will need to focus on is stickiness. You want them to stick to your event and your brand. That is how it’ll stay in their hearts and minds forever.


The key is to create a seamless and snappy experience for customers. With this new ‘digital’ world, people love communicating and connecting online. People are becoming more dependent on digital communication be it with friends, family or the brand they love. Get on Eventify and push up user engagement to the next level.



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