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Top 7 Ways In Which Event Apps Help You Save Money

January 14, 2022
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Event planning can involve a hefty amount of expenses. Organising an event needs a budget which is generally on the higher end. Catering, advertisements, staffing, promotions always seek a huge part of your budget. In such scenarios, saving that extra bit is always a bonus. Instead of cutting out a few things, you need to invest smartly. Investing in event management software will save you money on many things.


Promotions eat up a huge part of your budget. It is something on which you can’t compromise as an event resides on strong promotions. You promotions need to be on point, reaching out the target audience, engaging them. With event management software, there is a scope for saving. You can promote you event digitally through social media and your event website. As it is, there is no better way to reach out to your target audience than social media. It has the biggest crowd. Not only that, you can also earn with your event management software. You can get easy ROIs by taking advantage of in-app advertising.


Event management software reduces manpower requirements and will automatically save your money on staffing. You can setup registrations, checkin, pass on important information with one software. Since your registrations and check-in will be done digitally and the manual procedures minimised, your staffing will automatically reduce. You can even promote your event as a paperless event with this smart investment. Also, with event apps, attendees will be able to self help most of the time.


You know it’s a never ending procedure when it comes to printing. The printing costs in an event are huge. Flexes, id cards, banners, registration papers, schedule, pamphlet and what not!These cost drastically reduce when you go digital. With integrated event registrations and check-in carried out with the event management software, the reduction in your printing costs can be really significant. In-app advertisements and digital promotions save your money on banners and flexes to a certain extent. By going digital, you remain in the trend and at the same time save your money. Also, you get a tag of ‘green event’.


It’s certainly not necessary to invest in order to save. You can take leverage of the event apps and event management software for free or with a very minimal charge. There are platforms who offer a free plan in order to promote their services in the industry. Most of the time, there are no hidden charges and they almost provide all the features as the paid version. There might be certain features which might not be available on the free version. But if you are skeptical about investing in digital event management platforms, this is a great option for you. You can see whether it is something which will fit into your event for free.


The major part of the budget is also acquired by the event tickets. It is one of the most important aspects on which the success of the event relies. Now, some event planners list their event and tickets on a third party ticketing platform, some host the tickets on their own event website. In both scenarios, you will be required to collaborate with a ticketing platform in order to get the payment gateways on place. All inclusive event management platform are a better option. You will be getting event app, backend support system and ticketing for one price which might be a little higher than what you will have to pay for just ticketing. But when you look at it as a package, it’s quite a deal.


Event websites are expensive. The whole process of getting your desired event website is lengthy. Hiring a web designer or going onboard with a web designing company is expensive; moreover, it’s not very easy to put your thoughts and ideas on work when someone else is building it. With event management software you get everything at one price, which is very reasonable when you go to pay for each thing separately. There are many platforms who offer websites and apps for free if you are taking the whole event management software.


Adding a gallery section in your event app can be of dual advantage. You can save on the expense of photography and engage your attendees. You can increase the attendee engagement by motivating them to take pictures and upload it in the gallery section. You can also host a small competition for the best picture or photographer to excite the attendees. Later, you can use these pictures for your social media posts, websites and testimonials. Not only money, you save time as well. Incorporating everything in one package saves you a lot of time since you wouldn’t need to manage everything separately.

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