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Top 6 Machine Learning Conferences In 2019

Artificial Intelligence is no more a science fiction novel, it’s more like an everyday chore now. It has perfectly blended itself in the real world, and is continuing to take over a major part of it with its ‘intelligence’. In such scenarios you would always like to stay updated and be in control of it. So here is the list of upcoming machine learning conferences in 2019 to get you a closer insight of AI:

Machine Learning Innovation Summit

Date: 14th -15th May

Location: San Francisco

Machine Learning Innovation Summit is a part of Datax festival where you will have full two days of insight on machine learning and AI. It gives you an opportunity to learn and exchange your ideas with over 100 data scientists who will be featuring as keynote speakers. The topics of this year will include how machine learning is used by leading brands, the latest machine learning tips, image recognition and other tools & tricks.

Intelligent System Conference (IntelliSys)

Date: 5th – 6th September

Location: London, England

IntelliSys is one of the most respected AI conferences in the world. It brings together great minds, researchers and practitioners from diverse fields. It is always set in a free atmosphere where you can engage and exchange ideas with your peers from 55 different countries. IntelliSys features speakers from artificial intelligence research and development practitioners worldwide. It is the place, if you want to learn about human/computer interaction, signal processing or pattern recognition.

Deep Learning Summit

Date: 23rd – 24th May

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Deep learning summit is hosted by Re-Work. It focuses on bridging the gap between latest technological research advancements and real-world applications in business and society. It features industry experts to give you an insight on deep learning, AI, neural networks, robotics and much more. Deep learning summit is an intersection of 60 speakers and 500 attendees. Whether you work in machine learning or another AI field, this conference is worth attending.

KDD Conference

Date: 4th – 8th August

Location: Anchorage, Alaska

KDD conference features some of the brightest researchers and practitioners in the field of artificial intelligence. It is a five-day long conference, which are going to be amazing days of learning, networking and fun. It is an event sponsored by heavyweights in the industry – Apple, Amazon and Facebook. If you are looking for a conference with data science, data mining, big data, knowledge discovery and much more, then this is the place for you.


Date: 13th – 17th July

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

GECCO is the short for Generic and Evolutionary Computation Conference. The conference was given rise to in the year 1999 – and since its inception, it has been teaching attendees about genetic and evolutionary computation. This year’s topics will include genetic algorithms, genetic programming, ant colony optimization and swarm intelligence, evolutionary machine learning and a lot more. It is a beautiful opportunity to learn about the future of machine learning in the most beautiful cities in Europe.

AI And Machine Learning Summit

Date: 11th – 13th September

Location: Sydney, Australia

AI and Machine Learning Summit is Australia’s longest running and leading AI summit which attracts more than 150 peers like yourself, who are looking at the same issues. It showcases how machine learning and AI is transforming industries, unpending business models and changing how organizations engage with customers. This year, the main focus will be how AI can be used to reduce costs, boost productivity, improve customer experience and increase revenue in business.

You can consider attending some of the other conferences in the machine learning industry, like British Machine conference, COLT conference and DataWorks Summit as well.


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