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Discover The Competitive Advantages We Deliver For Your B2B Events


Event Management. Made Smarter.

Eventify helps you optimise your event promotions and overall management strategies. Every feature is customisable, to suit your precise requirements.

  • Dedicated Event App (in less than 30 minutes) – You can build a full-blown, fully branded, official mobile app for your event/conference/exhibition/tradeshow on the Eventify platform – and that too, in less than half an hour. Features can be added through simple clicks, visual elements can be fully customised, and tag-based networking can be enabled. No prior coding knowledge required.


  • Intuitive Interface – We love it when you can build your event app seamlessly, on your own. The smooth flow of the Eventify interface allows users to naturally proceed through the task of making the app. The features have been curated to give you greater control and flexibility. All that you need to do is follow this user guide or ask for a demo, and we will be happy to explain it to you. Alternatively, just start making a B2B event app here.


  • 24×7 Support At Every Stage – Have queries about Eventify? Need some help with adding event-related information and/or uploading images/maps? Want us to submit your app to Apple App Store and Google Play Store? All that you need to do is drop us an email, and an executive will be there to assist you immediately. We are available round the clock, across 18+ time zones.


  • Unbeatable pricing – No one in the industry offers as well-rounded event app solutions and event management packages like ours, at our price points. Our basic package – Business Pro – is priced at only $249 (per event, per venue), while you can upgrade to the Enterprise Pro plan (for custom branded, white-labeled event apps) by paying $599 (per event, per venue).

           For a limited period of time, we are offering the Eventify Business Pro package (worth $249) for FREE! Go ahead, give it a try…we promise that you will love it.

Make The Best Use Of Event Technology

Eventify is the digital event app builder platform that helps you build the best event apps. Start doing more with Eventify.

Why Are We The Best Event App Builder Platform?
  • More than 30 editable fields in the admin panel.
  • Full branding control (Enterprise Pro package). Business Pro package available for FREE.
  • Smooth, logic-based design.
  • Customisable visual elements.
  • Click to add/remove features.
  • Detailed analytics (users, device installs, networking, sessions).
  • Tag-based networking.

Check out all the features of Eventify here, or simply REQUEST A DEMO.


SAVE MORE and EARN MORE with Eventify

We help you adopt a fully optimised event app management strategy, in order to maximise your ROI.

  • Lowest prices – Our Business Pro package is currently available for FREE, and the Enterprise Pro package is priced at $599. You will never have to worry about your budget while working with us.


  • Maximise outreach, awareness and buzz – Say goodbye to those messy pamphlets and hoardings and print media ads, which can be expensive AND have rather limited reach. With Eventify, reach out to more attendees through paperless promotions, maximise event ticket sales, and make more $$$.


  • Build A Community – With the tag-based networking feature of Eventify, you can easily build up a social community with your attendees. Use global push notifications to send updates about your ongoing and upcoming events. Even after your event is over, you can use the event app to stay connected with your audience.


  • Information Security Assurance – All the event-related data you share on the app and admin panel are encrypted with HTTPS communication. You can also build the event app without having the information being stored anywhere.


  • Save Time – You are super-busy with your upcoming events & conferences, and we understand that. That’s precisely why we have designed the Eventify backend in such a way that you can create a full app from scratch in less than 30 minutes. Don’t believe us? Try out for yourself!


  • No per-attendee pricing – If your event manages to draw in more visitors – we won’t charge a penny for that. Unlike many other leading event management and event registration platforms, we do not have a per-attendee percentage pricing model. To use Eventify, you only need to make a flat, one-time payment (for the Enterprise Pro plan; the Business Pro plan is presently FREE).

Eventify helps you get more bang for your buck from the events you organise. Switch to Eventify and enjoy the exclusive benefits.


Distraction-Free Event App Builder That Does More

Here’s a few things that you’ll never come across on the Eventify platform:

  • Conflicts over branding – On the white-labeled event app you build, your event name and personal branding takes centrestage. The ‘Eventify’ brand will never tussle for attention.
  • Cross-promotions – Information about your event attendees is your intellectual property. We will never contact your app users to promote or sell anything.
  • Hidden Costs & Convenience Fees – Contact us anytime, for whatever help you require for building your event app. We will never charge you anything over and above the explicitly mentioned package prices (that’s FREE for Business Pro, and $549 for Enterprise Pro).
  • Elaborate onboarding – No one likes passwords. We will send you a magic link that you can use to log in to your account, with a secure, system-generated password. Get started easily…without having to worry about yet another password!
  • Links to other events – Eventify is not an event marketing platform per se. We will never display links/images/information of other events/conferences on the screens of your event app. No flashing ads, no disturbing solicitations.
  • Contracts to bind you – We are sure that you will love to use the Eventify platform. In the rarest of rare chance that you don’t, you can leave easily. There are no contracts, no binding agreements, nothing that can put you in a spot.

Switch To Eventify. Why Settle For Less?

  • Start using our digital event app building platform and maximise the revenues from your B2B events and conferences.
  • If you are already using another event management platform, give Eventify a try for FREE. You will love the competitive advantages we offer.

Discover The Next Level In Event Tech. Explore Eventify.

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