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    Lead scanning with Eventify

    Lead Scanning At B2B Conferences. Made Easy With Eventify.

    Exhibiting at a high-profile business event is a costly affair. The average price for 1 foot of exhibitor booth space is just a shade under $140, with the per-foot pricing going up to a jaw-dropping $250 at certain leading business conferences. If an exhibitor takes a 100 feet exhibitor booth, the total expenses are likely to be well in excess of $40000. And that is big money.

    Lead Generation – The Why & The How

    In such a scenario, it is only natural that exhibitors at a trade show typically endeavour to implement strategies and activities to maximise their returns from participating in an event. This happens in the form of generating genuine ‘leads’ – i.e., potential sources of business. How can exhibitors capture the information about these leads, or, in other words, how does the exhibitor-lead connection take place? Easy enough – a conference is attended by thousands of corporate attendees, and when an attendee visits the booth of a particular exhibitor – the latter collects the attendee’s information, edits and stores it, and sends customised marketing materials to that attendee, either during or after the event. The more ‘hot leads’ an exhibitor is able to generate at an event, the greater are its chances of getting new customers, earning more, recovering the investment of participating in the event, and boosting ROI figures.

    In a nutshell, lead generation at events can be summarised as under:

    Event attendees (visit exhibitor booth) Exhibitor captures attendee information (business cards/QR code scanning, etc.) Information stored as leads (marketing material sent later) Leads transformed into actual customers.

    Lead Scanning With Eventify

    Lead retrieval, while easily one of the biggest points of interest for event exhibitors, is also challenging. In a big conference, there is likely to be a huge number of attendees – and manually collecting and storing their data, and communicating with each of them later can be really problematic. In fact, the exhibitor has no way of ensuring that most of the attendees would actually visit its booth. To resolve these issues and make lead retrieval at events more prompt and effective than ever before, Eventify presents powerful, state-of-the-art lead scanning features. Let’s have a quick look through:

    Pre-Event Lead Scanning (Eventify event app/Branded event app)

    Step 1: An exhibitor signs up on the event app. At the time of creating a profile, it chooses interest(s) from the available tags. 

    Step 2: An attendee signs up on the event app. (S)he selects interests from the list of available tags.

    <the exhibitor and the attendee have one or more common interests>

    Step 3: The exhibitor is notified about the availability of attendee(s) with common interests via the tag-based networking feature of Eventify. Exhibitor sends a connection request to these attendees.

    Step 4: From the attendee’s profile, the exhibitor scans his/her unique QR code – directly through the event app. The QR code will have information like full name, email id, contact number (optional) and other details (as specified by the organiser).

    Step 5: Exhibitor stores the information, and uses it to:

    1. Send marketing material during or after the event.
    2. Set up 1-on-1 appointments with select attendees (leads) during the event (through the ‘Messages’ feature on the event app).

    Lead Scanning During The Event (Eventify event app/Branded event app)

    Step 1: Exhibitor sets up booth at the conference venue.

    Step 2: Attendee visits the conference and enters the exhibitor’s booth.

    Step 3: Exhibitor scans the unique QR code of the attendee at the booth. The information is collected.

    Step 4: Exhibitor stores the information, and uses it to:

    1. Send marketing material during or after the event.
    2. Set up 1-on-1 appointments with select attendees (leads) during the event (through the ‘Messages’ feature on the event app).

    Post-Event Lead Scanning (Eventify event app/Branded event app)

    Step 1: Exhibitor scans the unique QR code of the attendee before or during the event (through the event app).

    Step 2: The information is stored securely.

    Step 3: Once the event is over, exhibitor initiates marketing conversations with the attendee.

    Paperless Lead Scanning With Eventify – The Advantages

    For as long as business conferences have been hosted, lead scanning has been a prime concern of exhibitors. People have been printing business cards, carrying hundreds of them at events, and exchanging them with potential customers and collaborators. So, how does the digital real-time lead scanning with Eventify offer extra help to event exhibitors? Let’s take a look:

    • Real-time data capturing and data retrieval is facilitated – Through the Eventify app, exhibitors can scan attendee QR codes and capture the latter’s data instantaneously. The need for manually exchanging business cards, and sorting through them to note down information is done away with.
    • Promotes efficient utilisation of data – Previously, companies used to collect business data, scrape information from them and note everything down on a document (Google Docs, for instance), share it with the marketing department, and then, the communications would start. With Eventify’s paperless lead scanning, exhibitors can now simply download the leads, share information, and start conversing with the leads. A lot of time gets saved.
    • No data gets lost – If an exhibitor manages to collect 5000 business cards during an event – chances are very high that at least some of them are going to be misplaced. Included among these might be the contact information of some high-worth individuals, who could have turned out to be important customers. Switching over to Eventify eradicates this risk for exhibitors. There are no business cards to store and worry about, everything is scanned, stored and retrieved directly from the app, and there are no chances of misplacing any data whatsoever.
    • No chance of potential leads getting irritated – What if a particular attendee is not carrying his/her business card at the event? What if an exhibitor has a system in which attendees have to fill up forms with their personal details. Requesting each and every visitor to stand (or sit!) and fill up forms is only going to serve one purpose – the attendees going to get irritated. Quickly scanning a QR code to capture lead information – that’s quickler, easier, and involves zero hassles.
    • The need to remember everything is minimised – After a hectic 2 or 3-day corporate event, it is a tough – if not impossible – task for an exhibitor to remember the precise reason(s) for which the information of any particular attendee had been collected. As a result of this, the marketing strategy gets adversely affected. With Eventify, exhibitors can simply download the lead data, see the notes, and start conversations accordingly.

    The Final Word

    Effective lead retrieval lies invariably right near the top of the things-to-do list of any B2B event exhibitors. The key here lies in collecting attendee information, classifying and qualifying the leads, and generating the most out of these lead details. Eventify offers the best digital lead scanning services for exhibitors – to help them maximise the value from exhibiting at any business event.