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Innovative Virtual Networking Ideas for Your Online Event

January 14, 2022
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Connecting and bonding with people is always something a business minded person will look forward to. At an in-person event it is definitely easier to walk up to people and have a chit chat. These impromptu networking opportunities can be restricted in a virtual event. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. When there is a will, there is a way otherwise make a way!

Some event managers often fail to manage their events. That often leads to depreciating networking opportunities. If you know how to engage your audience and set up networking opportunities for them, virtual networking can be very beneficial. There have been many event managers struggling to reach this mark. But now leave your worries aside.We're here to assist you with brainstorming networking ideas for your virtual event. To consider that a virtual event is not all hunky-dory would be an understatement. Now in this tech savvy world we’re living in, I feel almost everyone can handle a laptop and a computer without any crash courses required.Let us first consider why virtual networking is important. Networking is an essential part for growing your business. People want to connect. They want to grow their business. Not only does networking improve your soft skills but also helps you stay aware of what actually is happening in the business field. With a wide range of social media platforms available you can connect and engage with your audience much faster and better.

Networking is a broad term in itself. To be the blue-eyed man networking with a larger audience can be a win-win. Since it eliminates the obstacles of distance and travel, networking at a virtual event opens up more possibilities for companies and individuals alike.Here are some networking tips you can put to use to make your virtual event more winsome.

  1. Pre event chat - Networking means connecting with people. That really doesn’t need to be after your event. Break the ice before the event begins. Let your audience build a sense of comfort and positiveness. Creating a group for your attendees to interact might just generate a lot of new ideas which might have not struck you.
  2. Connect the like-mindedness - Have you heard about the phrase - birds of a feather flock together. It just means that people of the same sort and same ideas and interests will be found together. A session like this can help unite people sharing the same interests. This session can be as light as a chit chat over coffee. This will help your brand grow and help you stockpile new ideas more and more.
  3. Q&A session - Q&A session can be held whenever you want. It might work best after the session to get feedback from the audience. But a quick Q&A before the event can also be interesting. This can help you analyse what your audience are looking forward to, what they really want and what interests them. Questions can be as simple as - “ Why are you here today”? “ What is your purpose behind attending this event”? This will open many doors for you. You might just get a bunch of potential clients out of this.
  1. Interactive game session - Nobody likes a very dire and a serious event. A little bit of fun toppled with some games or lively competition can really attract the audience on a next level. Competitions can help people network and communicate, as well as foster camaraderie among participants.
  2. Speed networking - Speed networking is one of the most exciting and fastest-growing forms of networking events available. It's fast, easy, and it makes even the shyest of attendees feel more at ease. The event can be divided into a set of rounds and attendees can be paired up with each other to introduce themselves and converse. This serves as a great ice breaker, allowing you to connect with others while also expanding your professional network. This way, after the case, you'll be able to network with them more effectively.

.With good research, correct planning and focus, networking events can be fun. With a correct input, the output can never go wrong. If you're worried about looking for a best virtual event platform, we’re here to help. With Eventify’s secure tag-based networking, attendee interactions become more systematic than ever.

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