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    How To Use Hashtags Correctly To Promote Your Event

    Hashtags are trending today. You’ll see them everywhere- Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. But what are Hashtags? A hashtag or this symbol “#” as it is more commonly known has become an integral part of social media.  A hashtag is a type of content label. It enables those who are interested in a particular subject to easily locate material on that subject.


    The use of hashtags for marketing is nothing new now. For virtual event managers, hashtags can be a useful tool. You’ll be well on your way to ensuring a high-quality virtual event by selecting the right hashtag, looking at current hashtags for inspiration, and promoting your hashtag. If you use a virtual event platform, you can easily accomplish this hashtag and social media marketing.


    Using hashtags can help your audience stay connected. They’ll know what your event is all about. They can find all related content to your event easily. Nowadays all businessmen and managers have figured out inventive ways to use hashtags.

    Look up for existing hashtags

    Before creating your own hashtag, it is always beneficial to look up for other hashtags for inspiration. Checkout your competitors hashtags. You will get a clearer idea on which line you have to explore. Just choosing the hashtag isn’t everything.


    You need to figure out how you can use it smartly. Remember you have to attract an audience with it. Make your research extensive. Start by searching for simple hashtags like #events, #virtualevents, #onlineevent, etc. You are welcome to participate in the discussions as well, as hashtags are designed to facilitate collaboration and communication.


    Choose the right hashtag for your event 

    Choosing a right hashtag is not easy. You don’t have to do it for the sake of doing it. A lot goes into choosing the right type of hashtag for your event. It has to be unique and attractive. The hashtag shouldn’t be very long otherwise it will lose its purpose and attention. It’s also important that the hashtag you use is memorable. It should be something memorable and enjoyable that people will remember long after your virtual event is over.


    Promote it as much as you can 

    Once you are ready with your perfect hashtag, it’s time to promote it. This is the time when your audience will come to know about it. So this is a crucial step and you got to do it right. Your aim is to get as many people as possible to know about the hashtag and participate in it. Remember hashtag is a great source to learn about your event and interact with like-minded people.

    You may also use an event stream on screen during the event to show tweets and Instagram posts that include the hashtag in order to inspire more people to use it. Of course, make sure to check the articles for relevance and appropriateness before publishing them.

    As simple as it looks this ‘waffle like icon’ has much more to it. It can make your event popular. Hashtags can be a great way to take your Event to the next level. It’s time to engage your audience, create buzz, add value and create an unforgettable event!