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Eventify vs Topi

Eventify Vs Topi (Eventify Vs The Others #4)

Disclaimer: All the facts, figures and other information mentioned in this post have been taken from publicly available, unverified sources. For more accurate information, please contact the website owners directly.

Eventify is fully scalable and easily customisable – letting you build event apps for all types of B2B conferences, events, trade shows, exhibitions, and others.


PRICING – More Bang For Your Buck.

That’s what Eventify delivers. Flexibility is a prime feature of our event app solutions – ensuring that the diverse requirements of event planners are optimally served. Eventify’s basic plan – the Business Pro – is priced at $249, while the more advanced Enterprise Pro costs $599 (per event, per venue pricing). This year, the former plan is available for FREE. The main objective of Eventify is to maximise your margins and ROI figures from organising business events.

Moving on to Topi, and it is pretty clear to see that it is a (way) more expensive platform. The single-event ‘Networking app’ package is priced at $750 – which is 25.2% more than Eventify’s Enterprise Pro package, and a whopping 201% more than the price of the Business Pro package. If you have a budget to take care of, and want greater value for money, it’s easy to see which platform offers the better value propositions, when it comes to planning for single events.

Here is the source from where the pricing info is taken. (as on 22/5/19)


PRICING – Subscriptions and Per-Attendee Costs

On the Eventify platform, there are no ‘subscription for XX months/years’ as such. All that you need to do is pick the Business Pro package (your event on the Eventify app) or the Enterprise Pro package (fully branded event app) – depending on your event promotional requirements. Payments are one-time, and you do not have to ‘subscribe’ to anything (not even those irritating newsletters and promotional offers!).

Topi offers subscription plans, on the other hand. There are monthly subscriptions available, with the ‘Starter’, ‘Essential’ and ‘Pro’ packages priced at $450, $800 (3 events) and $2400 (30 events) respectively. To put things in perspective, Topi’s ‘Starter’ pack is more pricey than Eventify’s Business Pro Pack, and both ‘Essential’ and ‘Pro’ packs are significantly more expensive than Eventify’s Enterprise Pro pack. Topi also has an Enterprise plan, but you need to get in touch with their team for a price quote. On Eventify, all prices are clearly mentioned on the website.

The event registration services offered by Topi also digs into your revenues from the event. The charges are $1 + 1.8%-2%. In essence, the more visitors your event manages to garner, the greater would be the total amount you end up paying. Eventify has a flat pricing structure – and you pay the same amount, irrespective of whether your event is a small-scale workshop or a global conference. You can easily use the ‘Webview’ section in Eventify’s dashboard to share event registration/ticketing URLs.

Here is the source from where the pricing info is taken, as on 22/5/19.


GETTING ONBOARD – Phone numbers, Passwords and More

No one likes passwords. The prospect of having yet another one to remember and protect all the time is not particularly pleasant. You can get started building an event app on Eventify without having to give any personal information. Simply click on the ‘It’s Free’ button, and you’ll be redirected to the Eventify dashboard. Only when you are done adding all the information, you need to share your email id. We will send you a secure, system-generated password – with which you can log in and save your event details.

Getting onboard the Topi platform requires more time, and significantly more information from you. Apart from your name and email, you are also required to provide your phone number, the name of your company, a password AND a referral code. On Eventify, you can immediately start making apps. On Topi, extra steps are mandatory.

*Here is the source for this section, as on 22/5/19



Eventify operates on a transparent ‘like-it-or-leave-it’ policy. When you start using the Business Pro or the Enterprise Pro package, you do not get into any sort of contract or agreement with us. In case you do not wish to continue with Eventify, you can leave the platform without any concerns, whenever you want to. Your free will matters most.

However, when you become a registered user of Topi, you get into a ‘binding agreement’ with the platform (as mentioned in the Topi ‘Terms Of Use’ page here). Unlike Eventify, over here you have to make sure that you do not violate any contract clauses – which can lead to consequences. If you do not want another contract in your life, building with Eventify is the way to go.


FREE vs FREE – Why Settle For Limited Features?

Eventify offers the best networking experience for your attendees, with its exclusive tag-based networking feature. What’s more, this tag-based networking is available in the $249 Business Pro package, which is currently available for FREE. There are no limitations on the features available. In other words, you can showcase your event app – under the Eventify brand – for free, and use all the features of the platform.

Topi also provides a free event app building service, but it comes with a set of restrictions. For starters, this plan is restricted to events with a maximum of 100 participants (which, for a B2B event, is very small indeed). The sponsoring opportunities are limited, there would be no access to support – and pointedly, Topi can actually contact your event attendees for marketing purposes.** Eventify will never, directly or indirectly, get in touch with your users under any circumstance. 24×7 service will also be available – irrespective of whether you are on Eventify’s free or premium plan.

**Free plan information source collected from here, as on 22/5/19.


Do More With Eventify

  • HTTPS Encryption – Rest assured about the privacy of your event data. Eventify keeps your information secure with HTTPS communication. You can also build an event app without providing/storing any personal information.
  • With You. All The Time – You can email us and/or call us on Skype at any time, from wherever you might be. For instance, if you face problems while adding users or uploading maps, we’ll do it for you.
  • Best in Event Tech – With Eventify, you put your best foot forward in the domain of paperless event promotions. The latest, cutting-edge software technologies are used – to give you a seamless event app experience.
  • Regular Updates – Eventify is a dynamic event app platform. New features are regularly added to ensure more convenience and better value for money. We add features based on the feedback and suggestions you provide.
  • Built For Mobile – From making the event app on the Eventify dashboard, to making payments and doing further edits – everything can be smoothly done on the mobile interface. Mobile usage is far ahead of desktop usage, and Eventify lets you leverage that fact.
  • Smooth Flow – The Eventify admin panel – the platform where you actually build the app – is intuitive and explanatory. Features can be added/removed through simple clicks, the overall flow is very easy to follow, and you can, in fact, finish building your app in less than 30 minutes.
  • Complete Scalability – We want Eventify to be accessible and usable by event managers/planners worldwide, from all categories. The platform can be customised to build apps for large-scale business events, as well as smaller business gatherings.



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