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event app platform privacy and GDPR

Eventify – GDPR Regulations & User Data Privacy

For Admin:

  • All event-related information is protected with HTTPS encryption.
  • Event data is stored securely in the Eventify cloud – only till the event dates.
  • Admin can securely add co-admins. An admin can also contact us to add co-admins.
  • Once the default password is changed, event data is not accessible to anyone except admins.
  • If organiser wants us to set up an event from the backend, (s)he needs to send us an email, giving us permission to access the account.
  • Event app remains in store for as long as the organiser deems suitable. Each Eventify package – per-event and annual plans – has a validity period of 1 year.
  • ‘Messages’ – If organiser does not want event attendees to interact/network/communicate, it is recommended that no tags are added in the ‘Messages’ section. This section is for facilitating event networking.

For setting up registration/ticketing:

  • Organisers can create custom registration/ticketing forms directly from the Eventify admin panel (Form Builder).
  • On the form, it is mandatory to keep a GDPR consent checkbox on the form. By checking this, attendees voluntarily consent to share their information on the platform/on the app.

For users on the app:

  • Networking toggle – At the time of setting up Profile on the app, users can view a networking toggle button. The button is, by default, toggled to off.
  • If this button is kept off by a user, then (s)he will not be visible to other attendees on the app. (S)he will be able to use all the other features of the app (except networking).
  • If this button is toggled to on, networking is activated. The user will be displayed to other users (with common interests) as ‘Suggested Contacts’.
  • QR code – A user can – if (s)he wants – hide his/her QR code on the app. If the QR code is hidden (‘Don’t Show QR’), the QR code scanning feature will be disabled.
  • Organiser decides what information will be stored in the user QR codes (e.g., name, email, contact details, etc.).
  • Users can participate in session ratings after the completion of each session. All these ratings are done anonymously, and used only for the reference of the organiser.
  • Live Q&A – During a live video session/in-person conference session, attendees can post questions either anonymously or with their names.

For Exhibitors

  • Exhibitors can use attendee QR codes for lead retrieval ONLY if the attendees give their consent for networking. 

For Live Chat on the app

  • Users can chat live, send photos/videos, and set up 1:1 appointments (virtual or in-person) appointments directly on the app.
  • In view of privacy concerns, a user can block any other user on the live chat screen.
  • Chat initiation – If organiser keeps the ‘Attendees need to invite/accept before messaging?’ toggle button (on the admin panel) OFF, attendees can directly start chatting with each other.
  • If organiser keeps the ‘Attendees need to invite/accept before messaging?’ toggle button (on the admin panel) ON, attendees need to send chat invites before starting to chat.

Organiser also has the option to export user data (in CSV or PDF format) from the admin panel.


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