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Problem Statement

Public Health Collaboration had always relied on manual event management, facing issues like the absence of live Q&A sessions, limited delegate interaction, and struggles with ticket/checkout integration. With no prior experience using event management apps, their conferences posed challenges. To overcome these hurdles, they decided to adopt an event management app for the first time. They chose Eventify, making it their inaugural foray into such technology for an upcoming event.

The collaboration between Public Health Collaboration and Eventify originated from the charity's pursuit of an enhanced event management solution to effectively promote and implement health-conscious decisions for public well-being. Renowned as a UK-registered charity, Public Health Collaboration is committed to enhancing public health and alleviating financial pressures on the NHS simultaneously.

Key Points

  • During the discovery call, their creative lead inquired about an event management app to enhance their event operations, as they're new to the process and have been managing events manually.
  • They aim for an engaging conference. Essentially, they want an app enabling live Q&A, delegate interaction, and ticket integration. Our team quickly understood their needs, providing a demo that highlighted each feature's role in their desired outcome.
  • They expressed satisfaction with the outcomes and the increased engagement at their events. The client also remarked, “The whole suite really. Once you get your head around it, it works really well”.

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Eventify is a one-stop solution for event management.Gamification was Fun!

Sam Feltham
Event Director, Public Health Collaboration

Solution Statement

In addressing the challenges sought by our client, Sam Feltham, we seamlessly tailored our platform services to precisely align with their needs. 

Here's the comprehensive array of solutions we provided:

Attendees Engagement

  • A dedicated conference app was developed, featuring a user-friendly interface that allowed delegates to create profiles, connect with other attendees, speakers, and exhibitors, and schedule meetings.
  • The app also incorporated a messaging system to facilitate real-time communication and collaboration among delegates.

Live Q&A & Poll

  • An integrated Live Q&A platform was introduced, enabling attendees to submit questions during presentations through the conference app.
  • Live polls and feedback features were integrated into the app to engage delegates and gather instant insights during sessions.

Event Tickets

  • The conference website's ticketing and registration process was revamped for a smoother user experience.
  • Clear and concise steps were implemented, guiding delegates through the registration process, payment, and confirmation.


  • Our platform boasts captivating and interactive gamification elements. These features assist speakers in presenting intricate concepts in an enjoyable and interactive manner through quizzes and puzzles.
  • Adding to the appeal, a Leaderboard was introduced, where hosts allocated points and recognition to game participants, fostering heightened engagement and fostering friendly competition.

Result: Increased Attendee Engagement & Streamlined Event Management

The team was taken aback by the surge in engagement that took new heights. They witnessed a significant increase in attendees staying till the event's conclusion. 

But that's not where it ends! The Live Q&A sessions also underwent a striking transformation. And hold on, there's more! 

Frustrated with ticketing issues? We overhauled the entire ticketing process, and the outcomes were evident.

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About The Company

The Public Health Collaboration, founded in 2012, is a prominent non-profit organization focused on advocating for evidence-based approaches to nutrition, lifestyle, and healthcare. Its notable presence in research, education, and policy-making attracts health professionals, researchers, and the general public seeking reliable information for improving public health.

The Public Health Collaboration achieved unparalleled success by surpassing all competitors, orchestrating strategic events that yielded remarkable outcomes.Its unprecedented impact on public health, setting a new standard for collaborative initiatives and event-driven achievement.

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Features Used

Collect Important Data Using Survey
Live Q&A & Poll
Engage Audience With Live Polls and Q&A App
Increase your Event Engagement

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