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12 Strategies Professional EventProfs Use to Increase Networking

September 7, 2022
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12 Strategies Professional EventProfs Use to Increase Networking

“I want to expand my Network”- you might hear this statement as frequent as anything in the event industry. The buzz around networking is for a reason, as it’s the backbone of a remarkable event. 

To improve the likelihood of a successful in-person, hybrid or virtual event, every in-person gathering held in post-pandemic times must take advantage of networking opportunities. However, when it comes to your attendees' choice of whether or not to attend the event, networking comes in second only after learning. 

According to the IAEE (International Association of Exhibitions and Events), attendees attend events for a variety of reasons, but networking consistently ranks in the top three, with 76% of attendees citing networking as their main motivation. 

Meeting people, establishing connections, and learning about industry developments can all be done at networking in-person events or virtual conferences. In this article, you will learn about 12 techniques experienced eventProfs use to increase networking for upcoming events.

What is Networking?

Building personal and professional social networks is made easier with the help of networking skills. Numerous industries, including sales, business development, retail, banking, and others require it as a key competency. You can find new business opportunities, interact with new people, and share ideas through networking. 

When you network, the connections you make with your co-workers, friends, family, clients, customers, colleagues, and other acquaintances become stronger. 

What Makes Networking Such an Important Aspect of Events Nowadays?

There are numerous reasons why networking plays an important role when it comes to planning an event. The following are a few reasons why eventProfs believes networking is crucial:

Opens Up New Business Opportunities 

The ability to connect with people who may know important information or have first-hand experience with novel business concepts that have not yet attracted the attention of others makes networking a great way to seize excellent business opportunities. 

Enhances Brand Image

The more interactions you have with people who have the potential to be powerful, the more confidently you can develop the brand image of your company. So, improving social skills is essential.

Helps You Find Sponsors

Regardless of your professional experience level, you may need guidance to take your business to new heights. You can establish relationships with experts in your field who could eventually become your mentors through networking. As a result, you will have sponsors who are appropriate for your company.

Meet New People

When you meet like-minded people, introduce yourself and give a short overview of your company, core competencies, and accomplishments to date. You can create a long-lasting connection with professionals by giving them this brief introduction, or elevator pitch, that will end up making your upcoming event spectacular.

12 Proven Strategies That Professional EventProfs Are Using Right Now to Increase Their Networking

Event planning is difficult, and professional eventProfs work round the clock to ensure the event's success. For this reason, they employ particular tactics that greatly expand the reach of their attendees by utilising the power of networking. These are the top 12 tactics you need to employ to benefit from networking.

Make it enjoyable to engage the audience.

Events with a playful vibe always have happier attendees, memories, and a more welcoming atmosphere. Giving people the chance to enjoy themselves makes everything else simple. Try to include activities that participants will need to do together and want to do. 

Additionally, you can make the whole event more engaging by having teams form and participate in games with rewards, such as a pub quiz, or by using your name badges as a gaming device. One excellent method is to allow each attendee to play as a duo, and they can even win prizes by playing these games, as well as seeing their names on the global leaderboard

Create something unique

Your networking opportunities are limitless. Therefore, be sure to bring something original with you. Bring some flyers, business cards, and other promotional materials. Make sure that these items have a professional appearance. Additionally, if you want to attract attendees to your event by introducing something novel, go ahead and do it, but first make sure to build up anticipation beforehand and have it lived up to the attendees' expectations.

Learn How Others Network

Discover how others network. Look at how people interact with one another and how they greet one another. What are they spouting off about? Also, pay close attention to their body language and what they have to say. Make a note of them all. As a result, there is much to be learned from watching others, which can be useful for you to develop your networking.

Set Up A Welcome Reception

A welcome reception is a fantastic opportunity to meet and mingle with attendees. If you want attendees to stay engaged while they wait for the programme to begin, make sure you've planned some enjoyable activities. You might want to host a trivia contest, play some pool, or set up a photo booth. Before the programme starts, these kinds of activities aid in easing tension and putting everyone at ease.

Organise a Meetup

Meetups are excellent venues for networking with entrepreneurs and local business owners. Hosting a meetup nearby is a great way to learn more about how to improve your events or to start a networking group for event professionals. Meeting people in person is great for business, and organising a meetup gives you the chance to speak with prospective clients and customers without feeling self-conscious.

Make a LinkedIn Group

You can connect with people who share your interests through LinkedIn Groups, which can also introduce you to others in your field. Create a group in your niche and invite people to join if you want to network with event industry professionals. Even better, strike up a conversation with them about what they do, how they got started, and any advice they might have for others working in your industry.

Participate in A Variety of Events

Events are a fantastic way to connect with a variety of people in your industry. By going to conferences and trade events, you can meet experts in person and ask them questions about topics pertaining to your line of work. Bring lots of business cards, and make sure you follow up after the event to keep the connection going!

Utilise social media to advertise your event

Promoting your event through social media can be very effective for your upcoming event. Use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube to post pictures and videos from the event online and allow attendees to share them with their friends and families. To enable others to share content related to your topic, create a unique hashtag and other important tags that are appropriate & suit the theme of the event.

Promote your company with business cards and follow-up contact details

At networking events, it is always a good idea to hand out business cards and follow-up contact information. If somebody is interested in working with you, they ought to be able to find your email or phone number and contact you that way. With these details, they will be able to contact you more easily if they have any questions about your company or services.

Put Something New on the Platter

Once you've been to a few networking events, you might start to see similarities among various events. This might imply that particular subjects are frequently discussed by speakers and audience members. You might think about organising similar events yourself, or you might think about partnering with other organisations to organise events together.

Include community leaders in the event planning process.

Leaders of the local community frequently offer their time and resources as volunteers to assist with the event planning of various types of events. In this case, do not be reluctant to request their assistance and voluntary participation in the event. 

If you do not already have a list of influential people in your community, you can look up organisations and companies online that cater to your target market and have the charm to draw large crowds of people to events.

Ask Attendees What Attracted Them the Most at Your Event

Ask attendees what they enjoyed most and least about each event after it has concluded. Receiving feedback directly from attendees will help you to understand what draws people to your event and what does not. So, make use of this feedback to enhance subsequent events and give attendees even better experiences.

Final Words

A great way to stay in touch with people, follow trends, and form connections with people who share your interests are through networking. The secret to a perfect storm of effortless networking is to create an environment that fosters enjoyment, collaboration, and a sense of shared community where ideas are valued. 

If you plan your event with this level of participation in mind and you want the attendees to naturally interact with one another at the level you desire, then you should give Eventify some serious consideration. 

Since we are the industry leaders in delivering robust event services like Networking, Custom Branding, Sponsored Ads, Lead Retrieval, Matchmaking and more. Our seasoned eventProfs with their years of experience will offer sound solutions to all of your event planning concerns. To plan a magnificent event and create an impact in the industry, it would be wise for you to get in touch with us right away.

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