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List Your Event Tickets at $1/Ticket

Take your ROI to the next level with our never-before flat rate event ticketing services. Sell tickets online on Eventify’s intuitive, customised and 100% secure ticketing platform, and start making more.

Fully Customised Ticketing Platform @ $1/Ticket

Create your own ticket labels.
Assign tickets with ease.
Provide coupons, offer discounts and do more.
White-labeled event ticketing.
Add HIDDEN tickets.
Specify ticket sale start & end days.
List tickets in any currency.
View your proceeds & the amount client pays.
Monitor Sales Reports.

Enjoy The Eventify Edge

Our event software platform is designed to deliver fully optimised event ticketing experience to you. The key features of our event management software deliver significant competitive advantages.

With our encrypted secured cloud storage, say goodbye to the risks of losing any attendee data.

Provide quick, safe and convenient payment and checkout options to your attendees through Stripe.

List, manage and sell different types of tickets for your event - like early bird, free, standard, and more.

Get in touch with us anytime and from anywhere, and one of our executives will be with you.

Stop paying percentage! Eventify charges a flat $1 for every ticket sold. No contracts, no legal bindings.

Invite attendees from all over the world. Eventify supports payments with 20+ different currencies.

From registration to event ticketing and checkout, deliver the most seamless experience to your audience.

Get your event registrations and ticket sales process fully interlinked, for a uniformly smooth experience.

Discover The Best Event
Ticketing Service

Make online event ticketing and registrations simpler than ever before with Eventify. Create & customise tickets, offer discounts, boost attendee engagement, and do a lot more.


Sell event tickets online with greater ease, with multiple ticket options, discount offers (coupons), quick set up, and 100% security.

You can use a custom domain to host your event ticketing/registration platform. Alternatively, you can use Eventify’s default event management platform.

With event ticketing and registration links seamlessly integrated, attendee engagement will grow significantly.

Implement personalised elements in your event tickets and registration form(s). Adjust ticket availability, discounts, offers and more.

You are not bound to Eventify in any way. Neither do the ticketing fees go up with the number of tickets sold. $1 is our flat, per-ticket rate.

Maximise ROI figures from your event by maintaining detailed database of your attendees, and providing top-level CRM services.


FLAT Event Ticketing Fee. ZERO Contracts. ZERO Bindings.

Eventify Fees

  • $1 per ticket (paid tickets for B2B conferences/events)
  • $0 per ticket (Free tickets for B2B conferences/events)
  • $0 per ticket (for open-source events, free events)

Stripe Payment Gateway Fees

  • Payments will be processed via Stripe
  • 30¢ + 1.4% per ticket (for European cards)
  • 30¢ + 2.9% per ticket (for non-EU cards)
Note: Please check Stripe fees for your country. There are exciting discount plans for events with a threshold number of tickets sold.