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    Sponsored Ads

    Not only should your event app offer an interface with features like maps and schedules, but any app worth investing in must also offer effective tools to drive sponsor engagement. You need to be able to show sponsors that partnering in your event can offer them a strong ROI.

    Keep Your Attendees Informed

    Using this feature on your event app, you can be assured that your audience knows who is financially making the conference possible. It shows your transparency towards the attendees. It also shows that your company wants its audience to know where your company is getting its funding from. Keep your attendees informed about every detail of your event. It's beneficial to both your audience and sponsors.

    Promote Brands

    The reason sponsors choose to sponsor a company or an event is because they want exposure. By including their ads on your event app, you will be promoting their brand and giving them a reason to sponsor your event again. Use our event management platform to give them plenty of exposure so that they are satisfied and let them know they are appreciated for their sponsorship by adding sponsorship ads to your event app.

    Enrich the Experience for Attendees

    If you have attendees who are new to your event and still making up their minds about your event, these sponsorship ads can add great value. Especially if you have prestigious sponsors, it will show that your company is backed by known entities who think your event is worth it.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Sponsors can have their own profile screen on the app to expose their brand. Organizers can encourage attendees to visit the sponsor’s page through Gamification. Sponsor staff members can share their email so that attendees can directly contact them on their mail.

    Yes, organizers can manage the Sponsor Membership Categories, choose a color for the badge, and set the priority on the sponsors listing page.

    Yes, bulk import of sponsors is possible through the admin panel. Organizers can download and complete the provided template and upload the completed template when they’re ready to send email invitations to sponsors.

    Yes, sponsors can upload documents in .pdf format on their profile page for attendees to view and download on their app.

    Yes, if the staff members of the sponsors have their accounts created on this platform, then they can receive chat or meeting requests from other attendees participating in the event.

    The sponsors’ list on the app is sorted by the ranking or priority set by the organizers through the admin panel.

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