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    Slide Startcon Startcon 2018 Startcon is Australia’s biggest startup and growth conference in Australia. It is annually hosted in Sydney, and the official app for the 2018 edition was built by using the Eventify digital event app-maker tool. Slide Nordic APIs Nordic APIs 2017 Nordic APIs Platform Summit is an industry-leading event on API technologies and optimising business use cases with APIs. Eventify was used to create the official app for the 2017 edition of the app. Slide Smart Cities Smart Cities Stockholm Application of smart city tools and sustainable development of smart cities is the main focal point of this conference. The 2018 edition of Smart Cities Stockholm had its official app developed on the Eventify platform. Slide Business Innovation Business Innovation Business Innovation puts the latest tech advancements, tools and resources for business under the scanner. Eventify collaborated with the team, and the app for BI 2018 was created on our app-builder.