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    Session Rating

    Use Eventify to Collect ratings and reviews in the event app to define the most popular content of your event. Attendees can leave a star rating or a detailed review after each session that shows up in the Rating section under Polls and Live Q&A for you to compare and contrast with other sessions.

    Collect Feedback

    Getting feedback from attendees has not been easy in a virtual event but no more, Eventify event management platform offers enough options for the host to collect attendees' feedback. In the mobile event app, attendees can use our built-in Rating feature to leave a star rating and/or write a text review for individual sessions.

    Enable your Attendees to Rate your Session

    The host can use this feature to allow their attendees to rate their session. The attendees can rate the session on the basis of general, speaking, and presentation from one to five stars or just leave a comment.

    Learn from the Experience

    Rating is a powerful source that can give your team insights that provide a path for every part of a session from the presentation to the speaker, improvements needed, changes required, topics liked by the attendees, topics disliked by the attendees, and so on. Use our event management platform to know where your virtual event stands in the eyes of the attendees.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, the total number of users rating can be seen from the Eventify admin panel.

    Yes, rating is session based.

    After each session ends a ratings pop-up appear on the screen from there the attendees will be able to rate your session.

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