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    Push Notifications

    Eventify is an Event management platform that has this feature with which you can effectively communicate with your attendees. The push notifications ensure that your Attendees do not miss anything and stay updated throughout your event. Announce changes in schedule, inform about upcoming sessions or events, send reminders, or just interact.

    Real-time Communication

    This feature allows sending Real-time notifications to the attendees by the host. Share some important information or else just set a positive mood by asking attendees how they are doing.

    Keep Attendees updated

    The host can easily keep its attendees updated with small information using push notifications. The host can simply send a notification from the admin panel to all the attendees or some custom attendees.

    Announce Changes in your Event

    This push notification feature is useful especially when you need to inform your attendees about changes in your event. In seconds you can easily announce any changes in your session or changes in your event. It works amazingly for last-minute changes in the virtual event schedule.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Notifications can be sent to all individuals or groups of attendees through the admin panel.

    Organizers have an option to send notifications only on the app or both app & email.

    Notification can be sent with a max of 235 characters including the spaces.

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