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    Private Social Networking

    While planning for your virtual event, you may feel as if you are losing a very important element: socialization. The relationships attendees can form during these events are not only potentially valuable business connections — the opportunity to socialize and form friendships with other attendees can make a conference a lot more fun and memorable.

    Attendee Communication

    Eventify is a virtual event platform that allows your attendees to connect before, after, or during the sessions. This is where the attendees can connect with one another and communicate.

    Attendee Profile

    This is where your attendees will have an opportunity to share their personal information. Eventify will list all the attendees who have downloaded the app and are registered.

    Social Communication

    Attendees can share their experiences, interact by connecting with one another, commenting, liking, responding to live polls, Q&A and surveys, and many more created by the host.

    Reach Greater Audience

    Social media integration helps event owners, organizers, and sponsors reach a greater audience and generate additional conversations about the event. Utilize some of the fastest-growing social media sites in your mobile app.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, the platform allows you to create a private social network like a social post, photo sharing, messaging, likes, comments, and personal profiles.

    Yes, an attendee can view all other attendees through the “attendee list” provided on the app menu. The attendee list provides info about other attendees. It allows networking by sending chat requests.

    Organizers can get live feed from their social media account (twitter) by adding the page link.

    Yes, attendees can create, like or comment private posts from their event app.

    An attendee has an option to post text, pictures, video, and even run polls to take feedback.

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