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    Multiple Dashboard

    Eventify’s analytics dashboard gives you key insights that help you to know the overall performance of your event. Our event management platform allows you to view the statistics about your event.

    Real-time Analytics

    Our event management platform is updated in real-time to let the host know exact details related to their event. The host can know the overall performance of their event from our analytics dashboard which has every data related to the event.

    Have a proper knowledge About your Event

    The data includes all the necessary information that a host will require to have a clear knowledge about how well their event is going. The host can easily analyze every part of their event.

    Make Better Decisions

    It becomes easy to make better decisions when the host can analyze the event properly. Eventify provides you with quality data that can help the host with better decision-making.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    You can get real-time analytics of the following activities on the platform.


    A number of Users, Device install count, number of Sessions, Interaction rate, and Networking figures.


    Session List, Session views, Session favorites, Session Ranking.


    A number of speakers, Speaker’s list views, Speaker’s profile views, Speaker favorites, and Top speakers.

    Attendees Network:

    Message Sent, Attendee’s profile views, Scans, Network Engagement, Attendee favorites

    Attendees Messaging:

    Attendee Sent Message, Attendee Communication, Attendee Received Message, Network Engagement

    Social Feeds:

    Total Post, Likes, and comments, Media Upload, Polls, Social feed Engagement

    Sponsors Insights:

    A number of sponsors, Sponsor’s list views, Sponsor’s profile views, Sponsor searches, Sponsor favorites.

    Exhibitors Insights

    Exhibitors’ list views, Exhibitors’ profile views, Exhibitor searches, Exhibitor favorites, Exhibitors Engagement.

    Organizers have an option to view the date-wise analytics from the dashboard screen of the Analytics page on the admin panel.

    Integration with Google Analytics or any other 3rd party analytics is available on request with the Enterprise Pro plan.

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