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    Leaderboard Points

    The main reason to have a leaderboard is to show the attendees where they rank in the gamification. It shows the attendees where they stand compared to other attendees, this creates the desire to play. The goal to raise their ranking motivates the attendees to complete all the challenges. The leaderboard serves as an important tool to increase engagement and motivate the attendees to complete all the challenges.

    An Effective way to Implement Gamification

    The Leaderboard is not only the easiest but also the most effective way to implement gamification offered in our event networking app. Here the attendees will be able to view the total number of points they have gained, assigned by the host.

    Keep a Track

    The leaderboard is not only for the attendees but also for the host. Attendees can check their score compared to others from the event app, the host can also keep a track of the points attendees are scoring from the leaderboard in the admin panel.

    Increase Networking

    The attendees will not only be able to see where they rank in real-time but also be able to click on any one of the names displayed to visit the corresponding profile. This will allow them to know about other attendees and increase event networking. Alternatively, they could set up a meeting with someone further down on the list to give each other a mutual point boost.

    Stir up a bit of Friendly Competition

    The ranking will be shown starting with the top scorer. The host can use this tool as an opportunity to get their attendees engaged in the event app and stir up a bit of friendly competition between them. The gamification leaderboard can act as a motivation for the attendees to participate in challenges.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, the app displays the top 20 ranking users from the list. An admin user can see all the rankings from the admin panel.

    You can set up tag-based networking and send push notifications through the event app. Attendees can also schedule one-on-one appointments. Live polls and live Q&A sessions can be set can be set up. When you use Eventify, your events automatically become more engaging. Find out more (linked to Attendee Interactions page)

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