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    The Best Lead Scanning System
    For Your Events

    Make lead retrieval for the exhibitors at conferences, trade shows, exhibitions and other business events simpler than ever before - with the lead scanning feature of Eventify. Pull up event ROI figures, manage events better, and do a lot more.


    Lead Scanning From Events that Deliver More Value

    Eventify’s built-in lead scanning service includes both lead procurement and mutually beneficial conversions. In fact, this is one of the most important features for both exhibitors as well as trade attendees.

    Lead Categorisation

    Use custom tags for effective lead segregation at your events. General lead scanning tags - like ‘cold’ or ‘warm’ can also be added.

    List of Events

    Allow exhibitors to get access to event lists and use the lead scanning system for each of the events. More events, more effective lead retrieval.

    Marketing 2.0

    Ensure seamless communications between exhibitors and the leads procured through Eventify’s lead scanning platform.

    Downloadable Database

    Lead databases created with Eventify are primed for maximum conversions. The database of all leads can be easily downloaded in different formats.

    CRM Implementation

    Eventify helps users at every stage of lead nurturing, right up to conversions. Third-party CRM solutions can be integrated with our lead scanning system.

    Staff Monitoring

    Booth staff at the venue can examine the quality of leads generated by them - while the activity of all staff can be securely tracked.

    QR Code Scanning

    Capture leads more easily than ever before, with prompt event QR code scanning. All the detailed info about the leads will be readily available.

    Insightful Analytics

    Custom-generated, in-depth analytics to track lead stages, interactions, segregations, and other key real-time updates.

    24x7 Support

    You can reach out to our team from 18 time-zones, on a 24x7 basis. If you have any queries about the lead retrieval process, we’d love to help you.

    Effective Lead Scanning For All Types Of B2B Events

    Lead retrieval and conversions become simpler, smarter and more effective with Eventify’s one-stop event management platform. For exhibitors, this is the best tool to maximise ROI figures.

    Easy Accessibility

    Eventify offers separate login options for exhibitors and event organizers. This, in turn, ensures hassle-free lead retrievals and management.

    Quick Onboarding

    QR codes, lead scanning, categorization & tagging, forms - there are resources aplenty to help out exhibitors.

    Mobile Lead Retrieval

    With Eventify’s custom event management and lead scanning app, effective leads can be captured and contacted on the go.

    Affordable Solution

    Provide exhibitors the opportunity to scan, retrieve and nurture leads from different types of corporate events. Our pricing is flexible and uniformly competitive.

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