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    Interactive Floor Maps

    Eventify is offering Interactive floor maps allowing for embeddable widgets, booth numbers, booth selections, navigation, and more. Particularly useful for Exhibitors. Eventify’s Interactive Floor Map enables the attendees to access a map of the exhibitor floor and the locations of each booth. Zoom in and out—as well as move to the left, right, up, or down—to locate specific Exhibitors.

    Customize your Map

    Our interactive maps are flexible, built-in and the best in the event industry. Not only can our maps be themed and customized, but they also can be dynamically updated. You can update the floorplan and every attendee will see it on their maps.

    Keep a Track of Exhibitors Booth

    Interactive exhibitor maps offer many significant benefits to everyone involved at an event, from hosts to attendees and exhibitors themselves. The map offers a guide for attendees to navigate the event hall and keep track of exhibitors’ booths and those to visit in the future.

    Experience The Best

    Interactive maps sync with all the booths you’ve added to your event.
    Support for a custom background image that helps you guide your floor plan’s design.
    The auto-layout tool enables you to put all your booths on the floor plan with one click.
    Supports unlimited booths and unlimited floor plans.
    Customize your floor plan with texts, custom colors, shapes, and more.
    Integrated with exhibitor portals, allowing for floor plan previews and booth selection.
    Integrated with a mobile event app, allowing for easy pan/zoom/tap navigation.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The Maps feature helps an attendee to locate the positions from their app. There are two types of maps:

    Location Map: Organizers can point the address of the event venue on the Google Map for attendees to locate them through GPS.

    Interactive Map: It provides the floor plan to attendees to spot the exhibitor booth position on the venue.

    There is no limitation for setting up locations or floor plans.

    Yes, organizers from the admin panel can change the name of all the features that appear on the menu screen including Maps.

    Organizers from the admin panel can upload floor maps as an interactive map from the Admin Panel’s Maps page. And organizers can also set positions on the map to add exhibitors’ details such as their name, booth number, and contact information etc.

    Yes, there is an option in the admin panel to add or remove features based on the requirements.

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