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    Form Builder

    Eventify’s online event app management tools give a complete integration of event management platforms and mobile event apps, allowing you to create your own form according to your preferences and different customization available to you. The automation technology of the Eventify event app allows you to easily access all tools and makes work simpler and easier.

    Create your Own Form

    Eventify provides a fully customized experience with a variety of form types. The host can create or customize their own form using the toolbox from the admin panel.

    Convenient drag & drop builder

    The host can create a form using our simple integrated content editing tool by selecting how they need their form to look with our easy-to-use drag and drop builder. They have the flexibility to select the fields they want in the form by simply using the drag & drop tools from the toolbox and select everything according to their requirements.

    Any form type at your disposal

    The host can pick the type of form they want to create using our builder. The host can use it to create different types of form registration forms, contact forms, evaluation forms, surveys, checkout forms much more.

    Connected with the entire platform

    One of the best parts of this is that the form created completely connects to the rest of the event management platform and becomes a part of the workflow, which allows the host to plan other event processes and tasks.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, “Eventify” allows organizers to create “checkout forms” with the data input field they can choose from the provided list. (the list contains: email, first name and last name, social media, paragraph, checkbox, dropdowns, text, multichoice, etc ).

    The forms will help organizers for linking and sharing the web page to capture all necessary information about the attendees and auto-update their profile on the platform.

    An organizer can create “Checkout forms” from the “user registration” page, on the admin panel.

    There is no limit on the number of “checkout forms” that an organizer can create.

    Yes, “checkout forms” have to be assigned with a ticket to generate the web link to fetch attendees’ information and auto-add them on the platform.

    Organizers can create three types of Checkout forms for attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors.

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